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Topic -- Topic: Paper help and support channel | Source: https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/ | Maven: https://papermc.io/repo/repository/maven-public/ | Download: https://papermc.io/downloads
Topic -- Topic set on May 16, 2019 05:29:01 am by Z750
20:17:48 DiscordBot <S​am​> Just says that the timings dont exist after it links me lol
20:19:30 DiscordBot <f​ra​me​sh​if​t> @Bobcycle I know and seems like it doesn't matter in this case
20:20:43 DiscordBot <P​er​so​n> I want to know if I can disable the kicked for spamming thing
20:24:25 DiscordBot <Δ​SI​ΠΣ​TH​> @Billy thanks!
20:26:08 DiscordBot <f​ra​me​sh​if​t> @Bobcycle what is your view-distance?
20:35:01 DiscordBot <Δ​SI​ΠΣ​TH​> @Person disable chat for them
20:43:00 DiscordBot <B​ob​cy​cl​e> 4
20:52:56 DiscordBot <P​er​so​n> Ok
20:56:26 DiscordBot <S​al​ty​ D​ad​dy​> Uhm... Does per-player mobcap still work for you?
20:58:15 DiscordBot <h​yp​er​de​fi​ne​d> for anyone getting entity lag on 1.15, use this https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/entitytrackerfixer-fix-1-14-4-1-15-entitytick-lag.70902/
20:58:19 DiscordBot <h​yp​er​de​fi​ne​d> saved my life
21:00:46 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I've heard of as many people saying that that plugin is a blessing as much as those that I've heard of it basically causing many issues on their servers
21:07:41 DiscordBot <S​al​ty​ D​ad​dy​> No problems on my side, but on the other hand, I cant see big improvements
21:10:08 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> it's irrelevant to actual entity ticking
21:10:24 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> it more deals with the deadspace between entityTick as a whole and actual entities ticking
21:11:58 DiscordBot <f​re​ak​dk​> I am seeing high CPU usage because of Piston light updates.
21:11:59 DiscordBot <f​re​ak​dk​> I see some queue settings and such in the config but is there really any way to optimize this?
21:12:01 DiscordBot <f​re​ak​dk​> Any documentation I can read up on, wasn't able to find out much.
21:12:27 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> light queue was removed in 1.14
21:12:36 DiscordBot <f​re​ak​dk​> Am on 1.13.2 atm.
21:12:39 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> or might have been 1.13, whichever version we got async lighting in
21:12:45 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Oh, god knows, 1.13 is unsupported
21:12:57 DiscordBot <f​re​ak​dk​> Yeah I know, was just wondering if you had any documentation on this.
21:13:00 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> advice in general is "cut down on the redstone"
21:13:17 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Not really, the queue should help reduce the impact, but chunks need to be relight
21:13:21 DiscordBot <f​re​ak​dk​> Well yeah but redstone isn't really causing me any issues. Only pistons.
21:13:34 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Which are basically redstone...
21:13:52 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Basically, doing stuff induces updates which requires the server to have to recalc the light
21:14:21 DiscordBot <f​re​ak​dk​> Yes okay, I am aware of that yeah.
21:14:22 DiscordBot <f​re​ak​dk​> I guess I'll try and use the queue feature.