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Topic -- Topic set on March 13, 2019 08:08:12 pm by kashike
19:48:15 DiscordBot <K​en​ny​TV​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/655489671907770369.png
19:52:14 DiscordBot <G​ym​bl​on​sk​i> Anyone knows whats the flag
19:52:20 DiscordBot <G​ym​bl​on​sk​i> for worldguard to enable people riding minecarts
19:53:32 DiscordBot <g​ar​ba​ge​mu​le​> Just a guess: --people-can-ride-minecarts-yes
19:54:00 DiscordBot <S​am​> Howcome like half the times, timings dont load
19:54:06 DiscordBot <g​ar​ba​ge​mu​le​> But I don't know what the flags are or how you set them.
19:54:18 DiscordBot <S​am​> https://gyazo.com/afaf9d5608c4804fef8e65fb844abd09\
19:55:41 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> @Gymblonski the one where you learn what google is
19:55:46 --> Streamfrost (Streamfrost!~Spottedleaf@SpigotMC-4kggcs.ipv6.telus.net) joined the channel
19:56:37 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> or whatever they use in fyrom
20:07:38 DiscordBot <T​ha​tO​ne​Du​de​> Who framed @Psychotic Rabbit
20:18:15 \^-^ god I feel so heavy
20:18:51 DiscordBot <K​en​ny​TV​> Yes ur fat
20:18:56 DiscordBot <K​en​ny​TV​> Do more sports
20:18:56 \^-^ false
20:19:01 \^-^ on both accounts
20:19:23 \^-^ I'm pretty sure I'm on my way to blow my knees out if I keep on my 20k a day target
20:19:27 DiscordBot <🦆> https://github.com/magmafoundation/Magma
20:19:28 DiscordBot <🦆> was that u magma
20:19:45 \^-^ no and I shall be suing for copyright infringement
20:21:01 DiscordBot <P​ha​na​ti​cD​> another one 😮
20:21:04 DiscordBot <P​ha​na​ti​cD​> are there any that work good
20:22:09 DiscordBot <P​ha​na​ti​cD​> if its based off paper thats a good sign
20:24:52 DiscordBot <z​bk​> there is a magical light in my room
20:27:36 DiscordBot <k​ic​ka​sh​32​> thats illegal...right?
20:28:53 DiscordBot <k​ic​ka​sh​32​> past 1.14 they will be using their own implementation of the api... but currently they dont
20:31:43 DiscordBot <🦆> it is, isn't it?
20:35:51 DiscordBot <K​en​ny​TV​> I doubt that a forge bukkit monster cares about anything https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/581629003442683905.png