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00:00:36 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> @Linc thanks for the input, testdisk can see the drive but is giving read errors, gunna fiddle with it some more
00:12:57 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> if the drive is giving IO errors it's probably fucked
00:13:23 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> SSDs work entirely different to the grand ol' spinny disks
00:14:19 * vertanzil pets electroniccat
00:14:47 <-- vertanzil (vertanzil!~Vertanzil@SpigotMC-vo47rb.899f.1e6e.23c6.2a00.IP) has quit (Quit: Leaving)
00:16:10 DiscordBot .lart Vertanzil
00:16:10 * xD puts Icy-Hot in Vertanzil's lube container.
00:17:26 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> yeah, i figured as much cat, was really hoping to get it back because losing a 1tb SSD sucks (had it a few years but S.M.A.R.T still reported 95% health)
00:21:22 \^-^ that's why you make backups
00:22:33 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> issue actually popped up when i tried to wipe the drive to reinstall windows XD was already basically empty
00:24:29 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> imagine buying 1TB ssd's
00:24:31 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> yikes
00:24:56 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> whats wrong with that?
00:25:09 \^-^ I have a 1 tb ssd
00:25:12 \^-^ it's perfectly fine
00:25:20 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> no it will kill itself
00:25:30 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> and its your fualt
00:25:38 \^-^ I also have nearly 5tb of additional hdd storage for backups
00:25:57 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> i have 1.5TB of HDD and 500GB of SSD am i cool yet?
00:26:15 \^-^ actually I say nearly 5tb but it's over 6tb
00:26:16 \^-^ whatever
00:26:23 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> yeah whatever
00:26:29 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> what is a terrabyte nowadays
00:26:37 \^-^ not much
00:26:46 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> its still the same as before you idiot
00:27:06 \^-^ nah see before I recorded videos at 30 fps 1080p
00:27:12 \^-^ now I record videos at 60 fps 4k
00:27:25 \^-^ so a tb is way less
00:27:39 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> yes but its still the same
00:27:44 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> so no
00:28:01 \^-^ and a dollar is still a dollar but with inflation it's worth less
00:28:32 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> ^ exactly\
00:28:37 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> now you sound like my parents
00:28:45 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> back in my day
00:28:48 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Hey, a buck is a buck
00:29:12 \^-^ man really put you in a corner with that one didn't I duckn't
00:29:17 \^-^ what an intelligent riposte
00:29:43 \^-^ I'm glad to hear that at least your parents are good at putting you in your place
00:29:50 \^-^ which is the dumdum bin
00:29:55 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> God, used to be able to go to the store with a dollar and come out with a loaf of bread, a carton of fags and a chocolate bar
00:30:00 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Bloody CCTV these days
00:30:09 \^-^ hey you can't buy people anymore electroniccat
00:30:26 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Wait
00:30:28 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> You can't?
00:30:39 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> example, age of empires 2 was released (for the 3rd time) in steam. original was 1 cd-rom and ~600mb, new one is 23gb, games are identical except graphics. drive need to be much bigger to be as useful as theirs smaller counterparts
00:30:45 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> they say you cant
00:30:48 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> but you still can
00:30:53 \^-^ not unless you're operating a prison cat
00:31:04 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I mean
00:31:07 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> or a black market
00:31:10 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> They say it's like a prison
00:31:19 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> that's racist, what about the white market?
00:31:30 \^-^ I prefer african-american market
00:31:34 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> why would you buy white people?
00:31:36 \^-^ and so did the US back in the day
00:31:37 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> they're useless
00:31:52 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> white market is crap; They start bitching about rights and health and safety and some other shit
00:31:58 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> that depends on what you are using them for 😉
00:32:13 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> nothing high IQ
00:32:15 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/591771032222695456.png
00:32:21 \^-^ wow did you vote for brexit electroniccat?
00:32:28 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> No, lol
00:32:32 \^-^ you sure?
00:32:35 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> he voted for boris
00:32:37 \^-^ because you're using their rethoric
00:32:46 \^-^ rhetoric *
00:32:48 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I live in a hiiiighly dense student area
00:33:13 \^-^ so you really hate students, and?
00:33:19 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> relevenat
00:33:36 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> thatcher also means that this is pretty much 100% a non-conservative town lol
00:33:38 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555469074080202765/645421252332355597/tenor.gif
00:33:42 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> beat me by one second lol
00:33:55 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> > one second
00:33:58 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> On what planet?
00:34:11 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> a slow one
00:34:28 \^-^ that sounds like what a pro-brexit sleeper agent would say cat
00:34:32 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> figure of speech, who made you the president of the fun police?
00:34:36 \^-^ what's your activation word
00:34:37 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> for time to dilate that much you'd need to be going at .9999....~c
00:34:41 \^-^ is it "blue passport"?
00:34:57 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> also upload time factors in
00:35:22 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Am gonna miss the red one, it just looked much more royale
00:35:42 \^-^ guys I have 250 euros worth of dnd shit on my amazon basket
00:35:44 \^-^ should I press buy?
00:35:49 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> but purple is the color of royalty
00:35:57 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> what kind of shit
00:35:59 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> fuckin' nerd
00:36:03 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> like books or minis or dice or
00:36:26 \^-^ three card boxes, really cool metal dice, three sets of dungeon tiles for three different themes
00:36:37 \^-^ 20 dead body figurines
00:36:44 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> card boxes?
00:36:54 \^-^ yeah I have spell cards and item cards
00:36:57 \^-^ like
00:37:00 \^-^ around 1000 of them
00:37:08 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> tf
00:37:19 \^-^ and they come in crappy cardboard boxes that damage the cards when you take them out and put them back in
00:37:38 \^-^ so I need a better type of long-term storage
00:38:11 \^-^ I say spell cards but it's really cards for most anything a class can do with an action
00:38:18 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> i have never seen people using cards
00:38:22 \^-^ really?
00:38:23 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> is that a common thing?
00:38:31 \^-^ eh
00:38:35 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> testdisk is able to do more useful stuff but can't actually reset the disk. sad, back to step 1
00:38:36 \^-^ it's not uncommon
00:38:52 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> usually people just check shit off on their charcter sheet or so idk
00:38:59 \^-^ they're useful because it stops people from getting lost checking the books or online resources
00:39:16 \^-^ the full description's there and they slide it over to me when they want to use something
00:39:20 \^-^ makes it very streamlines
00:39:24 \^-^ streamlined*
00:39:30 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> interesting
00:39:41 \^-^ two of my players use them out of 4
00:39:45 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> makes sense i guess, just never seen it
00:39:55 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> anyone want to buy a borked 1tb SSD?
00:40:01 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> sure you can unbork it somehow
00:40:02 \^-^ the other two are annoying because they keep saying they want to use shit and I have to look it up online almost every time
00:41:14 \^-^ anyhow they're a pretty cool idea but I'll say this much, the actual physical quality of these cards is complete garbage
00:41:14 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i miss the simplicity of mechanical drives XD
00:41:40 \^-^ it feels like they made them damn near as cheaply as humanly possible
00:41:41 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> what cards?
00:41:59 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> sounds like 85% of products
00:42:18 \^-^ nah most of the stuff I buy for dnd is actually pretty damn good in terms of quality
00:42:41 \^-^ especially the manuals, they're actually really nice
00:43:06 \^-^ I'd like a thicker and glossier paper stock but they're already really expensive as is so...
00:43:58 \^-^ but then again the cards are pretty inexpensive
00:45:26 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> yknow what sucks? having two seperate drives fail on you in the same week
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01:13:42 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> hmm
01:27:46 DiscordBot <s​ha​do​wt​ri​xe​r1​> Yo guys I just found a dupe glitch caused by paperspigot
01:27:53 DiscordBot <s​ha​do​wt​ri​xe​r1​> Works on the latest 10 versions at least
01:27:57 DiscordBot <s​ha​do​wt​ri​xe​r1​> Paper*
01:28:03 DiscordBot <s​ha​do​wt​ri​xe​r1​> You guys need to fix this asap
01:28:13 DiscordBot <s​ha​do​wt​ri​xe​r1​> I'll send you a video if you hit me up
01:29:02 DiscordBot <s​ha​do​wt​ri​xe​r1​> Super easy to replicate and can ruin servers
01:29:05 DiscordBot <s​ha​do​wt​ri​xe​r1​> As it did with mine
01:30:27 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> > A credit card is required to hold this appointment. Please note that you may be charged if you cancel your appointment, per our cancellation policy.
01:30:29 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> > .>
01:41:32 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Replication steps in #report-a-dupe (steps >>>>> videos)
01:41:54 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> Anyone know what I should be reading up on if I want to learn network programming? I know to how to use sockets, but that's about it. I want to learn how to use netty, but it seems very complex and there are a lot of terms I don't know
01:44:14 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> am go bed for attem 2; if simpl is aroun, i hope he knows dat he is dum
01:49:01 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> what phones do people like other than the Google Pixel 4 now
01:57:39 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> im quite happy with my galaxy a7 TBH, has the flagship power without the flagship bloat
01:57:40 <-- mrkirby153 (mrkirby153!~mrkirby153@mrkirby153.com) has quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in)
01:57:55 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> *a8
01:57:57 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> samsung phones come with their garbage os shit though
01:57:59 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> S * apps
01:58:01 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> etc
01:58:56 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i use a different launcher, and there is way less samsung bullshit on the a series
01:59:12 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> basically what the situation is
01:59:17 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I have a Pixel 3 XL
01:59:31 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> don't want t Pixel 4 because I don't like some of the changes
02:00:12 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> a series are very good mid-term phones. they are pretty cheap too comapired to the flagships... only a few 100
02:01:19 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> my options are basically
02:01:52 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> another new Pixel 3 XL, an iPhone XR, an iPhone 11, or ???
02:02:20 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> id personally stay away from the iphones... too many issues as of late
02:02:33 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> oh?
02:02:50 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> yeah OS 11 has apparantly been doing a bunch of stupid shit
02:03:03 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> that and planned obsolescence is still a thing for them
02:03:14 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> and repairs of any kind are super expensive
02:06:50 --> mrkirby153 (mrkirby153!~mrkirby153@mrkirby153.com) joined the channel
02:07:51 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> not a lot of options really
02:08:34 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> given huawei any thought? beyond the US fear mongering?
02:09:07 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> yes, just don't see where i can buy one outright without a plan attached
02:09:52 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> get the librem 5 clearly LUL
02:10:09 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> the what
02:10:11 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> what country you in?
02:10:14 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> canada
02:10:39 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> you can buy them outright in canada
02:10:46 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> tell me where :P
02:11:45 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> also US fear mongering, really?
02:12:09 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> call up your provider and tell them you want to buy one outright, they can do it without changing your plan
02:12:31 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> there's xiaomi too
02:12:57 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> yes, the US has been running a huge anti Huawei campaign based on unproven charges
02:14:26 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> lma
02:15:22 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> lmao wat?
02:15:37 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> hmm
02:15:40 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> OnePlus is a thing too
02:17:11 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> the thing that annoys me about the iphone
02:17:16 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> is the lightning port
02:17:22 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> whereas macs use usbc
02:17:24 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> ...
02:19:29 --> Illiative (Illiative!webchat@SpigotMC-v9em5p.p4ff.ns9l.fea8.2607.IP) joined the channel
02:21:57 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> in the UK they are required to ship with lightning to c adapters, NA keeps giving them extensions to standardize cause we are cowards
02:22:20 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> Hey gamers, when I set the value of generator-settings to AMPLIFIED or amplfiied
02:22:29 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> The world still generates the same way
02:22:34 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> I deleted all of the world files.
02:22:39 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> Would there be anything else I need to delete aswell?
02:22:45 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> Or is this something that I'm doing wrong.
02:22:50 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> (1.14.4)
02:24:04 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> amplified should work
02:24:14 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> wtfrick
02:24:17 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> do I need to delete my shit then?
02:24:19 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> or?
02:25:11 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> you are changing the wrong line, change level-type
02:26:02 <-- Illiative (Illiative!webchat@SpigotMC-v9em5p.p4ff.ns9l.fea8.2607.IP) left the channel (Part:)
02:26:49 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> keep in mind amplified is very hard on your hardware
02:48:03 DiscordBot <G​ym​bl​on​sk​i> anyone knows is it possible to set up right time for everyone looking the pc clock?
02:48:23 DiscordBot <G​ym​bl​on​sk​i> when i do this everyone have the same date and time
03:04:21 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> no
03:05:13 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> your server doesnt care about clients their time, nor does it need it. So the server has no understanding of "time" other than its current system time
03:05:31 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> best you could do is guess their timezones based on IP's but i doubt its worth the trouble
03:06:20 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> and honestly i dont think anymore cares about the current time
03:06:30 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> they have a system clock in their right corner anyway
03:11:55 DiscordBot <G​ym​bl​on​sk​i> thanks for answer
03:20:23 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> @:duckn't: cant u use a way around
03:20:31 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> using GeoIP ?
03:20:56 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> i suppose but thats not the point
03:20:58 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> the point is that its pretty useless
03:21:19 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> i literally have 3 clocks around me
03:21:33 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> and most other people will have at least one
03:34:23 <-- Zethrus (Zethrus!~Zethrus@SpigotMC-d83mdf.network.bootko.de) has quit (The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.)
04:09:29 --> Me4502 (Me4502!~quassel@SpigotMC-nssg4t.nbn.aussiebb.net) joined the channel
04:19:30 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> How's everyone doin 😄
04:20:22 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Just ha da quick question if one y'all wouldn't mind helpin' me out.Recently coming back to Java with very minimal & little understanding of Java & a higher understanding of Spigot
04:20:23 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> is it suggested to Study Java to the brim, and than proceed into Spigot?, or just do Spigot?
04:28:22 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> That’s kinda like asking if you should learn English first and then read English literature, or just read without learning the language
04:28:41 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Fair example.
04:28:58 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Spigot-API isn’t special. It’s just an API written in Java. In order to use it, you need to know Java.
04:29:39 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Plus, by learning Java you’ll be able to use any other java based software too. You’re going to be far less limited, and you’ll learn a useful skill
04:29:59 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> when do you feel it's good for one to assume they should move on to Spigot?
04:30:11 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> Wouldn't say you need to learn all of java but at least more than the basics
04:30:48 kashike .l
04:30:49 xD (kashike) kashike_ is listening to "Big Brown Eyes" by Benny Sings from the album Art https://is.gd/vvleML.
04:31:21 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I mean, once you feel like you can comfortably achieve basic stuff with the language and you know enough to create your minecraft project without having to cry in a bathtub filled with your stress tears
04:32:02 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Then for all I care, go bonkers. The idea is that you should know the underlying language. If you learn the API at the same time, then that’s cool. Although that does sound a bit inefficient IMO
04:32:24 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> But, mastering a language takes a lot of time. You don’t need to aim for that :p
04:32:41 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> I was planning on reading several books, doing a few courses, making a few projects with such knowledge, and than taking the Oracle Java SE Certified Associate
04:32:55 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> as 1. an achievement, 2. proving my knowledge, 3. understanding I can move
04:33:17 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> I've done Java since 2016 but I've moved right into Spigot just as you suggested not to.
04:33:27 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> and quit, and than just recently came back.
04:33:37 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> That’s a whole world better than using those spigot tutorials lol, good on ya
04:34:05 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> I meant strictly for Java
04:34:13 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> than going into Spigot after I get the OCA JSE 8
04:34:18 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I’ve seen too much nightmarish code for the spigot route to seem viable to me, so I think think you’ve got the right idea
04:34:25 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Fair enough.
04:34:32 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Especially mastering down the OOP principles.
04:34:50 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> I'd say give or take average range should be 3 months - 7 months to get into Spigot.
04:35:00 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Also people selling programming courses when they’d need one themselves. Not naming any names but
04:35:25 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> Lmao
04:35:32 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Yea, I got for free.
04:35:40 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Tbh, OOP is probably the most common pitfall. If you don’t know basic OOP principles, your code will be gross
04:35:46 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Yea lol.
04:35:57 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> You mind if I show you a project of mine I made last year?
04:36:54 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I might not respond because I’m at the gym with slow internet, but go ahead. Otherwise Dark knows basic stuff like assigning variables and getting exceptions to throw
04:37:12 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> It's just snippets of coe
04:37:25 DiscordBot <S​il​ve​rw​ol​fg​11​> if u need exceptions ask wiz reee plzdonhurtme
04:37:47 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> Yeah go ahead
04:37:49 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> can't we just lookup signatures
04:37:51 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> in the api?
04:37:55 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> Not like I need sleep anyway ;)
04:38:09 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> isn't everything handed out to me in the API's them self?
04:38:14 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> You should sleep tbf it’s either super late or super early
04:38:20 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> Both
04:38:26 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> It was a dumb joke about dark being dumb
04:38:43 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Dark doesn’t actually know how to work with exceptions
04:39:06 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> I actually learned about exceptions last week :(
04:39:41 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> Well I knew how to handle them. But I didn't realy get the concept of throwing them yourself
04:40:51 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Mfw
04:40:57 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I’ve never not known something
04:41:48 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Don't think I'm skidding by the way it's just because it's a Hub.jar and it's compiled, and don't wanna be put through the annoyance of decompiling it.
04:41:49 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> https://gyazo.com/dc4d393176df43095f2975c2da2c27d0
04:42:03 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> How does the code generally look.
04:42:13 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> I made this along-side with a friend roughly a year n a half ago.
04:43:00 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> You’re legally obligated to uninstall eclipse when learning java
04:43:15 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Eclipse is the best
04:43:16 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Using eclipse is classed as a war crime
04:43:24 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> https://gyazo.com/ea74279f53ee5695b8eb0d587dcf7ac0
04:43:27 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> You can get the life sentence for that
04:43:31 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Better?
04:44:00 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> how's that code up there /10 @Cityweebstret
04:44:48 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Your while loop is wonked. You’re updating a variable that’s never used, and it should go out of scope. Ergo, that is a perfect candidate for a for loop.
04:45:13 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> you mean never used
04:45:14 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Or, uh, a different construct altogether
04:45:20 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> as in
04:45:26 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> the actual class?
04:45:30 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> or just in general
04:45:41 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> because it's considered an empty-instance variable no?
04:46:54 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> The variable is entire useless. Your loop will loop indefinitely until the condition is met, in which case you return. Because you’re already using break, the while condition could be replaced by true, the variable i can be removed and there’ll be no side effects
04:47:31 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> just noticed that.
04:47:35 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> But there’s nothing terribly offensive by your code. It doesn’t make me suicidal, so that’s a good start
04:47:45 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> Shame
04:47:59 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Hey man, I enjoy the feedback.
04:48:03 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> This is what makes us better programmers.
04:48:05 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> https://gyazo.com/636e0194db8a570deec3347dad5db0b9
04:48:07 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> How's that?
04:48:43 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> That’s better
04:48:53 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Lookin 100% :D?
04:49:00 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Use printf instead of print!!
04:49:14 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> At least when you’re concatenation go strings in the method call
04:49:51 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> (I’ve been using C for the last year and I’ve been damaged by stdio.h)
04:50:36 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> I Never use that tbh
04:51:43 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> You should, unless you’re doing something extremely performance critical
04:51:53 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> tbh doesnt need to be all that extreme
04:52:03 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Id just say 'hot'
04:52:07 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I use String.format and System.out.printf for everything. It’s sexy.
04:52:10 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> youre going to want to avoid printf in those areas
04:53:08 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Probably, yes.
04:53:21 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> most code isnt hot though so
04:53:23 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> do whatever
04:54:05 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Anything is better than string concatenation imo
04:54:14 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> depends really
04:54:20 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> It’s ugly, dumb and quite ugly and dumb on top of that
04:54:28 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I feel like my options are down to: $799.00 Apple iPhone XR $729.00 Google Pixel 3 ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/881d8e042aef46abb1dc92c9d59e7603
04:54:33 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> not very good options out right now
04:55:09 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Get the XR and you won’t have to switch in 3 days when some update breaks all android flavours
04:55:12 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Id probably do a pixel 3 XL over the iphone XR
04:55:22 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> I dont follow Xiaomi at all though so cant really say much on that
04:56:00 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://www.mi.com/global/mi-9-t-pro
04:56:01 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Tbh it kinda depends on what OS you want
04:56:17 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> why the Pixel over the XR, Z?
04:56:20 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> iOS is important enough for me where the price difference doesn’t matter at all
04:56:22 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> my biggest concern with pretty much every non-pixel phone is gonna be updates
04:56:29 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> because youre already an android person
04:56:43 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> I have an XS Max and I really really like it
04:56:46 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> so? :P
04:57:00 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> but if youre an android person, I just assume youre already pretty sealed into that environment and choice
04:57:07 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> all apple sells now is the XR and 11's now
04:57:11 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> so XS Max isn't an option
04:57:34 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> The XR is pretty great. My friend got hers when I got my XS and I kind of regret not going that route myself
04:57:39 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Im sure you can still get them gently used and in box from elsewhere
04:57:59 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> if you can, go try one
04:58:07 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> if youre open to switching teams its a good phone
04:58:10 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> $1379.00 Apple iPhone 11 Pro $1259.99 Samsung Galaxy Note10 $1259.99 Samsung G... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/4ef476b3643a4f0ea6da7808c303cd61
04:58:11 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> this was my list before
04:58:24 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Samsung products are great until they’re not
04:58:31 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> I dont even recommend samsung anymore
04:58:35 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Mine all randomly stop working after a year, all of them.
04:58:38 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> my GS7 was so bad I bought an iphone
04:58:41 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> ^ exactly my experience
04:58:50 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> i don't like samsung anymore either, but wanted the prices in there
04:58:53 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> software slowed down, random shit stopped working, no amount of factory resets fixed it
04:58:54 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> And they released an os update that bricked a tonne of their devices
04:58:57 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> and locked bootloader so lol
04:59:08 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> And they were like whoopsie lol quirky amirite
04:59:15 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I've went in the following order (oldest to newest):- Samsung Galaxy S3 - Samsung Galaxy S5 - Google Pixel - Google Pixel 3 XL
05:00:23 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Droid Bionic -> HTC One M8 -> Galaxy S7 -> iPhone 7+ -> iPhone XS M
05:00:44 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> god damn my m8 was a much nicer phone than the S7
05:00:52 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> and I got to make dumbass m8 puns
05:00:59 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> lol
05:01:38 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> The 11 pro is $1379???Wtf
05:01:43 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> yup
05:01:44 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> Is it made of solid gold?
05:02:01 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> apple stuff really gets bad out of the states, theyre not friendly with their currency conversions
05:02:03 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> I figured they were still doing the $800/$1000 model
05:02:07 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Old xperias -> some Nokia with windows phone -> OPO -> iPhone 6 I think? -> SG6 Edge -> iPhone 7 -> SG8 -> iPhone XS :3
05:02:19 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> Is that Canadian dollars?
05:02:35 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> yes
05:02:40 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I paid $1100 for my XS on sale lol
05:02:41 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> Ahhh I was so confused
05:02:43 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Cheapest model
05:03:33 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> Yeah I’m due for my upgrade but I skipped it this year because there were barely any changes for the 11
05:03:35 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> XR is $600 USD, 11 is $700 USD, 11 Pro is $1000 USD, 11 Pro Max is $1100 USD
05:03:38 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> thats their current line up
05:03:48 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I wanna move to the US
05:03:50 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> its big if youre a camera person
05:03:55 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Swedish prices are insane.
05:03:57 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> True
05:03:58 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> if youre not, its really not anything to even remotely care about
05:04:17 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> The iPhone cameras are still meh. They’re good as far as phone cameras go
05:04:46 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> But if you actually care about the quality of your photos then just get a DSLR and keep your phone for another year lel
05:05:15 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> Yes
05:05:19 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> Apple bad.
05:05:34 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> I dont know anyone with a DSLR
05:05:38 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> iPhone cameras are good if you want to take photos of your cats or scan random documents, but don’t care about a stupid amount of noise
05:05:40 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> most people just dont care enough
05:05:44 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> and tbh, I dont blame them
05:05:57 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Yeah, but they probably don’t need 3 cameras then
05:06:05 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> best camera is what you have with you
05:06:11 DiscordBot <D​oc​to​rD​al​ek​> false
05:06:12 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> so if they and google want to fight it out to make them better
05:06:14 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> So I don’t really get why anyone would get the iPhone for the cameras
05:06:15 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> all good
05:06:27 DiscordBot <D​oc​to​rD​al​ek​> getting into the camera on a phone is a fucking terrible experience
05:06:30 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> But they’re not making their cameras better. They’re just adding more
05:06:35 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> And doing more processing lol
05:06:48 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> yes, thats where the market wants them to go
05:06:56 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Leica did make decent cameras for the hauwei phones, didn’t mind them
05:06:57 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> most photos that people actually use from DSLRs get edited anyway
05:07:10 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> thats all theyre after
05:07:15 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Yes, but then you have control. Or, more control.
05:07:16 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> telling normal people to buy a DSLR is just stupid
05:07:26 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> something they can leave at home 99% of the time
05:07:30 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> never use, never fully understand
05:07:33 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I said to not update for the cameras if you have an earlier iPhone
05:07:43 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> you said dont do that, buy a DSLR
05:07:48 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> same stupid point, irrelevant to the vast majority
05:07:59 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> And sit out a generation, yes.
05:08:32 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I stand by that. Don’t spend $1000 on phone camera updates, unless you have a phone without a camera at all, I suppose?
05:08:34 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> most people in the US seem to buy every 2 years because muh contracts from carriers
05:08:44 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> so there's a bit of that anyway
05:08:52 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> I'd agree generally, there's no real reason to buy every year
05:09:04 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I mean, if you can get a good deal then I suppose that’s dope. I like to but my phones using cash
05:09:09 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> but the camera jump is perceivable so if youve got lots of disposable income and want to blow it on that then sure wahtever
05:09:10 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> its your money
05:09:17 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> Every 2-3 years used to mean you would get a significant change in phone
05:09:40 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Now it’s just the same handset with a slightly larger battery and an added camera, at best
05:09:42 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> then again, the industry as a whole isnt moving particularly fast again
05:09:47 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> The difference in technology has slowed down for sure though
05:09:49 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> its okay though
05:09:52 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> muh foldables
05:09:57 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I like where we’re at tbh
05:10:02 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> The new "upgrades" now are just gimmicks
05:10:07 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> i've had my current phone for about 5-6 years now i think
05:10:13 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> at least
05:10:44 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> I was kind of hoping google would get its pixel game together this year
05:10:46 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> Altho going from my iphone 8 to next year's 12 will probably be a big jump
05:10:50 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> guess Im gonna wait a little longer
05:11:12 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I kinda like to buy last gen tech and save a bunch of casherinos
05:11:30 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I bought the XS just as the 11 was announced, so the price dropped significantly
05:11:43 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Only way to afford anything in Stalinavia
05:12:00 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> everything costs more so the king can take his funny hat tax
05:12:03 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> shh
05:12:05 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> thats how that works
05:12:20 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> once i have to pay for everything myself, i'll probably start buying the shittiest phone possible
05:12:46 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> My phone was a tax write off tho
05:12:52 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> hows that
05:12:53 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I need it for my company
05:13:02 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> So I can call my clients and cry
05:13:08 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> ah
05:13:17 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Same with my laptop. I need to be able to browse porn when on coffee break
05:30:54 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> got damnit
05:30:56 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> i can't decide
05:30:59 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> i blame you @Z750
05:33:38 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> have you considered tacos instead?
05:35:01 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> when coding do you guys always try to adhere to the SOLID principles?
05:54:18 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> Well that's the goal 🙂 !
06:14:13 DiscordBot <N​er​mi​n> It's nice knowing a community like this still exists.
06:29:46 <-- Brokkoli (Brokkoli!~Brokkoli@SpigotMC-9m1u6p.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has quit (Connection closed)
06:52:34 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> so i have pterodactyl installed as <domain>/ but i want to have a subpage at <domain>/map/ how would i go about this?
06:55:28 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> make a folder named map and put it in there
06:55:42 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> oh wait
06:55:46 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> i misread what you were saying
06:56:49 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> not sure tbh, not good with web dev stuff
07:06:11 frostalf make use of aliases
07:06:42 frostalf you can alias any directory you want and map it how you want to the domain
07:07:46 frostalf so in your web server configuration, you would just map the directory to the alias of /map
07:08:27 frostalf or optionally just make a directory in your root directory called map
07:08:42 frostalf but that isn't proper if they are both separate things lol
07:10:01 <-- DG (DG!~DG@SpigotMC-gcbo2u.dedi.cakeforce.uk) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
07:25:38 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> alternatively just use a subdomain
07:25:55 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> that is the proper practice when you have two different services
07:38:43 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> thats what i was thinking
07:38:48 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> like map.website.com
07:43:24 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i ended up getting it working so its cool, just had to figure out how to give my client write access to /map and everything is cool
08:01:51 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> god i wish this FTP transfer was faster 0.o
08:02:07 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> lol
08:02:14 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> transfering 2 million files totaling 8gb
08:02:15 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> meanwhile i'm still deciding on a phone
08:02:21 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> i've moved onto a spreadsheet
08:02:23 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://i.imgur.com/D1oGapr.png
08:02:47 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> you should include which of those have expandable memory, because not all do
08:03:10 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> also look up how big an SD they actually support, seen phones that only support 32gb sd cards bafore
08:03:19 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> i don't care for expansion :P
08:03:52 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> nononono... you dont care NOW but trust me, it will bite you eventually
08:04:11 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> especially with the 64gb models if you like to take pictures
08:05:20 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> i have a 64gb phone and i've taken a shit tonne of pictures, plus downloaded a shit tonne
08:05:27 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> not even using 32gb yet
08:05:33 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> and i've had it for basically a year
08:06:29 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i managed to use it, but i also had a bunch of emulated nintendo/dos games
08:07:34 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> why are you using FTP for 2 million files
08:09:41 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> because MAP
08:09:51 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> and thats only a small chunk of the eventual files
08:10:26 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> I think barty's asking why you're using FTP and not another protocol
08:10:38 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> probably would have been faster to compress it and send it
08:11:08 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> because i am new to the subject, not sure how to mass move large files between local machines
08:11:10 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> yeah from my experience the overhead with FTP to start transferring files is large enough that compressing is absolutely necessary
08:11:20 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> I worded that poorly
08:11:46 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> In my experience FTP takes a long time to start transferring each file, coupled with the number of files an established world has, takes an insane amount of time *
08:12:27 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> its flying through them... its just A LOT of files...
08:13:16 DiscordBot <B​lu​tk​ro​ne​> ftp is slow for larger file transfers because it cannot do bulk operations, with that many files you might aswell be faster by contacting your host and asking for a zipped up copy of the files lol
08:13:43 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i have the advantage of being the host and the client over a gigabit lan
08:14:24 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> next time i will zip and send
08:14:49 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> 41,000 files to go >.>
08:15:35 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> if its that big of a map you should've heavily compressed it
08:16:17 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> thing is, i know how to supercompress with 7-zip on windows, but not how to decompress the file on linux
08:17:06 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i would post the link to the map (its pretty cool) but i am worried about spambots and shit
08:17:08 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> tar -cJvf backup.tar.xz world
08:17:34 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> does your hosting provider let you access terminal
08:18:22 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> as i said, i am the provider, i am the owner of the physical hardware
08:18:41 DiscordBot <B​lu​tk​ro​ne​> is the performance of 1.14.4 stable at this point? I read a lot about how 1.14 performance was awful
08:18:44 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i am just inexperienced in this area
08:18:58 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> @Blutkrone define 'stable'
08:19:10 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> google will always be with you even if youve been a sysadmin for years
08:19:12 DiscordBot <B​lu​tk​ro​ne​> idk i had read that 1.14 is much slower then 1.13
08:19:23 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> pillager ai is 💩
08:19:47 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> problem is that linux people tend to expect you to already be familiar with quite a few things
08:20:32 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> @Blutkrone you need a plugin to manage pillagers, 1.14 is still slower than 1.13 but as long as you pre-render you are basically good
08:21:00 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> only 30,000 to go now
08:21:35 DiscordBot <B​lu​tk​ro​ne​> i am not using the default miencraft system i got an infinitely scaling tower system
08:21:49 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> zip up the files and either transfer it as one file through FTP or use something like scp
08:21:59 DiscordBot <B​lu​tk​ro​ne​> tfw you are to cheap to hire builders and instead create a full random dungeon generation system
08:22:04 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> i prefer scp for large file transfers over ftp tbh
08:22:18 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> i had this idea for backing up huge world where regions dont get touched for months by using git or xdiff
08:22:19 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> crazy or meh idea?
08:22:30 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i would be intrested in that system, really miss MCDungeons
08:22:41 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i also thought about that, not sure how to do tho
08:23:01 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> rsync is als a good option
08:23:09 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> ive never used rsync
08:23:18 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> is it fast?
08:23:25 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> if the file doesnt change, rsync won't replace the file
08:23:55 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> this is what i am doing with all these files being transfered
08:23:56 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> https://flanigomik.ca/map/index.html#/-227/64/1061/-5/Tavern%20-%20overworld/tavernday
08:23:57 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> itll just skip over it
08:25:02 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> but yeah FTP is just pretty slow for transferring large quantities of files
08:25:20 frostalf assuming you don't make use of multiple ftp connections
08:25:30 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> will zip in future
08:26:03 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> yeah and compressing before transferring is good too haha
08:26:24 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> how about xdiff?
08:27:17 DiscordBot <r​am​id​zk​h> so you just transfer a diff between the world a month ago and today, instead of snapshotting the entire world
08:27:32 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> so there are two solutions to the problem, i can upload the save to the server and render there or render on my computer and upload the files
08:27:51 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> problem is the server is significantly slower at rendering than my desktop
08:28:25 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> and the map file is stored on a remote server i only have FTP access to, so i have to manually download it
08:29:08 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> 15,000 left... ugg...
08:29:30 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i wanna sleep XD
08:32:51 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> 7000
08:33:26 --> ethernetcat (ethernetcat!webchat@SpigotMC-9i8qui.jfhp.rfdl.001a.240d.IP) joined the channel
08:36:55 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> aaaaaand its done... bedtime, thanks for all your input
08:37:01 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> you don't need to compress anything
08:37:04 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> just tar it
08:37:41 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> (without gzip)
08:37:47 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> isn't that just a zip file?
08:38:26 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> zip DEFLATEs and stores
08:38:37 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> tar just stores and has an option to gzip
08:39:15 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> is there any advantage to not compressing other than compress/decompress time?
08:39:16 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> which is why you usually have a .tar.gz file with a .tar in it
08:39:35 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> not really, that is the advantage
08:39:45 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> you want to get rid of the overhead of FTP
08:40:43 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> considering the files are .pngs is there any benefit to compression? and will a .tar fuck up folder hierarchy of the transfer?
08:41:25 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> - probably not 2) no
08:42:34 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> cool, will weigh options for future MUCH larger transfer i'll be doing tomorrow
08:44:28 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> when i decompress the .tar later there will be a number of files that are the same, should i just delete the old copy and replace or will it handle it smartly (replace if newer)
08:45:50 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> > > > When extracting files, if tar discovers that the extracted file already exists, it normally repl... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/ccb4f22cb7ef46d7897250ad55c683d1
08:47:02 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Lol so I was looking into helping some hs kids with their cs exams
08:47:28 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> the exam question has php with a mysql query where they just append the freaking post params
08:47:41 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> they don't even do any validation of the input
08:47:42 DiscordBot <M​el​di​ro​n> Do you guys know plugin that share players between 2 servers?
08:47:43 DiscordBot <M​el​di​ro​n> Players online, tblist players, chat..
08:48:16 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> as in duplicates the player? Otherwise you'd probably want to use BungeeCord as a proxy for the two servers
08:48:23 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> doesn't bungee do that?
08:49:10 DiscordBot <M​el​di​ro​n> I have my main server.. Then I have my build server.I want to see messages from main server on my build server + be able to answer them. Also, I want my players to see me in tablist as I was on server, but I am not (I am on build server)
08:50:27 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> sounds like bungee to me
08:50:39 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Then BungeeCord does sound like an ideal solution, although the setup can be slightly confusing if you've never done it before. I'm sure there are plugins that do this, but I don't personally know any
08:51:34 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> When we say BungeeCord we obviously mean Waterfall, by the way*
08:51:58 DiscordBot <M​el​di​ro​n> but.. bungeecord just connect servers.. It doesnt share chat or player list
08:52:16 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> it certainly can
08:54:49 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> You have to configure it to do so
08:58:22 DiscordBot <B​lu​tk​ro​ne​> all your servers are connected to your bungee server, they have two way communication established. Like that you can establish cross server communication by using the bungee server as a bridge.
09:14:11 --> Clarth (Clarth!~Clarth@SpigotMC-h8ui4b.srta.dun6.04f8.2a01.IP) joined the channel
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09:59:13 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> anyone here use a macbook pro as their desktop?
09:59:19 --> frostalf (frostalf!~frostalf@SpigotMC-mb7huq.o76r.8s04.5300.2607.IP) joined the channel
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11:20:58 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I’m signing up for an evening course in astrobiology
11:21:10 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Because why would I ever want to not be in uni
11:22:00 DiscordBot <🦆> city
11:22:25 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Sup
11:22:32 DiscordBot <🦆> yes what's up
11:22:39 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Lol
11:23:29 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> duck
11:23:57 DiscordBot <🦆> vic
11:24:27 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Y’all education is a blessing so make the most of it
11:24:51 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Although I’ve already signed up for a 150% schedule so it might be a little much idk
11:24:57 DiscordBot <🦆> are u ok
11:25:24 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Ye perfectly fine bro
11:25:38 DiscordBot <🦆> k then carry on
11:26:24 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I wanna take Spanish for beginners but they won’t let me
11:27:03 DiscordBot <🦆> that sucks
11:28:12 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Apparently 5 years of Spanish doesn’t count as a beginner
11:28:24 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> But last time I went to Spain I could barely order a beer
11:28:56 --> frostalf_ (frostalf_!~frostalf@SpigotMC-mb7huq.o76r.8s04.5300.2607.IP) joined the channel
11:32:30 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> una cerveza por favor
11:32:32 <-- Frostalf (Frostalf!~Frostalf@SpigotMC-j2n.2af.255.104.IP) has quit (Quit: Leaving)
11:32:56 DiscordBot <D​ow​d> mi gato en una cerveza
11:33:04 -- frostalf_ is now known as Frostalf
11:33:45 DiscordBot <S​we​ep​y> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/589148938993401878.png
11:34:21 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I’ve written an essay about the Baltic Sea in Spanish once, but Ive forgotten like all of it
11:34:36 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Now I only know Shakira lyrics
11:36:36 Frostalf lol
11:38:53 Vertanzil Id let Shakira shit on my neck
11:41:40 DiscordBot <L​in​c> hm
11:42:27 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> How do you guys usually store objects? I usually have a Manager class with a HashMap/ArrayList that's static, then a bunch of static methods that add/remove data from the store
11:42:48 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> I'm trying to move away from using static
11:42:54 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> so just curious what everyone else does
11:43:57 --> bmlzootown (bmlzootown!~bmlzootown@SpigotMC-itgr8o.res.spectrum.com) joined the channel
11:44:17 Frostalf depends on what exactly needs to be stored really
11:44:31 Frostalf you can make use of things like redis
11:46:25 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> well not looking into something that complicated just simply storing objects
11:47:38 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> someone suggested I do DI, but not even sure how I would do that
11:49:18 DiscordBot <L​in​c> does it need to be stored between server restarts, etc?
11:50:08 DiscordBot <L​in​c> if not
11:50:18 DiscordBot <L​in​c> a hashmap should be just fine really
11:50:24 DiscordBot <L​in​c> but ilke frostalf said it depends on what you're actually doing
11:51:36 DiscordBot <🦆> yeah the question is kinda vague
11:51:48 DiscordBot <L​in​c> there's no one-size-fits-all
11:51:58 DiscordBot <L​in​c> if for example concurrency comes into play things get more complicated
11:52:07 DiscordBot <L​in​c> or persistency
11:53:45 DiscordBot <🦆> yes it really depends on the design
11:53:46 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> nope just storing data while the server is running
11:53:53 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> I'm just talking about the use of static
11:53:55 DiscordBot <L​in​c> then a hashmap is fine really
11:54:03 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> like my manager class is static everything
11:54:35 DiscordBot <L​in​c> it works but I'm not sure if it's good practice
11:55:24 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> I think it might be considered static abuse? I could use singleton, but idk if it should be used in my case. To me there should not be more than one instance of my Manager class
11:55:45 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> since if there's a new instance the data isn't going to be there
11:55:57 DiscordBot <L​in​c> I find it hard to answer since in your case it's just always going to be one manager and one hashmap etc, but I guarantee another dev is going to jump in here and be like ACKSHYUALLY THIS AND THAT
11:56:49 DiscordBot <L​in​c> how I'd do it is make the methods and fields in the manager class non-static and then create a static instance of that class
11:57:52 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> yeah that's making it a singleton, but people say singleton is bad too so idk anymore haha
11:58:04 DiscordBot <L​in​c> it's kind of cheating OOP
11:58:13 <-- Frostalf (Frostalf!~frostalf@SpigotMC-mb7huq.o76r.8s04.5300.2607.IP) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
11:58:21 --> frostalf (frostalf!~frostalf@SpigotMC-mb7huq.o76r.8s04.5300.2607.IP) joined the channel
11:59:04 DiscordBot <L​in​c> but since there's only ever going to be a single manager I don't see the problem with making it a singleton
12:01:02 <-- bmlzootown (bmlzootown!~bmlzootown@SpigotMC-itgr8o.res.spectrum.com) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
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12:25:15 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> Acktualli I only use static for util classes. And anything else I just instantiate once and pass around with dependency injection
12:26:14 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> I've been told that's how you should do it but people seem to dissagree. So just do what you feel right
12:27:47 --> Vertanzil__ (Vertanzil__!~Vertanzil@SpigotMC-r80v7o.899f.1e6e.23c6.2a00.IP) joined the channel
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12:38:31 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> ah yes
12:38:36 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> the static/not static discussion
12:42:03 DiscordBot <🦆> simple ur static
12:44:25 MiniDigger Don't ever listen to other ppl about static
12:44:31 MiniDigger Especially in the bukkit bubble
12:44:39 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> STATIC IS EVUL!
12:44:44 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> DAETH TO ALL USZES OF STATIC!
12:44:45 MiniDigger Ppl talk out of their ass waaaaayyy too much
12:44:48 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> AND DEATH TO MINI!
12:44:56 MiniDigger Dead to cats!
12:45:08 MiniDigger Yes that's valid minilang
12:45:10 MiniDigger Fight me
12:45:12 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> Well I haven't made plugins in forever. I just want to make sure I'm writing good code
12:45:42 MiniDigger Singleton is fine in most cases
12:45:53 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> singletons are an anti-pattern!
12:45:59 MiniDigger I hate when ppl pass instance thru one million ctor
12:46:04 MiniDigger It's just so bad code
12:46:24 MiniDigger DI only makes sense when using a framework like guice or spring, else it's just so ugleh
12:46:30 MiniDigger Just like electroniccat
12:46:33 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I mean, tbh; I question your code heirchary if your passing down that far
12:47:04 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I've actually yet to use guice, i tried to get it up and running, but the docs just made me call "fuck it"
12:47:08 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Spring is ❤️ though
12:47:24 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> just wondering what do you mean by this I hate when ppl pass instance thru one million ctorv
12:47:28 MiniDigger I haven't written stuff from scratch for bukkit in ages
12:47:40 DiscordBot <🦆> ctor = constructor
12:47:43 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> oh
12:47:52 MiniDigger am lazy
12:47:54 MiniDigger ^^
12:48:06 MiniDigger Am actually getting into gamedev again
12:48:11 MiniDigger This time more serious
12:48:21 --> bmlzootown (bmlzootown!~bmlzootown@SpigotMC-itgr8o.res.spectrum.com) joined the channel
12:48:30 MiniDigger Settled on godot engine for now, really happy with it
12:48:42 MiniDigger Ue4 is too heavy and unity just sucks ass
12:48:47 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I basically just have a registration system for components, passing everything around is just dumb and creates hell in larger code bases
12:48:49 MiniDigger And java engines are a memes
12:48:55 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Ur a meme
12:49:11 MiniDigger But that's what the ppl who recommend DI do
12:49:18 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> (also, my mysql class is basically a singleton)
12:49:49 MiniDigger Turns out learning software architectur in a forum full of java beginners is a bad idea ^^
12:50:11 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> So let's say I have Main.getInstance().getManager() and manager has getDataStore(). I usually just call Main.getInstance().getManager().getDataStore() and get whatever I need instead of passing it through a constructor. Should I be passing my data through a constructor?
12:50:23 DiscordBot <🦆> that's why you sit in paper discord and let people mock your code then you cry a little bit and learn from it
12:50:29 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> ^
12:50:35 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Working on kotlin for that, had to jump back to java for some stuff though, darn generics
12:50:57 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> also yeah, if ppl can't give a straight answer or the answer seems like a whole bunch of bullshit ignore them, protip :-)
12:50:59 MiniDigger Yeah I stopped kotlin for good
12:51:08 MiniDigger I instead just use java 13/14
12:51:43 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> We should petition for the Elvis operator
12:51:51 Vertanzil__ The KING!
12:51:51 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> damn there's java 13 o.o. I'm still stuck on java 8
12:51:52 MiniDigger And well, I guess am learning c# now
12:51:53 DiscordBot <🦆> any good features in j14
12:51:54 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Or the null coalesce one
12:52:28 MiniDigger https://openjdk.java.net/jeps/358
12:52:45 MiniDigger Finally helpful NPEs ^^
12:52:54 MiniDigger That plus switch expressions are standard now
12:53:19 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Gotta go try to haul groceries in
12:54:15 MiniDigger But yeah, nullability on java shouldn't just rely on optionals
12:54:23 MiniDigger Let's see when that gets changed
13:00:43 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> So let's say I have Main.getInstance().getManager() and manager has getDataStore(). I usually just call Main.getInstance().getManager().getDataStore() and get whatever I need instead of passing it through a constructor. Would you guys pass getDataStore() through a constructor instead of calling Main.getInstance().getManager().getDataStore()?
13:02:12 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> DI means that you pass through dependencies, that could be a reference to Main (Which, shouldn't be called main), or an access to the manager or data class that you want it to have access to
13:03:03 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> oh it's through a class
13:03:41 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> well, the instance of the class you want it to have access to
13:04:57 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> yeah, but if my class only needs Map/List which getDataStore provides, would you still pass in Manager?
13:05:27 MiniDigger Yes, you pass the whole service
13:05:32 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> oh okay
13:05:37 MiniDigger I hate the term manager ^^
13:05:48 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> I use it a lot and I'm starting to hate it too haha
13:05:50 MiniDigger But basically, your manager encapusaltes the list and stuff away
13:06:00 MiniDigger Other classes shouldnt rely on implementation details
13:06:03 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> You have a lego profile picture everything you say will have no weight, except your ass cuz that ones huge 👀
13:06:37 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> i always use Handler lol
13:06:39 MiniDigger Like, in spring I would go so far and make my services interfaces
13:06:46 MiniDigger So I can properly unit test stuff too
13:06:54 MiniDigger But bukkit ppl don't unit test sooooo
13:06:59 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> lol whats wrong with you
13:07:03 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> who even unit tests
13:07:05 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/591771032226889749.png
13:07:12 DiscordBot <🦆> > testing
13:07:22 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> production is the ultimate test
13:07:40 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> if it breaks you're just a bad programmer mini 😉
13:07:55 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> Yeah I'm trying to relearn stuff. Worked on plugins for years and didn't know about good design 😢
13:08:10 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> I don't think my plugins were terrible, but it definitely wasn't great
13:08:19 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> ive been following a java course for 2 years now and i still have no clue how to properly design programs
13:08:41 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> I've been trying to get a good understanding of SOLID
13:09:10 DiscordBot <🦆> plugins sort of suck for learning.
13:09:23 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> well it hooked me into programming
13:09:37 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> but now that I'm about to do into the industry
13:09:45 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> bukkit isnt really a great example to learn code practises
13:09:50 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> might not be that great not knowing good pratcices
13:10:05 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> I think a lot of the industry uses java as well
13:10:26 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> once you know one you pretty much know all
13:10:28 DiscordBot <🦆> I mean I started with plugins too but over the years I realized that you just get stuck in same patterns pretty much. Once you do step outside of bukkit you start to learn again
13:10:33 MiniDigger Yeah, java is super popular
13:10:44 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> yep that's what I'm feeling with plugins
13:10:45 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/581379839194562560.png
13:10:49 MiniDigger And can confirm what duck said
13:10:50 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> they all have a very similar structure
13:11:02 MiniDigger I learned software architecture outside of bukkit
13:11:02 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> I'm thinking like am I do doing this right haha
13:11:15 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> i wish there was a step inbetween plugins and modding, the gap is so big :/
13:11:17 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> luckily I questioned what I was doing
13:11:31 MiniDigger The gap to modding is big?
13:11:39 MiniDigger Forge works basically the same as bukkit, lol
13:11:47 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> uh not at all
13:12:05 MiniDigger Sure, it's a different API
13:12:11 MiniDigger But it's basically the same
13:12:15 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> its a lot more complex and a lot less documented xD
13:12:30 MiniDigger You got a bunch of hooks you can hook into and then access internals via an api
13:12:42 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> well that'd be the definition of any api
13:12:47 <-- Clarth (Clarth!~Clarth@SpigotMC-h8ui4b.srta.dun6.04f8.2a01.IP) has quit (Connection closed)
13:13:01 MiniDigger I started with modding and then got into bukkit once that became a thing 😂
13:13:26 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> i tried updating my 1.12 mod to 1.14 but i gave up lmao
13:13:47 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> what's the difference between abstraction and inheritance?
13:14:00 MiniDigger Uuhm
13:14:02 DiscordBot <R​ef​re​sh​> they seem to go hand in hand
13:14:06 MiniDigger You can't really compare the terms
13:14:23 MiniDigger You can do abstraction thru inheritance
13:15:06 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> inheritance is when you extend on other classes, abstraction is just a concept to keep your classes as unrelated to each other as possible
13:15:38 DiscordBot <:​du​ck​n'​t:​> i suck at explaining but mini will probably explain it again anyway
13:20:30 <-- Vertanzil__ (Vertanzil__!~Vertanzil@SpigotMC-r80v7o.899f.1e6e.23c6.2a00.IP) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
13:33:33 --> Vertanzil__ (Vertanzil__!~Vertanzil@SpigotMC-dp4c05.899f.1e6e.23c6.2a00.IP) joined the channel
13:42:45 -- Vertanzil__ is now known as Vertanzil
14:33:29 --> \^-^ (\^-^!~MagmaGuy|3@SpigotMC-0uq9bj.dsdh.ilhc.0818.2001.IP) joined the channel
14:42:53 \^-^ rejoice
14:42:59 \^-^ I'm painting my hair pink next week
14:43:01 \^-^ my beard too
14:49:29 --> Vertanzil_ (Vertanzil_!~Vertanzil@SpigotMC-dp4c05.899f.1e6e.23c6.2a00.IP) joined the channel
14:49:57 DiscordBot <🦆> what's your inspiration
14:50:35 \^-^ my sister's having a gender reveal party
14:50:53 \^-^ so my other sister and myself decided to bet on the gender of the baby
14:50:58 \^-^ I think it'll be a girl
14:51:46 Proximyst so what gender does it turn out you are, tiago? or should i say tiara?
14:52:18 \^-^ only the manliest of men would face having their hair dyed pink with a laugh
14:52:20 <-- Vertanzil (Vertanzil!~Vertanzil@SpigotMC-dp4c05.899f.1e6e.23c6.2a00.IP) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
14:52:41 Proximyst dude i wISH my hair was pink
14:53:01 \^-^ pink beard, pink hair, pink eyebrows
14:53:15 Proximyst shave the first one off the list and i'm down
14:53:33 \^-^ except better looking
14:59:07 Proximyst define better looking in your context
15:00:32 \^-^ I'll look super hot like I always do
15:01:02 \^-^ I won't be able to show my face too much for fear of flooding the streets just with my presence
15:04:26 Vertanzil_ Im going to smash your back passage in
15:05:22 \^-^ this is why I don't leave my apartment
15:05:51 DiscordBot <L​oo​pi​te​> hi
15:06:07 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Worried that vertanzil will jump on ya?
15:06:11 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> and hump ya?
15:06:26 * Vertanzil_ whistles
15:07:24 * Vertanzil_ gives ^-^ 1x Flying Dutchman
15:11:04 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> apparently spigot doesnt let you programmatically download jars from their jenkins
15:11:05 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> lol
15:26:32 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> spigot is doodoo
15:30:05 \^-^ it matches ur face
15:32:33 --> Clarth (Clarth!~Clarth@SpigotMC-h8ui4b.srta.dun6.04f8.2a01.IP) joined the channel
15:33:55 * Vertanzil_ https://imgur.com/gallery/WwWQLSW
15:36:19 \^-^ ew it's raining
15:36:30 \^-^ stahp it nature, stahp it
15:36:58 DiscordBot <L​in​c> rain is beautiful
15:37:25 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> He gets upset when anything remotely more loved than him comes near him
15:37:33 DiscordBot <L​in​c> hey can I ping you?
15:37:34 \^-^ accio sun
15:37:35 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Needless to say, he's basically a hipster
15:37:40 \^-^ rain sux
15:37:46 \^-^ just like electroniccat
15:37:53 DiscordBot <L​in​c> but at least he's good at it
15:37:57 \^-^ true
15:38:05 \^-^ he learned from the best
15:38:07 \^-^ his mom
15:38:17 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> wow dude
15:38:20 Vertanzil_ s/his/your
15:38:20 xD Correction, <\^-^> your mom
15:38:22 DiscordBot <L​in​c> ping him
15:38:24 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I don't have a mum
15:38:25 DiscordBot <L​in​c> quick
15:38:27 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> How does that make you feel?
15:38:31 DiscordBot <L​in​c> now THAT sucks
15:38:38 \^-^ that's because you succed so good you succed the soul right out of her
15:38:40 Vertanzil_ electroniccat is a test tube baby
15:40:57 \^-^ did you know electroniccat's an incubus?
15:41:01 \^-^ bet you didn't
15:41:21 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Dude
15:41:24 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> How did you know?
15:41:51 \^-^ your sucking abilities are beyond this mortal realm
15:43:23 Vertanzil_ Could be worst you could be dutch.
15:43:27 --> Hipnius_F (Hipnius_F!webchat@SpigotMC-fr9djl.dynamic.reverse-mundo-r.com) joined the channel
15:43:42 Hipnius_F Hi
15:43:55 Hipnius_F Anyone can help with 1.14.4 server chunks loading lag?
15:44:04 xD (Vertanzil_) Lionel Richie - Hello - length 5m 32s - 325,495 likes, 11,483 dislikes (96.6%) - 83,963,381 views - jasoneric on 2006.03.18
15:44:11 Vertanzil_ timings report?
15:45:45 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> That's not chunk loading
15:45:51 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> That's slow/overloaded CPU
15:45:56 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> timingcost: 2511
15:46:22 Hipnius_F Ow
15:46:33 Hipnius_F Thanks
15:46:52 Hipnius_F Any possible solution or just upgrade to better hardware?
15:47:24 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> if it is slow hardware in general, really boils down to tryna cut down the amount of work the server is doing
15:47:56 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> e.g. removing the datapack which is eating a fair % of the server tick
15:48:24 Hipnius_F Ok
15:48:36 Hipnius_F That´s a single sleeping data pack
15:49:10 Hipnius_F Is there any that affects less to performance?
15:49:28 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Basically, plugins are muuuuch better than datapacks
15:49:29 Hipnius_F Any suggestion?
15:49:33 Hipnius_F Ok
15:49:40 Hipnius_F I´ll try that
15:51:11 --> Brokkoli (Brokkoli!~Brokkoli@SpigotMC-9m1u6p.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined the channel
15:52:31 Hipnius_F Other than that i´m currently using an vps server
15:52:44 Hipnius_F Where I installed the minecraft paper server
15:52:55 Hipnius_F Is an especialized server better?
15:53:16 Hipnius_F I have 4gb of ram and 3 core CPU
15:53:31 DiscordBot <L​oo​pi​te​> 😂
15:54:24 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Basssically, VPSes are not super amazing as they're spec'd out for web servers, not games; 1.14 is also a bit of a nightmare for performance, but that timing cost being that high is a sign that the server is overloaded
15:54:54 Hipnius_F i see
15:55:33 Hipnius_F I´m a huge noob on the minecraft server world as you can see
15:55:47 Hipnius_F Any server host that you can recommend?
16:04:35 DiscordBot <T​he​Kn​ig​ht​Wh​oS​ay​sN​i> Guys, have any idea why I can't connect to the mojang api to verify uuids " https://api.mojang.com/users/profiles/minecraft/ " from server 1 but on server 2 iI can on the same machine ? both server using the same configuration?
16:08:01 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> @Lars use this video it might be confusing at first but eventually it'll make sense as you use it more https://youtu.be/8t9-rHQT268
16:08:01 xD (DiscordBot) Detect When A Player Is At A Block/Blocks [Minecraft 1.13+] - length 4m 6s - 569 likes, 21 dislikes (96.4%) - 27,579 views - Cloud Wolf on 2018.08.01
16:08:21 DiscordBot <L​ar​s> Ah alright, Thank you!
16:10:08 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> knight, rate limit?
16:11:34 DiscordBot <T​he​Kn​ig​ht​Wh​oS​ay​sN​i> on the same IP ? i dont think so, I have days with this issue so if it was rate limit I could use it at least once right?
16:12:24 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I mean, Q is to define "can't connect"
16:13:15 DiscordBot <T​he​Kn​ig​ht​Wh​oS​ay​sN​i> I dont get any reponse from mojang, is just empty results
16:24:29 <-- Hipnius_F (Hipnius_F!webchat@SpigotMC-fr9djl.dynamic.reverse-mundo-r.com) has quit (Quit: Web client closed)
16:32:17 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> welp, i had a cool idea but the lib i wanted to use just straight up no worky
16:32:20 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> and shit docs so rip
16:32:23 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> that idea ded now
16:32:27 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> git rekt skrub
16:32:39 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> :(
16:32:50 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> i need love not hate right now, cat
16:32:57 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> ya kno wat
16:33:04 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> sounds lyk a persunal problem
16:33:07 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> ❤️
16:33:18 DiscordBot .rekt
16:33:18 xD ☑ DegREKT
16:33:53 \^-^ ngl handling entities surviving chunk unloads but reappearing with the same UUID and a different entity instance is a pain
16:46:20 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> so the keybase airdrop bot is working on sending out the free xlm
16:46:26 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> but the person who coded it was rart
16:46:31 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> so anytime someone sends IT money
16:46:32 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> it breaks
16:46:37 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> and now everyone is sending it money
16:46:42 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> and all the beggars are flipping shit
16:46:49 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> "WHER MY FREE MONEY AGWHSFKVESK"
16:51:59 --> BetTD (BetTD!webchat@SpigotMC-vem.k3i.176.93.IP) joined the channel
16:53:46 <-- BetTD (BetTD!webchat@SpigotMC-vem.k3i.176.93.IP) has quit (Quit: Web client closed)
16:57:04 MiniDigger https://streamable.com/08x94
16:57:10 MiniDigger I know what I am doing I swear
16:58:50 Vertanzil_ Woo RAVE in the corner
16:59:56 \^-^ yeah very impressive
17:01:31 MiniDigger https://streamable.com/6gy63
17:01:32 MiniDigger fixed
17:01:45 MiniDigger just made lil guard recalc path if he hits a wall
17:02:03 \^-^ smooth like your bottom MiniDigger
17:08:59 Vertanzil_ You want to rub it dont you SLUT
17:09:19 \^-^ what do you take me for, a butt rubber?
17:09:26 * Vertanzil_ nods
17:09:31 \^-^ dang he's on to me
17:10:22 \^-^ you don't understand, all I want is a butt genie
17:12:51 Vertanzil_ I dont think rubbing MiniDigger butt will give you three wishes
17:13:41 \^-^ do you know that from experience?
17:13:54 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> Yes
17:14:05 \^-^ clearly you didn't rub it right
17:14:14 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> shut up butt rubber
17:14:33 Vertanzil_ hjaha
17:15:00 \^-^ look at the kettle calling the pot black
17:16:10 Vertanzil_ Racist
17:16:16 \^-^ yeah you sure are
17:16:25 Vertanzil_ only to beardd dutch men
17:16:33 * Vertanzil_ glares at ^-^
17:16:52 \^-^ where the hell did the dutch thing come from
17:19:05 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> one of my players have big issue
17:19:10 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> it happens in signle player too
17:19:19 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> https://streamable.com/d0ozo
17:19:20 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> how to help
17:19:36 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> his camra goes broken
17:19:38 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> as u can see
17:19:40 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> he sent me this
17:19:46 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> hey look it's the selfbotting retard who also spammed this channel before, back again to wreak havoc in paper
17:19:59 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> bro i just wanna help my player :(
17:20:21 Vertanzil_ wait your dutch right \^-^
17:20:23 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> tell him to use a normal client then
17:20:27 \^-^ nope
17:20:27 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> he is
17:20:32 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> he tried vailla and optifine
17:20:36 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> both have issue
17:20:40 Vertanzil_ french?
17:20:40 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> single player and multi
17:20:43 Vertanzil_ (thats worst)
17:20:46 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> yea im not even going to take anything you say as any bit truthful
17:21:03 Vertanzil_ still a butt rubber
17:21:03 \^-^ I am I have that nationality but that's not where I live nor the only nationality that I have
17:22:09 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> what phone do you all have?
17:22:11 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> so
17:22:13 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> can someone help my player pls
17:22:34 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> I have a Motorola C something
17:22:54 Vertanzil_ im sorry its terminal keyboard cancer
17:22:59 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> C Plus I think
17:23:09 MiniDigger I bet he has dust under his mouse arctic
17:23:13 MiniDigger or uses a crappy touchpad
17:23:21 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> hey kash, this arctic dude selfbots all the time in here and last time he was here he spammed his discord link, why is he not banned yet
17:23:24 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> real question :)
17:23:35 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I didn't see such spam
17:23:49 Vertanzil_ really we should be banning the butt rubber
17:24:04 MiniDigger what phone do you all have? <-- pixel 4 xl 😍
17:24:15 DiscordBot <V​LA​D ​TH​E ​IM​PA​LE​R> anyone know where minecraft handles item stack size rendering in old versions?
17:24:16 kashike MiniDigger: really?
17:24:19 kashike ew
17:24:31 MiniDigger why ew?
17:24:41 kashike lots of money for bad specs, basically
17:24:49 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> mini
17:24:50 kashike its outdated compared to other phones
17:24:51 MiniDigger gotta pay the google tax
17:24:54 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> he has no issues outside of mc
17:24:55 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> he says
17:24:58 DiscordBot <A​rc​ti​c> he playes OSU!
17:25:14 \^-^ lmao
17:25:28 \^-^ this is some quality tardness
17:25:31 MiniDigger and I mean, I got a google home nest thingy for free, thats worth like 150 bucks, so theres that 😂
17:26:00 \^-^ you're paying for it with your privacy MiniDigger
17:26:02 MiniDigger I only brought it because its a step up from my 3xl and I could give my 3 to my dad and he basically gave me full price
17:26:17 MiniDigger dw, I already had a google home mini 😂
17:26:26 kashike Google Nest Mini*
17:26:28 kashike dumb rebreand
17:26:40 MiniDigger whatever
17:26:47 \^-^ is that google nest for hobbit houses?
17:26:48 Vertanzil_ i dced mine
17:26:51 MiniDigger I only used that to give me the weather
17:26:53 Vertanzil_ it listens to me
17:26:58 MiniDigger the new one with the display I actually use
17:26:59 \^-^ is there a google nest carboard for people who live in the streets on cardboard?
17:27:08 MiniDigger it sets next to my bed, has nice speakers too
17:27:15 kashike \^-^: no but there is Google Cardboard
17:27:32 \^-^ yeah that's for roleplaying as though you're a house owner
17:27:43 \^-^ you put a 3d environment of a house and pretend it's yours
17:28:12 MiniDigger lol, there are different models 😂
17:28:37 MiniDigger https://homido.com/shop/homido-mini *
17:28:40 MiniDigger that looks stupid
17:28:43 \^-^ look at MiniDigger shilling for google again
17:28:52 \^-^ get out shill
17:29:06 \^-^ we're on to you
17:29:27 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> its either google or spring
17:29:37 MiniDigger add godot to that list
17:29:43 MiniDigger I <3 godot
17:29:48 DiscordBot <H​_> fow fow fow
17:29:54 MiniDigger ue4 is too heavy and unity can suck it
17:30:07 \^-^ shill some more MiniDigger
17:30:16 \^-^ 3 more ads and you've got rent paid for for the month
17:30:26 MiniDigger haha I wish
17:30:34 MiniDigger rent is fucking expensive here
17:30:44 \^-^ explains all the brand deals
17:31:24 \^-^ do people still care about home assistants like alexa or has that fad died out
17:31:40 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> I don't see it used as much anymore tbh
17:31:48 \^-^ was it ever *used* though?
17:32:06 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> I know some people liked to use them from time to time
17:32:12 \^-^ what for?
17:32:31 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> Basic information. Weather, time, calculations, etc.
17:32:35 MiniDigger yeah
17:32:36 MiniDigger me too
17:33:00 \^-^ I don't get that
17:33:06 \^-^ a phone can do it just as well if not better
17:33:20 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I personally look out the window to find out what the weather's like
17:33:23 MiniDigger but not hands free
17:33:32 \^-^ fortunately I still have both of my hands
17:33:43 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> not for long
17:33:54 \^-^ stop trying to steal my shit
17:34:09 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> gimme ur hands
17:34:10 \^-^ first it was my heart, now it's my hands
17:34:12 \^-^ when will it end?
17:34:14 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> I've tried to use those assitent things, but usually it takes way too long to get my answer. Just going to internet and typing in what you want was usually faster for me.
17:34:45 \^-^ I mean I have the weather forecast on my phone, it's one tap away
17:35:30 \^-^ faster than asking an assistant, especially when they randomly decide to play it'e raining men by the weather girls instead of giving me the weather forecast for my location
17:35:31 MiniDigger sometimes your phone is more than a tap away tho
17:36:00 \^-^ I can't tell of a single time in the past 5 years that my phone was more than a tap away from me
17:36:09 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> Do people not carry their phone with them at all times anymore? I was actually starting to get the hang of that tbh.
17:36:13 \^-^ except for when I was in the middle of upgrading my phone
17:36:25 MiniDigger when I leave my flat, yes
17:36:31 MiniDigger not when am in my flat tho
17:36:41 MiniDigger I just throw it somewhere and dont worry about it
17:36:48 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> I don't like to bring my phone with me when I go to the library to study and shit like that
17:36:58 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> but I'm not gonna carry a google home with me in that case either
17:37:01 \^-^ lol
17:37:10 \^-^ let me just plop down this alexa in the library
17:37:40 MiniDigger I for one carry my google home max under my arm all the time
17:37:44 MiniDigger its just so portable
17:38:16 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> "tuvok i used to think you on the inside of your cold vulcan exterior there was an even colder vulcan interior, but now im convinced you're a hopeless romantic""there is no need to insult me ensign"
17:39:52 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> "Sorry, I didn't catch that"
17:40:18 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> it's even better when she says "IM HAVING TROUBLE CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET PLEASE TRY YOUR QUERY FOR "...." LATER
17:40:49 \^-^ ordering more magnum dildos for your magnum butt
17:40:57 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> says the butt rubber
17:40:58 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> disgusting
17:41:56 \^-^ hey don't kink shame me
17:42:19 \^-^ because that turns me on
17:44:55 Vertanzil_ Slut
17:45:25 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW1uN0SjKPY
17:45:25 xD (DiscordBot) Kink shaming - length 7s - 35,278 likes, 139 dislikes (99.6%) - 1,029,478 views - Justin Aurecchione on 2016.05.16
17:58:44 kashike but yes
17:58:52 kashike what phone do the rest of you have
18:00:02 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> the 19th letter of the latin alphabet, plus, galactic series
18:00:29 kashike which model
18:00:41 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> the 19th letter of the latin alphabet plus
18:00:58 --> Vertanzil__ (Vertanzil__!~Vertanzil@SpigotMC-dp4c05.899f.1e6e.23c6.2a00.IP) joined the channel
18:01:02 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> am i a noob at phone models or is that not the model
18:01:20 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> oh sm-g965u1
18:01:59 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> ok so a Samsung Galaxy S9+
18:02:05 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> thanks for making that easy for me
18:02:06 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> correct
18:02:09 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> you're welcome
18:02:49 kashike what about the rest of you?
18:03:50 <-- Vertanzil_ (Vertanzil_!~Vertanzil@SpigotMC-dp4c05.899f.1e6e.23c6.2a00.IP) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
18:04:05 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> nitro gives 3 months of xbox game pass? dang
18:04:27 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> ye, downloaded the outer lands or whatever it is
18:04:30 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> pretty gae game if you as me
18:15:16 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> wat
18:18:12 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> wat
18:41:48 Vertanzil__ wat
18:41:58 \^-^ IN DA BUTT
18:42:00 -- Vertanzil__ is now known as Vertanzil
18:42:10 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> wat
18:44:46 DiscordBot <K​en​ny​TV​> wat
18:52:55 Vertanzil \^-^ is a butt rubber
18:54:41 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> i hate pulling all nighters, i swear to god if i dont go to bed on time tonight im going to suicide ^-^ by 5 shots to the back of the head
18:55:05 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> > 5 shots
18:55:22 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Can't you do anything right?
18:55:28 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> gfdi simple
18:55:34 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> just making sure the butt rubber is gone for good
18:55:39 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> that is of course, if i dont go to bed on time
18:55:42 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> if i do then he is safe
18:55:54 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> How long until "on time"
18:56:02 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> 8 hours
18:56:04 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Gotta know how long I gotta keep talkingto the sucker
18:56:08 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Oh, that's too long
18:56:15 DiscordBot .kill electroniccat
18:56:15 * xD stabs electroniccat in the heart a few times with a shard of glass.
18:56:40 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I mean, not that I'd want you to die or anything
18:57:19 Vertanzil .kill electroniccat
18:57:19 * xD goes bowling with electroniccat's bloody disembodied head.
19:05:25 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> wat
19:05:27 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> this is odd
19:06:19 \^-^ that's the worst samsung fold wannabe that I've ever seen
19:08:03 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> i dont like the fold
19:08:24 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e> even the one that reduces its visibility, dont think i'd enjoy it at all
19:09:48 Vertanzil have you seen the razer 1
19:10:50 \^-^ lmao
19:10:59 \^-^ man these are getting weird
19:11:12 Vertanzil I mean WHY
19:11:36 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> how many folds do these phones even survive before hardening/breaking
19:11:51 \^-^ more expensive = betterer
19:12:00 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> foldable trendis a stupid waste of innovation/time/money
19:12:46 \^-^ I'll keep saying this to the day I die if things keep going the way they're going but stop it wit these retarded gimmicks and work on actually improving input methods
19:13:28 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> Foldable would be nice if the phone would actually be able to get the size of a tablet when unfolded. But at this point they're just making a phone that is the same size, but when folded is smaller.
19:14:15 \^-^ the galaxy is much larger than a phone
19:15:11 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> Samsung's looked larger, yes, but not large enough for me
19:15:27 \^-^ I mean it's barely smaller than a tablet when unfolded
19:15:46 \^-^ you can't really make it much larger without making a hilariously large phone even while folded
19:16:11 \^-^ unless you want to fold it twice lol
19:17:28 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> i mean what do you want besides gimmicks right now?
19:17:35 \^-^ better input
19:17:39 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> input?
19:17:48 \^-^ I can't stand having to use my phone for actual work
19:18:00 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> i dont know what that means
19:18:11 \^-^ I mean even just improving the typing would be good
19:21:41 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> Alright, can someone eplain to me why YouTube needed to mess with their home-page layout again? The videos are way too large, I'm not that blind.
19:22:11 \^-^ I like it, looks good on my ultrawide monitor
19:22:14 \^-^ and literally nowhere else
19:22:15 \^-^ thanks yt
19:23:28 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> It's quite easy to change with inspect element actually. Changing the amount of videos from 4 to 5 already improved it immensely imo.
19:23:39 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> But, I can't see myself changing that every single time tbh.
19:23:53 \^-^ I actually get 6 videos per line
19:23:55 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> couldnt a script do that
19:24:01 \^-^ and 4 lines on a screen
19:24:06 \^-^ it's pretty great
19:24:11 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> A script could probably do that, yeah.
19:25:18 \^-^ imo someone at yt designed this either on an ultrawide or on a 4k monitor
19:25:21 \^-^ quality stuff
19:31:08 kashike iPhone doesn't look too bad UI wise, but customisation is meh
19:33:24 kashike The Huawei P30 Pro feels nice
19:43:08 kashike hmm
19:45:38 kashike $873 for the OnePlus 7 Pro (downside: popup camera)
19:45:40 kashike $799 for the OnePlus 7T (downside: large circle in middle of the back of phone for cameras, ugly)
19:45:48 kashike $1190 for the Huawei P30 Pro
19:46:23 DiscordBot <M​is​te​r_​Fi​x> https://fix.sxcu.net/bphxqy.png
19:46:25 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> is the popup camera a downside?
19:46:36 DiscordBot <M​is​te​r_​Fi​x> https://fix.sxcu.net/rcYbZT.png
19:46:38 kashike I feel like it is
19:46:46 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> alright
19:47:47 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i feel like thats something that will break easy
19:48:13 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> I've had a OnePlus 7 Pro since launch and it has yet to break
19:48:14 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
19:48:22 kashike me too, even though it has a thing that'll make it go back in when it detects a fall
19:48:23 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> Also I don't put a case on my phone either
19:48:29 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> It's not very fragile
19:48:43 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> and almost never actually out
19:48:51 kashike sure
19:49:04 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> but you do you
19:50:00 kashike how do you like the P30 Pro overall?
19:50:18 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> hmm I need to find time to cook something and play some star wars fallen order today too
19:50:24 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> first step though: lunch
19:51:31 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> I don't know much about it. MKBHD is usually the best source for full in-depth and not-stupid reviews
19:52:01 kashike err sorry, I meant the 7 Pro
19:52:05 kashike how do you like it overall
19:52:06 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> oh
19:52:26 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> I love it and still wouldn't buy another phone, including any of the other new phones which have come out since
19:52:53 kashike screenshot of what the home screen looks like?
19:53:09 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> hmm?
19:53:13 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> You can make it look however you want
19:53:28 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> I don't put anything on my homescreen
19:53:37 kashike just want to see what the style looks like on someone who uses it, icons don't matter really
19:54:12 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> hm, not bad
19:54:23 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> that looks like the old phone though, is it older android?
19:54:31 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> no
19:54:37 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> I suspect you've been using samsung phones?
19:54:38 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> or is that the normal icon and pixels have a different icon
19:54:42 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> no, pixel
19:55:03 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> there's the pixel phone icon
19:55:27 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> just booted my pixel, yeah it's different
19:55:43 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> interesting
19:56:01 --> gekko (gekko!~user@SpigotMC-div.jbh.156.185.IP) joined the channel
19:57:04 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> Doesn't have Android 10 yet, but will soon
19:57:13 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> I also don't really care
19:57:24 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> works great and android 10 doesn't bring anything new or big that I care ab out
19:57:29 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I just wish I could try a OnePlus in person, they aren't in any stores
19:57:42 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> Do you have TMobile in canada?
19:57:49 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> no
19:57:52 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> damn
19:57:59 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> I bought it without trying it but i know what you mean
19:59:11 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> hmmm
20:20:23 --> gekko1 (gekko1!~user@SpigotMC-div.jbh.156.185.IP) joined the channel
20:22:04 <-- gekko (gekko!~user@SpigotMC-div.jbh.156.185.IP) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
20:49:11 DiscordBot <b​lu​bb​er​di​bl​ub​> Still using a OnePlus One here. It's a bit short on RAM for today's circumstances, but apart from that works fine with LineageOS.
21:21:42 DiscordBot <J​an​> Kashike is def a bad guy
21:22:36 kashike what
21:40:30 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> @Jan what
21:40:34 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> @Jan
21:40:43 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> vic
21:41:03 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> help me choose
21:41:21 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://i.imgur.com/D1oGapr.png
21:41:28 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> I'm considering a one Plus 7 myself
21:41:42 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> Thanks autocorrect
21:41:46 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> - Z - Hitler - Kashike - Dr horrible
21:42:03 DiscordBot <J​an​> 3
21:42:23 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> help me choose cat
21:42:39 DiscordBot <J​an​> So are we going to continue the interface or was that all?
21:43:16 DiscordBot <J​an​> Woop woop
21:43:43 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> Also you're dodging a bullet by not choosing LG, kash
21:43:47 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/575578795310841856.png
21:44:13 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> All 3 of my LG phones have had the same issues and they're known for them
21:44:29 DiscordBot <J​an​> Iphone do great
21:44:37 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> LG Is good but not for phones
21:44:40 DiscordBot <J​an​> Unless you want to do unofficial tinkering
21:44:59 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> @electroniccat help choosing!
21:45:21 Vertanzil Oh god i joined instagram - instant regret
21:45:22 DiscordBot <J​an​> I’d choose an Apple Iphone 11 or XR
21:45:44 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> In terms of companies I trust, would be google, oneplus and apple; Mainly as I have experience with them, Huawei is a bit of an iffy one, no idea if their intent was to fully ditch android going foward
21:46:18 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I want to choose the OnePlus 7 Pro, but the pop-up camera is meh
21:46:25 DiscordBot <J​an​> Popup?
21:46:28 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> yeah
21:46:31 DiscordBot <J​an​> Like a flip camera?
21:46:45 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51-QMzEE0HL.SL1166.jpg
21:46:56 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I mean, I was kinda iffy on their design, but apparently the mech is robust as all shit
21:46:57 DiscordBot <J​an​> Also, isn’t oneplus just modeled after iphones? Or are they going their own rout... nvm
21:47:11 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> Cat you use it?
21:47:18 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> No, I have a 5t
21:47:19 DiscordBot <J​an​> What would one need 3 backside cameras for
21:47:23 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> How is it
21:47:29 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Can't complain, tbh
21:47:37 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> Good enough for me
21:47:51 DiscordBot <J​an​> Well, my brother likes the pixels and i’ve tried it
21:47:59 DiscordBot <J​an​> It seems okay
21:48:10 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> The cameras do different things and have different aims
21:48:14 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> Yes but one plus means f r e e d o m
21:48:27 DiscordBot <J​an​> Freedom = no phones
21:48:31 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> e.g. the camera which is super great for taking high res pictures might not be the best in low light situations
21:48:39 DiscordBot <J​an​> I see cat
21:49:08 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> Freedom = being able to do what you want with your phone without your phone provider locking your stuff down
21:49:32 DiscordBot <J​an​> Sadly masterbating with your phone apparently requires two phones
21:49:58 DiscordBot <J​an​> Vivid picture
21:50:02 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> Thats why you keep your old one
21:50:05 DiscordBot <J​an​> I see
21:50:17 DiscordBot <J​an​> But my old one would scratch me since the screen is cracked
21:50:25 DiscordBot <J​an​> I’d like to sandwich it without being bloodied
21:50:54 DiscordBot <J​an​> Guess i have to buy an indian slave maid
21:51:58 DiscordBot <J​an​> Oh wait
21:52:09 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> bleh
21:52:14 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> this is annoying
21:52:16 DiscordBot <J​an​> Recently saw that american maids are selling well
21:52:36 DiscordBot <J​an​> Little too young imo, but you could def groom some of them
21:53:58 DiscordBot <J​an​> You buying a new phone kash?
21:54:09 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I want to, can't figure out what to get
21:54:16 DiscordBot <J​an​> You want android?
21:55:11 DiscordBot <J​an​> When is the next oneplus coming out?
21:56:08 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> OS isn't a huge deal as long as it's iOS or Android and not something completely different
21:56:46 DiscordBot <J​an​> Mhm, just have my share of weirdoes dissing apple cause ios is not android
21:57:10 DiscordBot <J​an​> Why not taking a random selector or a lucky wheel and listing all suitable phones
21:57:31 DiscordBot <J​an​> Then you can only blame fate for giving you a shitty phone if it picks something terrible
21:57:46 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> well now someone is saying that Huawei phones are moving to some separate OS or something
21:58:06 DiscordBot <J​an​> They stopping imitating others?
21:58:14 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> moving off android or something
21:58:27 DiscordBot <J​an​> To their own shit?
21:58:39 DiscordBot <J​an​> I remember Nokia dying because something similae
21:58:41 DiscordBot <J​an​> Similar
21:58:55 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://www.mi.com/global/mi-9-t-pro
21:59:02 DiscordBot <J​an​> Nokia wasn’t funded bt the chinese government though
21:59:07 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> this is the best price and spec phone I have found
21:59:14 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> but I'd need to special order somehow
22:00:13 DiscordBot <J​an​> Why can’t buy it normally?
22:00:37 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> it's not sold in any stores here, or online anywhere I can find that isn't unusual
22:00:48 DiscordBot <J​an​> Hmm
22:01:05 <-- Vertanzil (Vertanzil!~Vertanzil@SpigotMC-dp4c05.899f.1e6e.23c6.2a00.IP) has quit (Quit: Leaving)
22:01:09 DiscordBot <J​an​> You are in the us?
22:02:18 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> Canada
22:07:44 <-- gekko1 (gekko1!~user@SpigotMC-div.jbh.156.185.IP) has quit (Connection closed)
22:12:42 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> you still havent decided kashike
22:12:46 kashike no
22:13:39 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> help me @barty
22:14:11 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> do a lot of people you know have iphones
22:14:33 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> a fair amount
22:14:41 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> do you use imessage a lot?
22:14:52 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I've never used iMessage
22:15:02 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> what phone do you have right now?
22:15:08 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I have a Google Pixel 3 XL right now
22:15:45 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> yeah i heard the pixel 4 was a big disappointment
22:16:00 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> yup
22:17:08 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> well i'm biased to apple so i'd probably say get the last year's iphone model. definitely do not get the huawai or whatever one
22:17:46 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> i dont know anything about the android ecosystem tbh
22:50:05 DiscordBot <b​lu​e_​be​ar​_g​re​en​> Hello
22:59:41 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> hi