Log for #paper on SpigotMC - 2020/08/12

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00:00:03 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> can't believe it was real smh lol
00:11:11 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> people with baby yoda, yoda, enderman face, creeper face as pfp = 8 year almost always lmao
00:26:24 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i want the mandelorian s2
00:29:33 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Oh boy now I get to be Andrew's target
00:29:37 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> What a great day this is
00:41:35 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e ​| ​Tu​in​it​y ​Co​-a​ut​ho​r> @Spottedleaf u wanna or u busy
00:42:12 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> les go
00:46:58 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> Welp spigot updated 59m ago
00:47:50 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> yup and paper is updating now ago
00:47:59 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> Yay!
00:48:07 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> aikar is working on it in the voice chat
00:48:13 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> https://www.twitch.tv/aikaradora
00:48:14 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> Pog
00:48:19 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> you can watch it be made
00:48:31 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> I would but I'm doordashing
00:48:42 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> well maybe it will be done when you are done dashing
00:48:44 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> or later
00:48:57 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> idk how big this update is its cool to watch though
00:50:19 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> 1.16.2 adds 1 mob
00:50:30 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> Sideways for the chain block,
00:51:00 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> And waterlogging for chains and lanterns (soul included)
00:51:01 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> Along with some optimizations and bug fixes
00:51:09 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> 200 that isn't that bad
00:51:53 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> Also I'm 9n mobile data so I'd sound like shit
00:52:04 DiscordBot <I​ns​ta​ll​ N​ow​> Does anyone know how to get redisbungee
00:52:10 DiscordBot <I​ns​ta​ll​ N​ow​> You can't buy it anymore
00:52:24 DiscordBot <I​ns​ta​ll​ N​ow​> and I get an error when I attempt to compile it via maven
00:52:33 DiscordBot <I​ns​ta​ll​ N​ow​> https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/35ac87897ea84a7a8e04ab49c5903651
00:53:01 DiscordBot <I​ns​ta​ll​ N​ow​> I tried following the instructions from here
00:53:03 DiscordBot <I​ns​ta​ll​ N​ow​> https://github.com/minecrafter/RedisBungee
01:02:00 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> are you judt straight up ignoring the warnings?
01:02:15 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> why do you expect anyone to help you with your bad choices
01:02:43 DiscordBot <T​he​Bl​oo​m4​6> What warnings?
01:02:47 DiscordBot <T​he​Bl​oo​m4​6> Also I figured it out
01:02:58 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> redisbungee is a dead plugin
01:03:07 DiscordBot <T​he​Bl​oo​m4​6> Is there any alternatives?
01:07:09 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Blue jackets lightning game is in 5 OT πŸ‘€
01:08:17 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> RedisBungee is a really simple solution. If you're at the scale where you're running multiple bungees, you should be able to write a sync solution akin to it yourself, or fix it.
01:08:23 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Otherwise, you don't really need t.
01:42:53 DiscordBot <D​eJ​ay​> sounds like a hypixel players username
02:05:12 DiscordBot <k​ry​st​al​fl​am​e> is discord having issues for y'all
02:05:34 DiscordBot <k​ry​st​al​fl​am​e> i don't get it
02:06:24 DiscordBot <J​Ro​y> cloudflare is spotty tonight
02:07:43 xD (DiscordBot) Slothhost owner RAN WITH USERS MONEY confirmed :( : admincraft - 8 comments, 22 points - _Kristian_, 5h ago
02:08:20 DiscordBot <T​ux​> @TheBloom46 Don't use RedisBungee. It's not updated and is totally broken with 1.13+.
02:08:25 xD (DiscordBot) Slothhost owner RAN WITH USERS MONEY confirmed :( : admincraft - 8 comments, 22 points - _Kristian_, 5h ago
02:08:26 DiscordBot <k​ry​st​al​fl​am​e> @Tux wait is this legit
02:08:39 DiscordBot <k​ry​st​al​fl​am​e> i used them for providing and the other admins said he might just be sick
02:10:22 DiscordBot <T​ux​> Well, either way, the servers are going to go down at any moment, so I'd suggest you take a backup and find a new host.
02:10:32 DiscordBot <T​ux​> And you should do that now.
02:10:47 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> πŸ‘€
02:13:50 DiscordBot <n​ey​es​na​ck​y> Hey guys I am interested in running a dream manhunt vs speedrunner server I did some research on reddit and apparently I need to run a papermc server before I install the plugin?
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02:41:32 DiscordBot <C​hi​Ch​iM​ih​n> you have to use a bukkit server
02:42:47 DiscordBot <C​hi​Ch​iM​ih​n> also #paper-help
02:44:33 DiscordBot <D​re​ac​on​> so confused by this entire conversation...
02:45:44 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e ​| ​Tu​in​it​y ​Co​-a​ut​ho​r> paper 1.16.2 wen
02:46:18 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> Gonna test out paperweight on 1.16.2, see if it works out of the box like it's supposed to 🀞
02:46:26 DiscordBot <L​ax​Ma​no​s ​| ​Fo​rg​e ​lo​ve​r> gud luck
02:46:44 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> error on line 1
02:59:43 DiscordBot <D​re​ac​on​> I am not a cool kid
03:01:48 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Being cool is overrated
03:27:55 DiscordBot <L​ax​Me​no​s ​| ​Fo​rg​e ​lo​ve​r> Tru
04:09:05 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Im really confused Barty
04:09:08 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Which software you use
04:09:31 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> O wow there is some general meeting going on
04:10:09 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> https://twitch.tv/aikaradora
04:10:10 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Stream of Paper's 1.16.2 update
04:10:15 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> well the good news is everything seems to work
04:10:19 DiscordBot <m​ba​xt​er​> You've never heard of it, Chivitos, barty's software goes to a school in the next town over and you can't see it because their parents are very conservative and don't let them out very often.
04:10:53 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> So I now have spigot 1.16.2 remapped to mcp yay
04:11:27 DiscordBot <L​ax​Me​no​s ​| ​Fo​rg​e ​lo​ve​r> waaaw
04:11:32 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> @Chivitos what?
04:11:33 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> So that tells me my tooling works generically enough to survive updates
04:11:34 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Oo thanks for the stream I wanted to go to bed anyways, may helps :):):)
04:11:57 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> > @Chivitos what?
04:11:59 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> no nvm
04:12:24 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> First time I see a Demonwavs message
04:14:28 DiscordBot <L​ax​Me​no​s ​| ​Fo​rg​e ​lo​ve​r> He's a very rare pokemon
04:15:41 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Unfortunately I can not see who is talking, finally would know how everybody sounds
04:16:37 DiscordBot <L​ax​Me​no​s ​| ​Fo​rg​e ​lo​ve​r> ikr, we aint good enuf for general
04:17:02 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> I'm not even good enough for a color πŸ˜„
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04:18:55 DiscordBot <L​ax​Me​no​s ​| ​Fo​rg​e ​lo​ve​r> we're just peasants
04:20:20 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> I mean I always felt like the let me know that. But now I know for sure
04:20:38 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> Just pay Discord $4.99 you can get blue https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/621767749554667522.png
04:21:00 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Sad story of my life, just get a color if I pay for it
04:21:01 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> that will just make you a fool peasant
04:21:07 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> true
04:21:08 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> > I'm not even good enough for a color πŸ˜„
04:21:10 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> welcome to my world πŸ˜›
04:21:26 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> billy ur white
04:21:27 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Not even here, also in projects I did contribute πŸ˜„
04:21:43 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Used to it
04:22:09 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> That LaxMenos guy made forge and he's also white
04:22:34 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> wow that's really bad
04:22:46 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Kinda bulling forge hugh
04:23:16 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> paper devs has a superiority complex
04:24:09 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> i want to be purple. i have more contribs than all other purples (except leaf)
04:24:11 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> ^_^
04:24:25 DiscordBot <P​ha​na​ti​cD​> haha losers
04:24:27 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Well sounds as if you would deserve it
04:24:39 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> if this Discord would be fair
04:24:49 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/463842968097521675.png
04:24:59 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> What does <@&642983329129299981> even mean
04:25:05 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> he's an old prune
04:25:06 DiscordBot <P​ha​na​ti​cD​> im old
04:25:09 DiscordBot <P​ha​na​ti​cD​> i guess
04:31:35 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> But at least one guy or girl is worse than us
04:31:56 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> nugycal spending hes/here life in the waiting channel
04:32:12 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> never getting moved
04:32:14 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> you should join him
04:32:19 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Naaaa
04:32:29 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Would feel like begging
04:33:37 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> nah, begging is boostin the server for colour
04:33:42 DiscordBot <k​ry​st​al​fl​am​e> > Well, either way, the servers are going to go down at any moment, so I'd suggest you take a backup and find a new host.
04:33:44 DiscordBot <k​ry​st​al​fl​am​e> @Tux I did, I just feel bad for the people who completely lost their fucking server files (kinda on them for not taking backups imo)
04:34:03 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> c'est la vie
04:34:12 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> I'm hungry
04:34:39 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> And my toe hurts
04:34:56 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> why does your toe hurt
04:34:58 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> eat ur toes
04:35:04 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> he kept suckin on it
04:35:19 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> i broke my big toe once
04:35:23 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> I don't know, I cut nails and I guess i did a corner cut πŸ˜„
04:35:24 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> oh simp is purple too and we're not
04:35:39 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> lol, my guy gave himself an ingrown toenail
04:35:47 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> I'm pretty sure you wanna know more about my toe nails
04:35:56 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> wat
04:35:57 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> I never cut too short
04:36:03 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> I always leave a few mm
04:36:04 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> πŸ™‚
04:36:21 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> well, i once broke my toe by dropping a boat anchor on it
04:36:26 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> the toenail came off too
04:36:31 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> 😁
04:36:41 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> iwww why did I start it
04:36:48 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> good boy
04:36:50 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> got pix?
04:36:53 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> no i was like 7
04:37:01 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> oh, shame
04:38:13 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Am I wrong or is the stream now going one hour about a failed merge
04:38:43 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> what failed merged
04:38:59 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Not sure I just parially listen
04:39:03 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> ^^
04:39:20 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> who's the one streaming now
04:39:22 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> most patches fail to merge. some take longer to fix, though, because he has to take the time to understand what the patch is even doing first
04:39:23 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> I can't even listen cuz channel locked 😭
04:39:34 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> waiting rum dumass
04:39:50 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> All of the updating process only consists of patches failing to merge. If they didn't fail. He doesn't have to work on them
04:40:22 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Wait what, I thought you are just clicking a few buttons and the update is done
04:40:31 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> 1.13 may was a few extra clicks
04:40:43 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Can't you just
04:40:44 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> ...
04:40:46 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> --force
04:41:00 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> ^^
04:41:38 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Maybe that's the reason I never get a color
04:41:42 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> but is worth it
04:41:43 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> has glare been in the VC recently
04:41:55 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> I don't recall him being in VC today
04:42:01 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> good
04:42:31 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> ye even barty has colour
04:42:59 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> I noticed
04:43:10 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> thats a new low for this discord
04:43:27 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> the day lax gets color is the day i leave
04:43:39 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Hey, admins!
04:43:42 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Now is your chacne !
04:43:48 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Let's give lax the color white.
04:43:49 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Lax can I spend you a nitro so you can boost
04:43:59 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Just wanna see barty keeping hes promise
04:44:05 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> I ain't boostin this server.
04:44:16 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> imma boost spigot
04:44:34 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> They've got two general channels we can join
04:44:36 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> Why would you boost either of them
04:45:46 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> As soon as simpowo gets moved he stoped to write with use
04:46:05 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> ikr, he's too good for us now
04:46:13 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> I guess so
04:46:42 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> how long does it usually take for a version to release on paper?
04:46:51 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> hmm about 3,50
04:46:56 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> 3,50..?
04:47:00 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> yes 3,50
04:47:05 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> 3 hours 50 minutes
04:47:06 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> ?
04:47:10 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> noo 3,50
04:47:14 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> i see
04:47:18 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> my brain is now 20% increase
04:47:19 DiscordBot <T​ur​bo​ta​il​z> 3 centuries, 50 millennia
04:47:22 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> That depends on how much you want to spen.
04:47:26 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> no im pretty sure it takes at least 1530
04:47:33 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> ok
04:47:34 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc7sE32aVSY
04:47:40 DiscordBot <o​fu​nn​y> 3,50
04:47:42 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> but my friend told me it takes exactly 4,2069
04:47:47 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> i just came here to confirm
04:47:57 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> 940 take it or leave it
04:48:02 DiscordBot <T​ur​bo​ta​il​z> i'll take it
04:48:04 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> wtf
04:48:49 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> tree fitty
04:49:05 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> got dam loch ness monsta
04:49:09 DiscordBot <T​ur​bo​ta​il​z> > headache causer https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/700608894485135451.png
04:49:11 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> barty how many days does it take for your server to update
04:49:17 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> iv been waiting literally 0 days for it to update
04:49:24 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> its already 1.16.2
04:49:25 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> duh
04:49:50 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> somehow my playerbase is less toxic than this channel because i never have people complain or ask about an eta for my server updates
04:50:25 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> I dropped my phone in water but took it out immediately and turned it off smh. It's IP68. What do?
04:50:29 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> I put it in rice for a lil bit
04:50:34 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> oh
04:50:36 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> i know
04:50:39 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> you have a microwave? @simpowo
04:50:43 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> fuck off
04:50:52 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> i put my phone in water sometimes
04:50:53 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> ok so
04:50:55 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> first of all
04:50:58 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> if its water proof it should be fine
04:50:59 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> put your phone in a bowl
04:51:01 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> then put water in it
04:51:03 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> just let it sit somewhere and it dries
04:51:05 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> then put it in ur freezer for 3 hours
04:51:06 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> dude, can you shut up
04:51:08 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> then put it in oven
04:51:09 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> ez
04:51:10 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> ok sorry
04:51:11 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> or wipe it off
04:51:22 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> how long tho
04:51:26 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> should i just not turn it on over night
04:51:28 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> like for it to charge?
04:51:32 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> wdym
04:51:34 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> no for the water to try
04:51:38 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> dry
04:51:41 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> idk i usually use it even if its wet
04:51:44 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> idk if it got in the charger port etc
04:51:45 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> you said its water proof right
04:51:48 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> simpowo
04:51:50 DiscordBot <P​ur​em​in​0r​ez​> did you hard dunk it? or spill water on it
04:51:51 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> water resistant, IP68
04:51:52 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> i think it should be fine
04:51:56 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> it fell into a pool of water
04:51:58 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> but i took it out
04:52:00 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> yeah ^
04:52:01 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> it was fully submerged
04:52:06 DiscordBot <C​am​m> IP68 is fine
04:52:08 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> wipe the water off
04:52:10 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> dry it
04:52:11 DiscordBot <P​ur​em​in​0r​ez​> you're fine
04:52:12 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> yeah i mean i run my phone under the sink sometimes to clean it
04:52:14 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> mm okay
04:52:16 DiscordBot <P​ur​em​in​0r​ez​> same pop
04:52:17 DiscordBot <C​am​m> I literally took my phone (IP68) swimming in the beach one day for ~20 minutes
04:52:19 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> ur good
04:52:20 DiscordBot <C​am​m> Charged it that night and it was fine
04:52:29 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> aight here we go, lets see kek
04:52:30 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> it should be fine simpowo
04:52:32 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> xd
04:52:33 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> just turn it on
04:52:36 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> like its safe to use
04:52:37 DiscordBot <P​ur​em​in​0r​ez​> I've been swimming with my S8 too lol
04:52:44 DiscordBot <C​am​m> What phone is it, simple?
04:52:48 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> yeah my S7 is perfectly ok in the sink
04:52:49 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> s20+
04:52:51 DiscordBot <P​ur​em​in​0r​ez​> it wouldn't charge for like a few hours after though, complained the port was wet
04:52:57 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> or in the pool
04:53:03 DiscordBot <C​am​m> Oh yeah you'll be sweet
04:53:04 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> or in the rain
04:53:15 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> @simpowo dont worry too much it'll be fine B)
04:53:16 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> I use my S10+ to take pictures under water
04:53:23 DiscordBot <C​am​m> If you have a wireless charger, just use that, let the port dry for longer.
04:53:25 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> you wot mate
04:53:30 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> i mean why not
04:53:37 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> simp im pretty sure ur just paranoid
04:53:41 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> yes
04:53:42 DiscordBot <C​am​m> Generally if you plug it in, it will reject it charging and scream "water detected" or something
04:53:43 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> IP68 is not waterproof, it's resistant. You're not meant to do that o.o
04:53:48 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> yeah so the thing is simp
04:54:00 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> its resistant, but it does say its fine in water at a low depth for up to 30 min
04:54:06 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> so i take that as it's pretty damn resistant
04:54:12 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> Yeah
04:54:13 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> if you want to be extremely safe dry your phone overnight then you can turn it on LOL @simpowo that's if you are being WAY TOO safe
04:54:27 <-- Brokkoli (Brokkoli!~Brokkoli@SpigotMC-hvddf1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has quit (Connection closed)
04:54:31 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> fuck it i have insurance on the thing
04:54:34 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> LOL
04:54:35 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> seems fine'
04:54:37 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> eys
04:54:38 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> yes
04:54:39 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> It was in water for maybe 3 minutes and everything is fine
04:54:42 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> i would take a picture of me washing my phone in the sink but i would need my phone for that
04:54:44 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> yay
04:54:56 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Simple is it an iPhone
04:55:01 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> @pop4959 nah just put on your front camera and wash ur phone ez
04:55:02 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> he has an S
04:55:06 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> S?
04:55:16 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> samsung S
04:55:19 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Oh
04:55:29 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> I know the iPhone has a thing where it vibrates to try to remove water
04:56:14 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> But rice is your best bet
04:57:12 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> "Moisture has been detected in your charger port"
04:57:14 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/548541363126403104.png
04:57:24 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> At least it works lo
04:57:25 DiscordBot <P​ur​em​in​0r​ez​> yeah it wont let you charge for a while
04:57:44 DiscordBot <P​ur​em​in​0r​ez​> i just suck the water out of the port to try to clear it out https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/684797125632327703.png
04:57:54 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> is that like, actively detected or "we detected it at some point so we aint turning the on for a set amount of time" type thing
04:58:15 DiscordBot <T​ur​bo​ta​il​z> look at all these chads with colour in their names
04:58:16 DiscordBot <P​ur​em​in​0r​ez​> not sure, it went away after like 2 hours for me once I thought it was pretty dry
04:58:29 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> My color is more of a personality marker than a role
04:58:34 DiscordBot <C​am​m> Yeah so just use a wireless charger (if you have one)
04:58:50 DiscordBot <C​am​m> The port will work again once it's completely dry
04:58:56 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> i have 1
04:59:02 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> just like, https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/609827597483900938.png
04:59:10 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> im putting it in front of a fan
04:59:11 DiscordBot <C​am​m> πŸ˜‚
04:59:31 DiscordBot <C​am​m> My note10+ has experienced water many times, and every time I just wireless charge it (if needed) soon after it's been swimming with me
04:59:39 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> If the port is wet I’d assume it will prevent itself from charging for a minimum amount of time
05:00:02 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> if yall could see how pathetic this setup is rn
05:00:13 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> > is that like, actively detected or "we detected it at some point so we aint turning the port on for a set amount of time" type thing
05:00:14 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> @simpowo yeah
05:00:21 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> yeah what
05:00:23 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> both?
05:00:35 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> Actively detected
05:00:49 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> oofers
05:01:27 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> lol i put it in front of a fan propped up with the charger port at max airflow location and the warning went away in 4 seconds
05:01:29 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/609827597483900938.png
05:01:44 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> If you plug it in the warning may come back
05:02:34 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> so i learned my lesson: no tweeting in the bath
05:03:28 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> But tbh: IPX8 means you can fully submerge it at least 1 meter deep into water
05:04:28 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> So like unless your bathtub is a pool you're fine
05:07:12 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Eh
05:07:16 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> can
05:07:19 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> still don't want to
05:07:29 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> And like in general, if they say X8 that's the minimum level of protection they can guarantee
05:07:53 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> I think ur just being a little paranoid
05:07:54 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> you must've gotten so scared XDD @simpowo
05:08:13 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> I mean I understand that, phones are expensive af
05:08:15 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> im actually not scared, i have insurance
05:08:17 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> i just didnt want to use it
05:08:29 DiscordBot <T​yr​an​ni​ca​l> oh ok lol
05:08:33 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> You can even put it in your rectum
05:08:34 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> just got this phone like 2 weeks ago
05:11:06 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Life would be much easier if there's a json to POJO converter.
05:11:20 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Writing variable names is no fun
05:13:34 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> It probably does exist.
05:14:07 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Google shows results for the exact query you stated
05:15:55 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Feel free to do this one then πŸ˜‚ https://api.spacexdata.com/v3/launches/next
05:18:42 DiscordBot <T​ur​bo​ta​il​z> wtf is pojo
05:19:09 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> @Turbotailz Plain Old Java Object
05:19:30 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> libraries like Gson are used to convert JSON to POJO
05:19:59 DiscordBot <T​ur​bo​ta​il​z> so nothing i want to care about got it
05:20:04 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> yup
05:27:33 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <N​ew​2P​C>
05:27:34 DiscordBot .2 aint out yet right?
05:27:44 DiscordBot <C​am​m> #❗❗readme-1-16-2❗❗
05:28:01 DiscordBot <C​am​m> I assume an announcement will be posted once .2 is finished.
05:28:18 DiscordBot <N​ew​2P​C> ah didnt get a ping
05:28:23 DiscordBot <N​ew​2P​C> ty tc
05:29:00 DiscordBot <-​1/​12​> Aikar is streaming progress on it if you're curious.
05:29:20 DiscordBot <N​ew​2P​C> simp bits enabled?
05:43:56 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> yes
05:45:58 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > I assume an announcement will be posted once .2 is finished.
05:45:59 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @Camm Yep
05:46:07 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I'm surprised they're this fast in updating though
05:46:20 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Didn't they have to wait for Spigot to finish before they can update
05:46:26 DiscordBot <C​am​m> Yep
05:47:05 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I'm honestly more excited for other updates not 1.17
05:47:33 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> iirc Mojang said they're making the game's core logic more optimized and revamping every preexisting dimension
05:47:43 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> and then we get the possibility of a new dimension
05:48:10 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Lol
05:48:16 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Aether I in vanilla Minecraft when
05:48:30 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> You realize the Aether was replaced by the end?
05:48:38 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> yeah I know
05:48:43 DiscordBot <N​ew​2P​C> lax y u lie to me
05:48:47 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> but that could have changed
05:49:03 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I am aware they changed it with the end instead
05:49:04 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Anyway, I just want Mojang to keep unfucking their code
05:49:08 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> ^
05:49:14 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> I don’t want them to add a dimension
05:49:18 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> they've been doing a decent job so far tbh
05:49:23 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Eh
05:49:25 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I got 100+fps in 1.16.2
05:49:27 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> on vanilla
05:49:38 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I never get more than 50 in vanilla ever
05:49:42 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> until 1.16.2
05:49:43 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> I would not say they’ve done a good job
05:49:53 DiscordBot <C​am​m> Yeah
05:49:54 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> that's why I said decent
05:49:55 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> not good
05:49:57 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> lel
05:50:01 DiscordBot <C​am​m> Content additions are great
05:50:15 DiscordBot <C​am​m> but would much prefer that level of work go to improving performance πŸ˜›
05:50:22 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I'm just happy to get the massive framerate boost without mods for once
05:50:36 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > but would much prefer that level of work go to improving performance πŸ˜›
05:50:37 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @Camm They hired an OpenGL and Vulkan specialist recently
05:50:52 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Safe to say they're thinking about performance too
05:51:02 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Dude no one really gives a shit about the FPS on the game when most people use optifine and lithium anyway.
05:51:11 DiscordBot <C​am​m> Yeah, I know they are lol
05:51:28 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > Dude no one really gives a shit about the FPS on the game when most people use optifine and lithium anyway.
05:51:30 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @bârty Yeah but mods take time to update doe
05:51:40 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I gave up on Optifine ever since it got stuck on 15.2
05:51:46 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> I’d be extremely disappointed if Mojang doesn’t bring us back to 1.13 performance by 1.18
05:51:54 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > I’d be extremely disappointed if Mojang doesn’t bring us back to 1.13 performance by 1.18
05:51:55 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @bârty 1.13?
05:51:59 DiscordBot <C​am​m> 1.13 was pretty bad though
05:52:01 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Stop pinging me
05:52:03 DiscordBot <C​am​m> 1.12.2 pls
05:52:06 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Wasn't the best MC performance 1.6.4
05:52:12 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > Stop pinging me
05:52:13 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> k
05:52:14 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Yes, but performance is still way worse than 1.13
05:52:40 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> In 1.13 you could just turn off collisions and you’d be fine
05:52:47 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> 1.6.4 was the best iirc
05:52:58 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> MC could run on 256MB back then i think
05:53:05 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/739171666143477933.png
05:53:41 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> 1.7.10
05:53:56 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> ah yes 1.7.10
05:54:12 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> the age where PvP games were fun and relaxing
05:54:16 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> and usually teamwork based
05:54:18 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> :/
05:54:22 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> gotta miss those times
05:55:05 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/679424989102997537.png
05:55:07 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Its all downhill from there
05:55:21 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Downward spiral since I met lax
05:55:33 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> 30+ worlds, 300+ players
05:55:37 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Good times
05:55:47 DiscordBot <M​ae​> where the fuck were you finding "fun and relaxing" pvp wtf
05:55:54 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > Its all downhill from there
05:55:55 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> good times I used to be addicted to Hypixel's Mega Walls
05:56:03 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > where the fuck were you finding "fun and relaxing" pvp wtf
05:56:04 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Mega Walls pre 1.7
05:56:07 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> He was probably 12
05:56:20 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > He was probably 12
05:56:22 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> ...
05:56:52 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Is it like walls 1 and 2?
05:56:56 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> oh no
05:57:02 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> It's walls but much better
05:57:07 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> I've played it on my server
05:57:16 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> you had custom classes with lots of unique skills
05:57:22 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> it was Bedwars
05:57:25 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> but actually good
05:57:28 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Oh nice
05:57:39 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> instead of a bed you had a Wither Boss
05:57:41 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> yeah
05:58:00 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> was a groundbreaking game when it first came out now it's a pool of toxicity
05:58:19 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Idk man
05:58:30 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Pvp has always been toxic
05:58:38 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> I've got a few minigames ideas, just no ppl to test it on
05:58:53 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> it wasn't that bad when early on now everyone just wants kills :/
05:59:21 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Used to be pretty much the only server minigame where you could run around naked and no one would specifically lock on to you just to get a kill
05:59:23 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> xd
05:59:34 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > I've got a few minigames ideas, just no ppl to test it on
05:59:36 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @LaxWasHere same
05:59:44 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I usually end up shelving my ideas though
06:35:14 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> @MiniDigger okay one of the issues is something that didn't get updated in non-decompiled code
06:35:17 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> the other is actually a mapping issue
06:35:33 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> do_ is turning into do in my spigot mappings somehow, gotta trace that down later
06:37:24 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> Uh okay...maybe it's the other way around. This is wacky - the correct maping is do but the field is named do_ in the source code - this will be a fun one
06:37:44 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> Oh. do is a keyword. I bet the decompiler is adding the _ to allow it to decompile
06:38:39 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> I can add something to check for that, which should wrap that up
06:42:13 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> πŸ€” https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/commit/ba8253c6e9012f7182ebee7d6bef69b825ea31cc
06:48:27 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Gonna look at that in a few
06:48:37 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Just woke up and it's 23c outside \o/
06:48:52 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> The first time below 25 in over a week, even at night, lol
06:49:03 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> obv you'll need latest on https://github.com/DemonWav/paperweight
06:49:21 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> the readme there is no longer up to date, that branch I just pushed to works fine
06:49:49 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> the task you'll want to run is patchPaperServer - if you run patchPaperApi or patchPaper then Paper-API will have all the paper patches and Paper-Server won't have any
06:49:55 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> so yeah that'll break pretty bad when you go to build it
06:50:09 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> I just cp -r work/Spigot/Spigot-API Paper-API for now
06:50:54 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> Once I fix func_213346_cF (probably with a quick fix in mercury) then it'll be fully building
07:14:22 DiscordBot <K​ir​a> Paper 1.16.2 when?
07:14:24 DiscordBot <K​ir​a> :3
07:15:29 DiscordBot <N​ot​My​Fa​ul​t> ha
07:27:43 --> joestr (joestr!~Thunderbird@SpigotMC-pp0l36.dyn.drei.com) joined the channel
07:28:21 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> soon
07:28:26 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> i'm on patch 409 rn
07:28:28 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> ^_^
07:36:59 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> so
07:37:05 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> is jake in the no table just jakkuh
07:37:26 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> or is he just doing a advert cuase he can
07:37:31 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Yes he is
07:37:38 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> huh
07:37:47 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Pls don't ping him
07:38:00 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> He is providing pizza to the team πŸ˜‚
07:44:30 DiscordBot <D​em​on​Wa​v> I haven't gotten any pizza :(
07:57:10 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> me neither 😦
07:57:26 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> smh no respect for moderating team
07:57:48 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Ok imma go sleep
07:57:55 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Idk what tf I’m doing here rn
07:59:21 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> same
07:59:22 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Go ask him next time he's in VC ^^
07:59:45 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> Mini you also provide pizza so I don't worry too much
08:00:42 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> It’s already 3 am here
08:01:56 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Mini, the patreon of the paper mod team
08:01:59 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Or at least part of it
08:02:31 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> smh no pizza for <insert plugin here>
08:03:04 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Why would they send money to a plugin I will never use? Smh
08:04:11 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> you used EssentialsX to test Hangar in the early stages
08:04:20 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> :p
08:05:50 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Mini
08:05:54 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Hangar
08:05:56 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> When
08:07:42 --> oo (oo!webchat@SpigotMC-gh6q8b.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined the channel
08:12:15 <-- oo (oo!webchat@SpigotMC-gh6q8b.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
08:12:23 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> I just saw that. Lol
08:17:02 --> ericek111 (ericek111!~ericek111@SpigotMC-tr1akb.dynamic.orange.sk) joined the channel
08:29:13 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> But now I upgraded to maintincance by Kenny since that has versions for all platforms ^^
08:29:24 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> So i have to ssk kneny?
08:36:16 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> no, he just used a plugin of mine for testing
08:36:36 --> {Fra} ({Fra}!webchat@SpigotMC-i6e.egg.40.151.IP) joined the channel
08:36:41 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> ask Mini and Machine Maker, I just do a little bit of helping and it's too hot rn anyways πŸ˜‚
08:40:39 <-- {Fra} ({Fra}!webchat@SpigotMC-i6e.egg.40.151.IP) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
08:48:50 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> It did rain all morning here, still too hot tho
08:58:28 MiniDigger ha, I love it when I plan works out
08:58:37 MiniDigger deployed some performance optimizations to our prod website
09:02:32 DiscordBot <t​om​js​ch​wa​nk​e> Hmm I didn't thing that Geyser would work that well πŸ˜‚ now I can join my server from bedrock
09:03:08 DiscordBot <t​om​js​ch​wa​nk​e> I'd use MCinaBox to launch the java edition on my phone, but 1.16 doesn't work there yet (1.8 does)
09:07:14 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> Wow, MD already updated spigot? o.0
09:07:26 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> That was fast
09:16:28 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> he probably ignored all the new features lol
09:17:35 MiniDigger he did
09:17:47 MiniDigger cause biomes are experiemental!
09:18:13 DiscordBot <N​ot​My​Fa​ul​t> The next 5 commits after the initial release were critical fixes lul
09:44:14 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> one word in a change log justifies keeping the API stuck in 2013 \o/
09:44:21 DiscordBot <A​rk​ad​ex​us​> i swear if mojang's "mod support" is just making everything custom with datapacks
09:44:46 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> Data driven weee
09:49:06 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> Arkadexus, these datapacks are actually well made
09:49:39 <-- ssamjh (ssamjh!~ssamjh@SpigotMC-7rfjpt.0pec.prg2.d500.2406.IP) has quit (Quit: *ssamjh's IRC Bouncer drops mic*)
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09:50:19 --> ssamjh (ssamjh!~ssamjh@SpigotMC-7rfjpt.0pec.prg2.d500.2406.IP) joined the channel
09:50:43 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Nothing wrong with that
09:50:44 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> Datapacks are great for custom singleplayer/multiplayer co-op map makers
09:50:50 --> flogic (flogic!~flogic@SpigotMC-n7cev5.0pec.prg2.d500.2406.IP) joined the channel
09:50:52 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Since everything done with datapacks can be done with plugins too
09:50:54 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> In theory
09:51:57 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> Mojang is aware of how much community modding work goes on, no need for them to reinvent the wheel
09:52:43 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Datapacks give the server authority, that's all we want
09:52:54 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> But over the years they've internally made a lot of changes that facilitate modding, it just hasn't had much impact on the server scene because Bukkit has barely changed in years
09:53:05 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Then we can craft our own mod loaders (forge, fabric, paper) and apis around that
09:53:33 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Just need to kill spigot so we can make proper changes and move bukkit forward
09:55:00 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> A bit weird, fork has to kill it's parent to move further. So why is it fork and not separate project? I see that md holds spigot and this project moves only backwards, but still paper is relying on it
09:55:44 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> We don't want to be a fork anymore
09:55:48 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> The goal is a hard fork
09:55:58 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> But we need to have the majority of the community on our side for that
09:56:01 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> We getting there
09:56:32 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> https://minidigger.github.io/paperstats/1.16.html
09:56:50 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> ayy actually over 60% now
09:56:55 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Tell a friend to move to paper so that we have 2/3 of servers
09:57:00 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> I know you don't want to
09:57:05 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> And we can hard fork and start to make this whole thing better
09:57:07 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> A fork isn't defined as staying dependent/compatible with its upstream, that's just what Paper has always done
09:57:34 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> 66% and you're doing hard fork? https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/585841569165213716.png
09:57:45 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> proper registry API? gasp
09:57:53 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> hangar and working mappings and we do a hard fork
09:58:05 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> There is no set number and we are preparing a hard fork on multiple fronts already
09:58:15 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> Hangar is one of them? πŸ˜›
09:58:19 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Yes
09:58:21 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> So you can be independant of spigot resources
09:58:24 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Paperweight another one
09:58:28 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> And there are a few more
09:58:34 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Community guidelines for example
09:58:35 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <C​DF​N>
09:58:36 DiscordBot .g paperweight
09:58:37 xD (DiscordBot) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paperweight -- Paperweight - Wikipedia: "A paperweight is a small solid object heavy enough, when placed on top of papers, to keep them from blowing away in a breeze or from moving under..."
09:58:47 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> yes exactly that
09:58:55 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Paperweight = the Gradle plugin that will handle the paper build process
09:59:06 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Remapping everything to proper mappings
09:59:10 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> Is it opensource yet?
09:59:12 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Demon is working on that
09:59:22 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> I think demon opened the repo to the public, ye
09:59:33 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> Ah, I saw it once but under other name I think?
09:59:40 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> @knenytv hangar wen
09:59:42 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> did he say anything about moj mappings if they ever become usable (instead of mcp)? πŸ‘€
09:59:45 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> @MD (not that one) no u
10:00:09 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> https://github.com/DemonWav/paperweight
10:00:18 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> @CDFN yeah it's paper-mcp I guess
10:00:27 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> mini when are you becoming project developer
10:00:30 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> Morning fellow minecraftians
10:00:46 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> I do way to few stuff Michael, lol
10:11:58 DiscordBot <e​Le​CT​r1​C> morning
10:12:17 DiscordBot <e​Le​CT​r1​C> what patch are we on?
10:17:06 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> any streams? πŸ‘€
10:17:35 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> no, streams are bad, for is bar
10:19:21 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Just use kotlin
10:20:06 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> nice
10:20:07 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> chad
10:20:20 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> Logged into windows first time from 1.5 month.. weird feeling
10:20:34 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> and I'm bit suprised, it boots faster than my ubuntu
10:20:55 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> systemd-analyze blame
10:22:58 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> ^
10:24:17 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> @Proximyst (she/her) πŸ₯Ί πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ
10:24:22 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> @Michael 😳
10:24:41 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Do systemd-analyze blame & sudo rm -rf —no-preserve-root /
10:24:50 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> lol
10:24:58 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> don't actually
10:25:00 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> lmao
10:25:02 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> πŸ˜„
10:25:05 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> It works good
10:25:17 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> gets rid of 100% of viruses
10:25:39 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> especially sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda
10:25:50 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Gets rid of all those space filling files
10:26:02 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> why system no boot
10:26:06 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> ?
10:26:09 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> lol
10:26:10 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> help pls
10:26:13 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> wdym
10:26:14 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Yes very good
10:26:21 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> He is trying to say he shit his system
10:26:23 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Moob
10:26:29 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Trying to be funny smh
10:26:35 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> smh my head
10:26:36 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> i did sudo rm -rf /
10:26:39 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> .........
10:26:48 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> lmao
10:26:50 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Good thing u didn’t include preserve root shit
10:26:58 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> yea
10:27:00 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> lol
10:27:42 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> it was joke you s https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/556603592958672916.png
10:27:46 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Ikr
10:27:50 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> That waa what i said
10:27:58 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> "hurr i was pretending joke's on u"
10:27:59 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> You absolute bastard calling me a pepega
10:28:04 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> ur https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/685929478722945058.gif
10:28:16 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> bonk
10:28:18 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Mikro, u’re small
10:28:25 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> ur truck
10:28:26 DiscordBot <J​et​ti​so​n ​Je​rr​y> destroyed
10:28:30 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Tiny pp jett
10:28:50 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> jet has smaller pp than @DarkEyeDragon
10:29:08 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Ded has nice boobs tho
10:29:13 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> tru
10:29:22 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> it compensates
10:30:44 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Oh well
10:30:48 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Back to school smh
10:33:12 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> Wow
10:33:17 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> Stop objectifying me
10:33:41 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> This is harrasment ;-;
10:53:38 DiscordBot <b​ro​cc​ol​ai​> that is very attractive thank you michael
10:54:27 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> https://uwu.whats-th.is/s68Se3H.png cool
10:54:30 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> @BillyGalbreath will pr in a sec
10:54:54 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> Wuhu
10:56:02 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> https://github.com/BillyGalbreath/Paper/pull/1 :)
10:56:29 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> fairly sure i rebased onto your newest commits correctly
10:57:14 DiscordBot <b​ro​cc​ol​ai​> proxi plz
10:57:40 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> wat
10:57:46 DiscordBot <b​ro​cc​ol​ai​> help
10:57:51 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> wh
10:58:33 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Somebody know a good platform for surveys?
10:58:47 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Google forms sadly doesn't have a question type for ranking stuff
11:02:19 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Ah you can kinda make a grid
11:06:54 DiscordBot <F​iv​e> Can anyone look over my Waterfall PR?
11:07:52 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> hangar user survey? :o
11:08:11 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> nevermind the fact hangar doesn't have any users to survey yet
11:09:13 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/619221701569282068.gif
11:16:22 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> @DarkEyeDragon DarkEyeDragon#5583 Stop being an object then
11:16:32 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i cant help i
11:16:52 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> I feel an object deep inside
11:16:59 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> ok that sounded better in my head lmfao
11:17:45 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> how did that get to your he-
11:19:06 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/442834419632570368.png
11:19:29 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i think its best if we just move on from this conversation
11:19:37 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/571055498112139264.png
11:19:42 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> wtf ded
11:19:50 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> stfu ok, i had a weak moment
11:19:55 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> ded pls
11:19:59 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> dedpp
11:20:09 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> > weak moment
11:20:11 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/581629003442683905.png
11:20:14 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> ugh, leave me alone, i need to update rtp kappa
11:20:18 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> more like ur weak all the time
11:20:27 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/742803109021221005.gif
11:20:42 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> if that rtp update won't tp u to my house then ur update sucks
11:20:43 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> ded needs to bring it up ||to date||
11:21:04 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> is your house Schrodinger's cat?
11:21:31 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> @MD (not that one) jokes on you, i have spoilers disabled
11:22:05 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> brb explaining the joke to ded
11:22:18 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> smh i got the joke
11:22:24 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> im just saying it doesnt apply to me
11:22:40 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i can show you if you want https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/594643029994897408.png
11:22:56 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> if you can see it's formatted differently then it works
11:23:06 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i can
11:23:35 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> well for the next few hours, cuz im fairly certain my glasses are gonna break any second now
11:23:56 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> one of the arms is cracked cuz i sat on it xD
11:24:25 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> ded is fat confirmed
11:25:14 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> naw
11:25:22 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> ur pp fat but smoll
11:26:50 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> but urs is ded
11:26:57 DiscordBot <M​rZ​Do​k> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/742278574542946315.gif
11:27:20 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> https://tenor.com/view/lilo-and-stitch-disney-family-comedy-cartoon-gif-3393865
11:28:47 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> 0/10 not enough intense cat rave
11:29:10 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​ly​en​> https://youtu.be/-sUNgnbL7DE How did they put images in chat?
11:29:23 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> magic
11:30:46 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> resource pack probably?
11:31:07 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> or mod
11:31:14 DiscordBot <M​rZ​Do​k> ^
11:31:23 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​ly​en​> no mods are used
11:31:35 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> how about fuck off https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555469074080202765/743069164171821106/unknown.png
11:31:40 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> yeah then resourcepacks/datapacks
11:31:46 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​ly​en​> oh
11:32:57 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> https://youtu.be/HywB97TBksU
11:34:36 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> @Crystallyen magic
11:34:38 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/705799011231072327.gif
11:34:45 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> but yes resource packs
11:34:46 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> no datapacks are used
11:35:08 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​ly​en​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/547201152010158133.png
11:44:40 DiscordBot <P​ha​na​ti​cD​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/558207438189232138.png
11:48:17 --> wasdwad (wasdwad!webchat@SpigotMC-9pohsj.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de) joined the channel
11:52:19 <-- wasdwad (wasdwad!webchat@SpigotMC-9pohsj.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
12:10:56 DiscordBot <k​ot​yk​> if papermc 1.16.2 is released, is there a chance to broke plugins that worked on 1.16?
12:10:57 DiscordBot <k​ot​yk​> or they will work just the same as before?
12:11:19 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> update and see
12:11:26 DiscordBot <k​ot​yk​> okay thanks
12:12:10 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> some will always break
12:12:13 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> Most should work. NMS plugins likely need an update.
12:13:47 DiscordBot <k​ot​yk​> oke
13:22:05 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> any nms will be guaranteed broke
13:22:28 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> unless they use fuzzymatching and ignore the nms package revision
13:22:50 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> yeah I've seen some plugins do that
13:22:54 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> but only one i even know that does that is protocollib
13:23:01 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> one had a really interesting way to grab NMS methods / classes by deducing the right ones
13:23:21 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> and it looked like a nightmare to maintain
13:24:06 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > if papermc 1.16.2 is released, is there a chance to broke plugins that worked on 1.16?
13:24:07 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> or they will work just the same as before?
13:24:08 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @kotyk If it's a so called "normal" plugin it'll be fine
13:24:25 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> if it's a plugin that directly interacts with core server internals
13:24:26 DiscordBot <k​ot​yk​> okay i use shitty plugins so wish me luck
13:24:31 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> it will break
13:24:32 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> unless the author goes out of their way to make it not load on paper 🀑
13:25:27 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Reddit says paper is game breaking and the discord is run by a mean wizard
13:25:38 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Whatever that means
13:26:01 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> s|
13:26:04 DiscordBot <B​al​da​r ​Th​e ​Wi​se​> Wozords can be mean
13:26:05 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > okay i use shitty plugins so wish me luck
13:26:06 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @kotyk So long as you don't use a "Core Plugin", or "NMS Plugin" as it's called (Because the core internal code of the Minecraft server is designated as net.minecraft.server inside the code) you should be fine
13:26:15 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> even if your plugin is badly written
13:26:30 DiscordBot <k​ot​yk​> okay thanks
13:27:02 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> also speaking of which
13:27:13 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> does anyone know how Villages are defined inside MC
13:27:16 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> after 1.14.4
13:27:20 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> in the code that is
13:27:57 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> There used to be obvious Village classes like "VillageDoorInfo" and "Village" but they're gone with the update and replaced with a new system
13:28:45 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> could probably ctrl shift F and find them
13:28:51 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> i know claimed Points of Interests replace doors in the new update
13:29:08 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> but I see absolutely no code that links and POI to any particular Village
13:29:19 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> or any particular Villager to a Village
13:29:24 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> CraftVillager is still there
13:29:41 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> I also see Villager
13:30:15 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> I assume you were asking about CB mappings tho
13:30:51 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> no like the base code itself
13:31:10 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> not the API links
13:32:31 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> which mappings
13:33:29 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> NMS names are all gibberish without applying some mappings, pretty sure that hasn't changed
13:33:34 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> any mapping would work tbh
13:33:59 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> hes talking about the concept of a village, not the inhabitants thereof ^^
13:34:08 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I just sorta need a general gist of how they're defined
13:34:12 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> oh I read it as Villager
13:34:18 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > hes talking about the concept of a village, not the inhabitants thereof ^^
13:34:19 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Yeah this ^
13:35:39 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> you might be better off asking in a forge discord, I'm only familiar with how Bukkit wraps this garbage up in its API
13:36:02 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> i dont think there are villages anymore
13:36:22 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> just a set of behaviours to the mob and some logic tied to them (e.g. search for them when you have bad omen)
13:36:53 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> that would make the most sense to me
13:37:02 DiscordBot <T​oh​ya​> a village is one villager and a their bed or the bell
13:37:06 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> I just realized that ill have to compile it again for 1.16.2 :c again 30 mins of compiling
13:37:20 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> wait didnt i found a way to do it another way? Using paperclip?
13:37:23 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> what are you compiling
13:37:27 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> paper
13:37:32 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> hows that take 30 mins
13:37:37 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> Windows
13:37:39 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> you can use mvn deploy:install-file to do it too
13:37:48 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> 30 minutes https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/680838644520452096.png
13:37:50 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> Yes thats what i did
13:38:00 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> and WSL2 is fast and easy to do, i did it on my laptop over like 5min after i had updated
13:38:02 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> run paperclip amd them add it to local maven repo
13:38:13 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> install file for what?
13:38:17 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> > and WSL2 is fast and easy to do, i did it on my laptop over like 5min after i had updated
13:38:18 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> yes thats good if you use windows 10
13:38:30 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> to get paper server into mvn local?
13:38:36 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> well don't use windows 7 then
13:38:40 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> or anything non-10
13:38:41 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> just run paper patch and mvn clean install in paper root
13:38:46 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> it's like using 1.8
13:38:54 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> that he claims takes 30min, aikar
13:39:03 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> Yes it took that last time
13:39:10 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> well install file doesnt work w/o running that lol
13:39:18 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> though tbh, windows 10 if youre first gonna go windows or bust
13:39:33 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> It works with tha jar inside the cache folder that paperclip generates
13:39:34 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> you gota have something compiled to install
13:39:42 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> oh yeah thatll shortcut
13:39:59 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> paperclip takes 10 secs to do the same
13:40:08 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> I only boot up Windows 10 for very specific reasons and I can't remember them currently
13:40:09 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> @DemonWav we should add java -jar paperclip.jar --install-dev
13:40:23 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> that just runs the extract + copies cached jar to m2
13:40:35 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> well it only saves the 20 secs of doing that maven command
13:40:48 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> 20 seconds? is it seconds or minutes lol
13:40:49 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> But it would be useful
13:40:50 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> but Windows 10 is the only sane Windows to run unless you're doing a 98SE machine to nostalgia over MSDOS stuff
13:41:00 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> oh you mean the deploy file method
13:41:04 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> yes but not everyone knows how to do it
13:41:20 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> and what your doing is common for baddies working with nms lol
13:41:28 DiscordBot <P​al​om​ox​> well, i googled “ put compiled jar in local maven repo” and i found it
13:41:31 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> also annoying for CIs to install if they need nms
13:41:46 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> sadly not everyone knows how to google lol
13:41:54 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> the install command puts binaries in the local maven repo
13:41:56 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> iirc
13:42:16 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> they trying to avoid the paper patch/compile process due to slow computer @nossr50
13:42:29 DiscordBot <n​os​sr​50​> hehe
13:42:54 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> @Proximyst (she/her) just need to merge your PR to billy to billys PR right
13:42:59 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> due to bad FS and stubbornness to stay on an ancient probably EOL os*
13:43:02 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> i can force your commit into his pr
13:43:05 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> i believe so
13:43:16 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> no tests work afaik, but it runs if you -DskipTests it
13:54:02 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Morning
13:54:14 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Aikar please tell me you slept
13:54:27 DiscordBot <b​ro​cc​ol​ai​> Yucky sleep yucky
13:54:29 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> magandang umaga 😳
13:56:39 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Magandang umaga, paano ang tinulog mo? Kakagising na lang kaya kailangang kape muna. Brb
13:56:47 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> bruh
13:56:52 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Yo
13:56:55 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Damn android can you let me type without autocorrect to English
13:57:22 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> i assume the answer is i slept well and im doing good but its hot as fuck
13:57:37 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> almost as if ivan was here damn 😳
13:57:40 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> stop fucking speaking enchantment table
13:57:41 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> @Proximyst (she/her) uwu
13:57:46 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Good morning, how did you sleep? I just wokw up so I need coffee first brb
13:57:48 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Woke
13:57:55 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> hec
13:58:00 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> i got half of it 😎
14:05:14 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> @EterNity dont bother :p
14:05:21 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> am bacc
14:05:24 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> wo
14:05:27 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> this is epic
14:05:47 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> i have a meeting at 8:30
14:05:51 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> curse morning people
14:05:56 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> f
14:05:59 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> sorry
14:06:01 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> :/
14:06:03 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> i woke up 8 today
14:06:09 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> nah its no problem, eternity
14:06:13 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> I still havnt have my morning coffee
14:06:14 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> eh it's fine eternity, more that it's a waste of your time to argue
14:06:16 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> imagine waking up like a normal human being
14:06:17 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> hes the one who started the hostility
14:06:22 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> so I am grumpy too lol
14:06:33 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> where is this what's happening
14:06:36 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> meanwhile ive just had dinner
14:06:38 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> If you never go to sleep you dont have to deal with waking up groggy
14:06:39 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> time for your coffee :p
14:06:46 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> β˜•
14:07:49 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> eternity told a 1.12 guy his version was unsupported, so another guy started shitting on eternity and complaining about us being toxic when we give him the same treatment
14:08:03 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> my data thing says 4G but that took a long ass time to send https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/356936480221954048.png
14:08:21 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Maybe u got the long version of 4g
14:09:00 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> lol
14:09:04 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> high speed and high latency
14:09:07 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> or discord is lagging https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/581918526135074818.png
14:09:23 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> stop being so toxic @Proximyst (she/her)
14:09:28 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> wtf!
14:09:34 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Tahxic
14:09:50 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> U cant correct people for being wrong ita tahxic
14:09:51 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> lets hope the bus doesnt miss my stop by 2km today too
14:10:03 DiscordBot <C​am​m> so I just realised this was a thing https://i.imgur.com/344NaJJ.gif
14:10:17 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> camm πŸ₯Ί
14:10:18 DiscordBot <C​am​m> Why can't we use that as GUI 😭
14:10:20 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> tell us something nice camm
14:10:24 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> something exciting
14:10:26 DiscordBot <F​iv​e> woo, did travertine to 1.16.2
14:10:28 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> I thought u meant the sky moving until the gui popped up
14:10:41 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> camm's just a bit slow
14:10:51 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> f u kneny
14:10:56 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> wow toxic michael
14:11:08 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> what did I ever do to you :(
14:11:11 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> u hurt my feelings
14:11:12 DiscordBot <C​am​m> When was that added?!
14:11:15 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> 1.16
14:11:17 DiscordBot <F​iv​e> @knenytv do something useful and look at my travertine PR instead of being toxicc https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/585607981639663633.png
14:11:19 DiscordBot <C​am​m> Kenny can you please make it so we can utilise that GUI
14:11:20 DiscordBot <C​am​m> thanks
14:11:22 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> yes
14:11:23 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> kneny pls
14:11:25 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> hangar wen
14:11:29 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> me + proxy = nono
14:11:35 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Gui wen
14:11:36 DiscordBot <C​am​m> no not hangar
14:11:39 DiscordBot <C​am​m> cool new gui style
14:11:41 DiscordBot <C​am​m> then hangar
14:11:42 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> yeah maybe at some point this week™οΈ michael
14:11:56 DiscordBot <F​iv​e> good to know that proxying kneny will neutralize it
14:12:00 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Hello?? Paper 1.16.2?? u taking so long?
14:12:03 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> finally
14:12:06 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> kneny is no more https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/661200420601069579.gif
14:12:11 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Rejoice!
14:12:41 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> It's not safe anywhere else but here simp
14:12:49 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/609827597483900938.png
14:12:50 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Help chats are scary places
14:13:05 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> I've been waiting 24 hours!
14:13:21 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Did you try waiting 48
14:13:32 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> yes, 48 hours ago
14:13:36 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Hmmmm
14:13:48 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Maybe try 24 hours again after restarting it
14:14:26 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> spigot 16.2 out fast not paper??
14:15:10 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> can we ban lax
14:15:26 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> wen hangar gets done
14:15:27 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> hey, it runs!
14:15:28 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> lmao
14:15:49 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://owo.whats-th.is/9nNsb3L.png
14:15:51 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> the fuck is this path gen
14:15:58 DiscordBot <F​iv​e> proxi test the travertine proxy
14:15:59 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> yos
14:16:02 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> no
14:16:15 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> That's one of the parkour gen
14:16:16 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> all my homies hate 1.7
14:16:17 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> It's called freerunning and it's an Olympic sport Michael
14:16:28 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://owo.whats-th.is/PY1u6pM.png
14:16:30 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> ????????????????
14:16:41 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> looks fine to me
14:16:45 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> what
14:16:47 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> I think there might be hidden treasure there
14:16:52 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> you don't walk over trees over the path?
14:16:53 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://owo.whats-th.is/3h4fhZ5.png
14:16:58 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> *towny blames essx* https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555469074080202765/743110781889019964/4b7ysv.png
14:17:29 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://owo.whats-th.is/7NKvZKt.png god i love mc terrain gen
14:17:37 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> so minimalistic
14:18:13 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> i'd like to think lax's brain is just a pile on braincells that randomly fires and comes up with something
14:18:22 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> congratulations you've described yourself
14:18:27 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e>
14:18:28 DiscordBot .rekt
14:18:28 xD β˜‘ I am Fire, I am Rekt
14:18:42 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <M​ic​ha​el​>
14:18:43 DiscordBot .leaf
14:18:44 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> michael
14:18:45 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ur
14:18:47 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> mum
14:18:51 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> which braincel came up with the word tuinity
14:18:56 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> the left one
14:18:59 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> None probably
14:19:11 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> hear me out
14:19:14 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> Tutopia
14:19:17 DiscordBot <b​ro​cc​ol​ai​> uwunity
14:19:21 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> no
14:19:24 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> no
14:19:25 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> Tuwuinity & Rainfurrest
14:19:31 DiscordBot <b​ro​cc​ol​ai​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/727191567034744922.png
14:19:32 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> can we also ban michael
14:19:33 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> That will be my new fork
14:19:40 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> yatuwupia
14:19:42 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> 😠
14:19:44 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> I'll sell it for $5
14:19:48 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> ban all the kaaskoppen
14:20:13 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> No, ban all the people with the funny accents like Dark
14:20:32 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> discrimination!!
14:21:08 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> based on what? πŸ‘€
14:21:33 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> hes calling my accent funny
14:21:34 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> real men use Airplane
14:22:12 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> cuz you offended me i'm doing this ACF translation in BE now instead of NL
14:22:17 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/445660028616179732.gif
14:22:45 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> oh no...
14:22:46 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Anyone wanna buy this new optimized fork?
14:23:08 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i should probably check what it actually checks for lol
14:24:00 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://owo.whats-th.is/5rPH5oX.png
14:24:15 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> wtf guidelines violation
14:24:16 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> we dont say the R word here
14:24:20 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> plz mute
14:24:24 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> mods, ban pls
14:24:39 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> fine hold onm
14:24:46 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> there we go censored
14:25:04 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> thats like censoring a dick by drawing a dick ontop of it https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/581629003442683905.png
14:25:05 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> censorship fucks the entire meme
14:25:40 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/741715317109293096.png
14:25:59 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I wonder how enforceable that rule is
14:26:06 DiscordBot <J​us​tA​Ps​yc​ho​pa​th​_> The R word? You mean "really"?
14:26:08 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> several people have violated it but no action taken
14:26:12 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> wow https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555469074080202765/743113107999817939/unknown.png
14:26:17 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> No he meant random
14:26:18 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> the mods r
14:26:25 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> re
14:26:27 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> White theme?
14:26:28 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ally good
14:26:30 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> its github
14:26:33 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> Ah
14:26:35 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> ha ur funi
14:26:45 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> inb4 github white theme???
14:26:46 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> github dark theme
14:26:47 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/622379156071514122.png
14:28:06 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> nah, github white theme is fine
14:29:43 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> https://i.imgur.com/rOQap4I.gif am i being dum or is intellij being dum?
14:30:30 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> ig i cant use one as default?
14:31:03 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> if i add nl it works but it'd be easier if i had a reference point
14:31:04 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> the default locale of acf is declared in its code?
14:31:56 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> oh i got it figured out i think
14:31:58 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> this wierd
14:32:14 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> nah
14:32:26 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> is this a plugin? https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555469074080202765/743114676228980736/unknown.png
14:32:50 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> it asked me to install one but i had no clue if it was related to this
14:32:58 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> Go to CommandManager and find the Set<Locale> called supportedLanguages, add it to there
14:40:40 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> google is honestly doing a great job translating these lul
14:40:50 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/586288876734382080.png
14:40:52 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> as in, they're actually correct
14:56:21 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> @Michael πŸ§€ https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555469074080202765/743120693062795344/unknown.png
14:58:50 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> DED could be the Swiss German dialect as well. They a cheesy, too.
14:59:36 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/582078279301726258.png
14:59:59 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> well the netherlanders are the cheeseheads tho
15:00:08 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> is that even what you call them?
15:00:10 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> the dutch? idk
15:00:43 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> the dutch
15:00:51 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> you're a belgian
15:01:12 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> netherlanders tho makes it sound like they're piglins https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/594643029994897408.png
15:01:20 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> lmao
15:01:21 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> You're a piglin smh
15:01:26 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> they are
15:01:52 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i thought you were correcting my spelling there for a second lmao
15:02:39 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> piglins were modelled after the average dutchman
15:04:08 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> can confirm
15:07:07 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> @pop4959 https://github.com/chunky-dev/chunky non original name https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/581556528516169739.png
15:07:48 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> how much gold armor do you have to wear to make a piglin neutral https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/654917355838636044.png
15:08:15 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> cheese armor
15:08:25 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> also accurate to the dutch
15:08:33 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> netherlanders
15:08:37 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> mojang is doing a good job with that
15:08:41 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> yeah
15:10:42 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> @simpowo "but if the player is wearing at least one piece of gold armor, they become neutral."
15:12:23 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> @DarkEyeDragon there was already a chunky in 2011
15:12:32 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> originality is long-gone
15:12:40 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> well that one is from 7 years ago
15:12:42 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> so basically
15:13:01 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> you can be full diamond enchanted prot 4, then just slap on a gold helm and walk right through the murderous dutchmen
15:13:11 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> nice mojang
15:13:15 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> not realisitc
15:13:23 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> god clearly gives you status
15:13:28 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> *gold
15:13:41 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> well the piglins apparently get jealous about gold
15:13:46 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> they snort "enviously"
15:13:51 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/680467515696218318.png
15:14:00 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i mean, its totally realistic right
15:14:14 DiscordBot <A​ko​ri​an​> since there are some intelligent peps in this discord, Why cant I connect to my server from school? (my school "allows" Minecraft on PCs so I tried to connect to my server.) BUT It only works with the IP:Port. The subdomain doesn't work. However I can connect on Hypixel (they also use mc. before the domain.).
15:14:15 DiscordBot <A​ko​ri​an​> I am just curious exactly is blocked by my school. Anyone ideas?
15:14:18 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> fellas, what is the difference between:- angery snort - happy snort - envious snort
15:14:22 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> send voice recording
15:14:48 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> theres examples on the wiki
15:14:53 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> I mean, that's the entire reason piglin brutes were introduced.
15:14:54 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> > since there are some intelligent peps in this discord, Why cant I connect to my server from school... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/762b3e5f2a97400793ba17e65c62fecd
15:15:10 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> And specific whitelisted ones
15:15:13 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Or smth
15:15:23 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> whitelisting hypixel
15:15:37 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Well, if they allow MC I can see that
15:15:41 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Hypixel is fairly child safe
15:16:07 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/621009438123491328.png
15:16:10 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> ask them to add your domain to the dns list lul
15:16:18 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> I don't use windows. Does ipconfig show the dns servers in use?
15:16:25 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> This guy can prove/disprove just by checking
15:16:33 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> standardgateway
15:16:35 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> uh, iirc sometimes?
15:16:54 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> I think it's meant to but I haven't used it forever
15:17:08 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> god fucking damn it my space heater keeps overloading the circuit breaker
15:17:10 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> its so cold
15:17:11 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> plz
15:17:19 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> no it doesnt
15:17:29 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> rip
15:17:45 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> oh it does with /all
15:17:53 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> well, can always go look at the network adapter but given its a school, if the sysadmins are even slightly intelligent they've blocked that with a group policy
15:17:57 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> potentially also blocked ipconfig but
15:18:00 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
15:18:37 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> Had so much shit blocked on my workstation at my job, but I have an admin account bc IT
15:18:42 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> so I just bypassed everythng
15:18:50 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> had* not have
15:18:52 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> dont work there anymore
15:19:30 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> real hackerman
15:19:47 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> i mean, i needed a lot of that shit to do my job
15:19:49 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> superfluous blocking
15:21:03 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> idk what that means but nice
15:21:54 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> superfluous => more than necessary, sometimes to a level that is annoying
15:22:33 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> oh
15:23:18 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> reminds me of my school which used to block any mention of a certain point in german history, despite it being part of the history syllabus of half the people at the school
15:23:37 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> that was always fun
15:24:21 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> I remember in my high school they made the accounts for teachers networks the name of the school so half the students were using the teachers network
15:25:34 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> anything with the word, hack, cheat, or bypass was blacklisted xD
15:28:15 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> the fuck was ivan's comment
15:28:17 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> @simpowo one huge benefit of us using linux at work, IT has 0 access to our systems lol,
15:29:47 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> separating the fastutil imports from the patches i fixup'd will be annoying™οΈ
15:29:51 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> That's how it should be.
15:30:43 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <M​ic​ha​el​>
15:30:44 DiscordBot .wa 01101100 01101111 01101100 00100000 01110111 01100001 01110100 00111111 to ascii
15:30:48 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> @Proximyst (she/her) if its our own patch it stays there
15:30:49 xD (DiscordBot) No results.
15:30:54 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> i meant a patch for SPIGOTS uses
15:31:05 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> yeah, that's the one that didn't autosquash
15:31:17 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​>
15:31:18 DiscordBot .g elite hacker decoding binary to ascii
15:31:19 xD (DiscordBot) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet -- Leet - Wikipedia: "Leet (or "1337"), also known as eleet or leetspeak, is a system of modified spellings used ... The term "leet" is derived from the word elite, used..."
15:31:19 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> do i just put it as newest or do you want it as an early patch
15:31:20 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> im saying just put any future finds in that patch
15:31:26 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> god damn it
15:31:27 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> ichael it's lol wat?
15:31:28 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> lol leaf
15:31:31 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> it compiles so no future finds afaik https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/654917412872912916.png
15:31:49 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> remember, free kevin
15:31:54 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> doesnt mean spigot wont add a new one
15:31:55 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i have that dude blocked tbh
15:31:56 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> mfw md69 doesn't name classes
15:32:00 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i cant handle his incompetence
15:32:03 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> ah yeah
15:33:20 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> ivan wanted me to hand off the 1.16.2 update to him
15:33:28 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> LOL
15:33:32 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> ???
15:33:35 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> wtf does that even mean
15:33:37 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> poor ivan
15:33:39 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/614621770393321483.gif
15:33:45 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> as in stop progress last night and let him work on it
15:33:47 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> bullied in the papermc discord
15:33:52 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> ahaha
15:34:03 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> next level pepeg
15:34:06 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> i didn't know he was a comedian
15:34:26 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> how cocky can you be honestly
15:37:02 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> I really want to see what he's about in 5 years
15:37:28 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> probably kangoru level of pepeg
15:38:32 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Aikar you should’ve let him prove himself! He could’ve changed all of the author names to his own
15:38:39 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> Co-authored
15:38:45 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Ah ye
15:38:54 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Head is only 99% up his own ass
15:39:57 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> he just moved it from Origami2 and IvanCord to Paper :)
15:40:08 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​>
15:40:10 DiscordBot .g origami2 github ivan
15:40:10 xD (DiscordBot) https://github.com/Attnam/ivan -- Attnam/ivan: Iter Vehemens ad Necem - a continuation of ......: "Iter Vehemens ad Necem (IVAN) is a graphical roguelike game, which currently runs in Windows, DOS, Linux, and OS X. It features advanced bodypart..."
15:40:23 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> nice bot
15:40:30 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> bot's trash
15:40:31 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​>
15:40:32 DiscordBot .g origami mrivanplays site:github.com
15:40:33 xD (DiscordBot) https://github.com/MrIvanPlays/Origami -- MrIvanPlays/Origami: Personal fork of Paper - GitHub: "Origami Build Status. Personal Paper fork that implements more performance improvements, more to suit the Bulgarian non-toxic community."
15:40:43 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> archived eh
15:40:49 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> i call it origami2 cause of phoenix
15:41:05 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ah he does yatopia now
15:41:26 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> wtf is yatopia porting this shit for https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/pull/4079
15:41:46 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> that shit breaks vanilla
15:42:08 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> stop trying to attribute logic to people
15:42:12 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> that doesn't work here
15:42:19 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I try to attribute logic to you all the time
15:42:25 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> how's that go?
15:42:27 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> case in point then
15:42:28 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> but as always you only have 1 braincell
15:42:44 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> you could say that you're re
15:42:45 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ally dumb
15:43:06 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> mfw viva la vida has the ringtone of my phone in it
15:43:14 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> "Ported to Yatopia and added per world config option by MrIvanPlays mailto:ivan@mrivanplays.com"
15:43:20 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> amazing work Ivan, amazingwork
15:43:55 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> the problem with the config there is actually just the config option
15:43:59 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> clout chasing. maybe hell compete with 69 some day
15:44:09 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> vanilla does chunk radius
15:44:16 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> and config says block
15:44:53 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> also can we stop dumping that garbage on the PR
15:45:29 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> That meeting was so awkward
15:45:31 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> the intent of the chhange is to break vanillas expectation and actually move it to a block distance, so its circular vs square
15:45:50 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> breaking vanilla wasn't even what the OG config did back in 1.12/1.13
15:45:55 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> or even 1.14 lol
15:45:58 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> i know
15:46:43 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> vanilla uses block distance as a param though, 128/16, just expects divisible by 16
15:47:22 phoenix616 pretty sure that PR is just re-imeplemting the change that was dropped in spigot lol
15:47:34 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> put it in production and let us know how it goes πŸ˜›
15:47:44 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Yatopia is frightening
15:48:00 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> How can merging a ton of patches from random projects into one be a good idea
15:48:03 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> well regardless if spigot use to do it, i think its safer to let it control chunk radius by default, and optional corner filtering
15:48:04 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> yatopia is horrible
15:48:09 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Without tons of testing
15:48:15 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> so that default experience is perfect vanilla
15:48:27 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> They don’t test much from what I’ve seen because they have major bugs like all shulkers getting wiped
15:48:33 phoenix616 yeah, the range filter should only be applied if its non-default imo
15:49:17 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> the authors have shown they're not very competent too
15:49:28 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> literally just putting a 2MB patch into it and going "haha it's fine"
15:50:16 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> what 2mb patch
15:50:22 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> not even mine are that huge
15:50:25 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> 2mb what https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/654920151975591948.png
15:50:50 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Well you forget the bitcoin miner that comes prepackaged
15:50:55 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> optimize imports and cleanup code from intellij, leaf
15:50:56 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/547201152010158133.png
15:51:39 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> absolutely ingenious
15:51:47 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuck
15:52:00 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> i bet thatll be fun to maintain
15:52:08 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I bet it gets me 10tps
15:52:17 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> they dropped it as soon as they realised how bad and unmaintainable it was
15:52:26 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> took like a week though
15:52:32 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> how do you not realize that immediately https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/674093681904713729.png
15:52:46 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> the program said its fine it must be https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/658656973453262848.png
15:52:52 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> boys.
15:53:04 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I think we're witnessing what an open source mcm fork is
15:53:36 DiscordBot <!​*X​DL​∅Â​F¹​Ç> @everyone BAN ME
15:53:38 DiscordBot <!​*X​DL​∅Â​F¹​Ç> @everyone BAN ME
15:53:39 DiscordBot <!​*X​DL​∅Â​F¹​Ç> @everyone BAN ME
15:53:40 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> no thanks
15:53:41 DiscordBot <!​*X​DL​∅Â​F¹​Ç> @everyone BAN ME
15:53:43 DiscordBot <!​*X​DL​∅Â​F¹​Ç> @everyone BAN ME
15:53:44 DiscordBot <!​*X​DL​∅Â​F¹​Ç> @everyone BAN ME
15:53:45 DiscordBot <!​*X​DL​∅Â​F¹​Ç> @everyone BAN ME
15:53:46 DiscordBot <!​*X​DL​∅Â​F¹​Ç> @everyone BAN ME
15:53:47 DiscordBot <!​*X​DL​∅Â​F¹​Ç> @everyone BAN ME
15:53:49 DiscordBot <!​*X​DL​∅Â​F¹​Ç> @everyone BAN ME
15:53:50 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> well then
15:53:51 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> @Aikar
15:53:52 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> MUUUDZ
15:53:58 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> imagine if the mods weren't actually bronze
15:54:18 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> why do dumdums ask to be banned instead of just leaving
15:54:30 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> on the upside i should be getting my new vesa stand today
15:54:35 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> This bullying isn’t very paper 2.0
15:54:37 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> fuck them monitor stands finally
15:54:38 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Smh
15:54:54 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> yeah the bullying here kinda sucks without the banned word
15:55:18 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> because that one word is literally the only banned word
15:55:26 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> make a discord called Toxic Pit and then it'll just be Paper v1 by default
15:56:10 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Yeah but that would just be a discord of leaf arguing with himself
15:56:22 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/729503154974097418.png
15:56:30 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> we could also invite Ivan to it :kappa:
15:56:46 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> You don't have to invite him 😎
15:56:49 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> only throw Ivan and leaf on there and call it a day
15:57:02 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://owo.whats-th.is/5s8yT9D.png
15:57:04 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> what a fantastic test
15:57:13 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/733496558590492693.png
15:57:20 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Lmao
15:57:23 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> push it to master
15:57:46 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> you mean main right
15:57:56 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> no, to the slave branch
15:58:01 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> πŸƒ‍♂️
15:58:14 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> i dont have the pepe run emoji anymore
15:58:24 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/645607756979634176.gif
15:58:26 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> but i have that
15:59:08 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/586001578268295197.gif
15:59:14 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> thx daddy
15:59:23 DiscordBot <H​ex​ed​He​ro​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/592479673238421537.gif
15:59:33 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> i kinda enjoy how those people dont think about us who would have to work with master and main and aliases like gcm for checking out master have to turn to gcm1 and gcm2 or smth
15:59:34 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/586001577521709071.gif
15:59:41 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> I miss my nitro. Partner program needs to launch so I can get free nitro pls
15:59:47 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/743136611067232288.gif
16:00:10 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> yeah discord has an interesting understanding of "this summer"
16:00:15 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> as if it were winter or something
16:00:20 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Wait wtf this person behind me said their carbon monoxide levels rose after 10 breaths wearing a mask
16:00:27 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> No shit
16:00:35 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Are they secretly a car
16:00:37 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> They’re probably an idiot
16:00:44 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> @Proximyst (she/her) the idea is everyone just has to get over the resistance to change. yes itll suck, but if we keep the mentality of "I don't want to change", society will not improve on anything.
16:01:12 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> How is anti mask a thing
16:01:13 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> and here we are in german, having solutions to solve gendered speech by making it even worse™οΈ
16:01:15 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Like I get anti fax
16:01:21 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Vax
16:01:27 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> i dont get anti vax
16:01:30 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> But why is anti mask such a common thing
16:01:35 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Politics are about as trustworthy as religion
16:01:42 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> i personally dont mind if they change it, i still stand by Git itself needs to change because GitHub doesn't have that power, unless they go and PR it to Git and force it to be accepted. Changing it only on GH would only affect repos made ON GH, which...
16:01:43 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> who does that?
16:01:44 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> I don't.
16:01:46 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Nah I understand anti vax, for a long time there was a lot of lies about vaccines
16:01:48 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> anti mask is a thing because u us people are kinda truly you know
16:01:57 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> git doesnt mandate the term master AT ALL
16:02:00 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> But anti mask? How in the world
16:02:01 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> you can somehow be scared of needles and scary substances you know, but of a mask? that's a whole new level
16:02:06 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> but it's default aikar
16:02:12 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> i didnt say mandate
16:02:15 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> probably env var to change, simp
16:02:16 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> git sets it as the default
16:02:17 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> its just purely the fact that linus used master
16:02:26 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> but yeah aaa change is hard
16:02:27 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> yeah, so just have git change the default
16:02:30 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> thats all im saying
16:02:37 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> The only thing that sucks about masks is that they can fog peoples glasses up from what I’ve heard, and wearing one while working in the heat SUCKS
16:02:38 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> mfw wasting time and effort changing master
16:02:41 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> i reckon it'd be possible to make a function for that alias instead to check for main before master or fall back
16:02:42 DiscordBot <J​oo​20​0> we should all use svn and stick to "trunk"
16:02:43 DiscordBot <J​oo​20​0> runs
16:02:46 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> instead of actually being useful
16:02:47 DiscordBot <t​he​ b​ee​ke​ep​er​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/525190882668838934.gif
16:03:03 DiscordBot <k​ne​ny​tv​> especially in the heat you just can't wear glasses with a mask on lol
16:03:05 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> all im saying is i wont go out of my way to change my old repos to main, git itself is going to have to set that as my default branch w/o me doing anything
16:03:06 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> meh making the git init default configurable is iirc a tiny patch
16:03:07 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> But most of the people complaining about masks are Karen’s and they literally don’t work, so wtf is their problem