Log for #paper-help on SpigotMC - 2019/11/17

Topic -- Topic: Paper help and support channel | Source: https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/ | Maven: https://papermc.io/repo/repository/maven-public/ | Download: https://papermc.io/downloads
Topic -- Topic set on May 16, 2019 05:29:01 am by Z750
00:47:48 DiscordBot <T​hi​ag​oR​OX​> Does anyone point me to a free memory leak analysis tool?
00:52:45 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> eclipe has a dump analyzer
00:52:50 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> eclipse
00:52:54 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> seizure incoming
00:52:57 DiscordBot <S​il​ve​rw​ol​fg​11​> https://www.eclipse.org/mat/
01:02:14 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Hi. I have question about lags. Why 16 TPS on 1.12 feels quite fine, and on 1.14 its unplayable? On 1.12 with 16 TPS chat, mining, and walking works almost completl fine. But on 1.14 with 16 TPS everything freezes sometimes, even chat, and whole server is quite unplayable.
01:06:45 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/645429579200331787/unknown.png
01:07:44 DiscordBot <M​r_​Da​rn​> Probably because the reason for the lag is different.
01:09:35 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> chat should be pretty much entirely async from the main thread i think
01:10:07 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> so maybe 1.14 is using all of your available cpu, while 1.12 is only using all available cpu time on the core the main thread is on
01:10:18 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> just a guess
01:34:04 DiscordBot <S​hy​co​r> error crasher
01:34:05 DiscordBot <S​hy​co​r> https://pastebin.com/bNewp9XP
01:34:12 DiscordBot <S​hy​co​r> help me xd
01:55:30 DiscordBot <P​jo​> On 1.12 it really feels quite fine. Players can walk, dig normally. If tool isn't enchanted for efficiency 4-5, there isn't visible lag in digging
01:55:37 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> NoClassDefFoundError https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/520086730523541524.png
02:02:02 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> @Shycor are you sure you have the correct protocollib version
02:04:41 DiscordBot <S​hy​co​r> yes
02:04:42 DiscordBot <S​hy​co​r> ProtocolLib 4.4.0
02:06:06 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> have you tried the last stable dev build
02:06:54 DiscordBot <S​hy​co​r> yes
02:07:44 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> what build is that
02:08:10 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> try build 429 if it isn't that already
02:09:21 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> because all of the threads and info that turn up with that particular error involve protocollib and the incorrect version of it
02:10:29 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> @Shycor 4.4.0 is for 1.13
02:10:35 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> use 4.5.0
02:10:45 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> like it says on the plugin page
02:18:43 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> my server went from 18 tps to 20* stable
02:18:51 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> after pre-generating the map
02:19:05 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> it is probably the best optimization you can do
02:19:21 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> @NNYaKNpGms0eUVpiSdHx i did so many things to make it better
02:19:23 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> xDD
02:19:41 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> map pregeneration is the most effective though
02:20:07 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> yep
02:20:09 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> it's a tradeoff between performance and storage space, but usually worth it
02:20:16 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> did it with all my worlds
02:20:20 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> not like storage costs anything, anyway
02:20:21 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> including nether
02:21:09 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> still need to fix some stuff tho
02:21:10 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> https://timings.aikar.co/?id=7e02b6b1e753473b9bfa93ba740528a2
02:21:16 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i'll probably have a setup of a separate server generating the map while the other is running
02:21:20 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> eventually
02:21:23 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> when that becomes necessary
02:22:18 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> pillagers seems also being an issue
02:22:37 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> it is known, get one of the limiter plugins
02:22:54 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> @flanigomik (1.14.4#225) i prefer my own plugin for it
02:22:55 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> xD
02:23:12 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> that usage is not caused by a large amount of them though
02:23:34 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> rather they take way more time each than other mobs
02:23:54 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> Hey gamers, when I set the value of generator-settings to AMPLIFIED or amplifiied The world still ge... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/8ebe6797bd5d470a873c3c874301511e
02:23:55 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i was under the impression that pillagers were an issue because of their unlimited and fucking batshit crazy numbers
02:24:15 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> @NNYaKNpGms0eUVpiSdHx well
02:24:16 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> is it also known that pillagers are just overall more resource intensive each?
02:24:21 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> on my old map
02:24:29 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> it managed to spawn over 100 pillagers
02:24:31 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> in 1 chunk
02:24:41 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> welp u can gyess what happend
02:24:42 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> XD
02:24:55 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i mean, that's about 13ms per pillager
02:25:05 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> compare to villagers
02:25:16 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> at like 0.7ms per villager
02:25:37 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> my server can handle several hundreds of pillagers fine
02:25:47 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> and it's not even on high end wares
02:25:57 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i feel that pillager cpu usage is abnormal
02:26:26 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> we had an issue where the server would die when one user joined, there were like 90 somewhat pillagers in a hole next to his base where they got stuck and couldn't pathfind out
02:26:51 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> do you think it's just their pathfinding that is so expensive?
02:27:38 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> could be, haven't really tested it all that much, we just have a killwave that murders them all every 20 or so minutes
02:29:42 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/324667367860862977/645450374140002357/unknown.png
02:29:48 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> these 200 pillagers seem to be fine though
02:30:01 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> no tps drop?
02:30:08 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> tps 19.95
02:30:21 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> ur fps
02:30:27 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> lol
02:30:29 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> :crist:
02:30:40 DiscordBot <M​r_​Da​rn​> yeah, but those have a very small area to search before their pathfinding fails...
02:30:43 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/586053179989426202.png
02:32:06 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/324667367860862977/645450975552864257/unknown.png
02:32:15 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> 400 pillagers on the surface
02:32:20 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> still at around 20 tps
02:32:42 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> https://timings.aikar.co/?id=4d2d5cb61a324fdd8efa13c58396ef75
02:32:46 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> that changed a lot
02:33:42 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> you need to put a villager in that they cant get to. like in a box with an open top, put a few in and a town bell and a few beds and jobs to simulate a village for them to target
02:34:03 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i'll go on a quest for villages in a moment
02:34:18 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> /locate village
02:34:25 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> not as fun
02:34:26 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> gives you a button to TP to the nearest one
02:34:52 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> do you think them being on a patrol would have an effect?
02:35:14 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> usually most of the issues i have have to do with players that have villagers safe underground
02:35:35 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> i think they try to pathfind indefinatly when on a patrol but dont quote me
02:37:05 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> these are the timings from that pillager charade
02:37:07 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> for the record
02:37:11 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/645452342044524544/unknown.png
02:37:31 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> average of 0.12ms each
02:40:44 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> alright, yeah
02:40:55 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> looks like pillagers near villages are death
02:43:20 DiscordBot <M​r_​Da​rn​> Really? We never knew xD
02:43:29 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> d e a t h
02:43:31 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i tell you
02:44:26 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> petition mojang to remove pillagers
02:50:49 DiscordBot <S​hy​co​r> @NNYaKNpGms0eUVpiSdHx ProtocolLib-build429
02:51:08 DiscordBot <S​hy​co​r> I will try that version, thanks.
02:56:02 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> 1.15 is much better on the pillager front... hopefully more bug fixes come
02:56:47 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> is that plugin that slows down villager poi ticking still necessary for running a server without it catching on fire?
02:57:03 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> or did paper or god forbid mojang deal with that?
03:09:09 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> mojang 'fixed' it for .15 along with a bunch of other shit, not enough data to say if it worked
03:14:25 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> one can hope i suppose
03:52:03 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> i think i broke the build-in antixray
03:52:29 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> relog or update any of the blocks and it'll be fine
03:52:49 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> probably just lag/packet loss or something
03:53:11 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> looks more like the pickaxe-enhancing plugin isn't updating blocks correctly tbh
03:53:38 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i wasn't aware such a plugin was in play
03:53:48 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> thats what happens with antixray + worldedit
03:54:00 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> oh yeah then that is pretty much to be expected
03:54:09 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> especially if it's like async worldedit or something
03:54:19 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> normal worldedit
03:54:21 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> xd
03:54:34 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> not really an issue as long as your players don't use worldedit
04:07:00 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> what, does it stay like that or is it temp
04:07:07 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> cuz worldedit does update blocks
04:07:18 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> this has been tested extensively
04:07:36 DiscordBot <w​iz​ja​ny​> unless you turned on fast mode, in which case you get what you ask for
05:00:58 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> Last I checked that only happened on the very first couple of 1.14 builds
05:14:15 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> iirc he is on build 226
05:17:47 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> My player send to me a image
05:18:10 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> 3 same player in the server(but actually only one a true)
05:18:23 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> This is looks is a packet issue
05:18:43 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> Because my player say when him rejoin, and fake players will gone
05:19:47 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> So ghost players
05:20:27 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> pretty sure that has been a thing since like 1.9 or something
05:20:35 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> 99% it's one of your plugins
05:20:38 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> @NNYaKNpGms0eUVpiSdHx 1.8 aswell
05:20:47 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> forever anyway
05:20:59 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Never solved i guess
05:21:52 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> @Shevchik Plugin list:  Plugins (88): AFKTitle*, AkkariinTerminal*, AlertMineWorld, AntiEnderPortal... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/fcd23d4f5ed34952a60d60786eef0c4a
05:22:01 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> MY EYES
05:22:09 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> 88 PLUGINS
05:22:15 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> This issue completely is random, no ideas
05:22:22 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> I bet it'sthe skins plugin.
05:22:23 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> POOR SERVER
05:22:27 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> is 88 plugins a lot?
05:22:40 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> If it copied the code from garbage SkinsRestorer
05:22:48 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> This issue appears before i install the skin plugin
05:22:52 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> rip skinsrestorer
05:23:21 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> ExtendViewDistance plugin
05:23:23 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Wtf
05:23:37 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> yeah most of those plugins are ???
05:23:50 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> AntiMCLeak
05:23:53 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> > plan
05:24:00 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Backdoor plugin right there
05:24:05 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> plan? btf
05:24:10 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> > spark
05:24:18 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> @Thrasilias AntiMCLeaks plugin is make by myself
05:24:54 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> I reconize the name
05:24:56 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Lol
05:25:02 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Anyhow
05:25:07 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> there are probably around 50 plugins with that name
05:25:10 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> 2 permissions plugins
05:25:13 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> ?!?!
05:25:15 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> So any ideas to remove ghost-players
05:25:18 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> @Thrasilias what
05:25:29 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i counted like 4 plugins with 'core' in the name
05:25:48 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> @Ghost_chu question
05:25:49 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> no only one permission plugin
05:25:56 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Why so many plugins
05:26:03 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> It hurts my eyes
05:26:26 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i mean i have like 90 plugins as well but i would like to think they are more useful than some of those
05:26:34 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> PortForwardCraft
05:26:38 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Tf is dat
05:27:02 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> @NNYaKNpGms0eUVpiSdHx some i see are good
05:27:12 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> PFC make by me, use SSH tunnel to forward local port to remorte server
05:27:14 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Essentials. Luckperms. Coreprotect
05:27:28 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> ignore it
05:27:32 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i may consider grabbing that max repair cost if it works properly
05:27:51 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> and is public and not something you forged at home
05:28:00 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> @NNYaKNpGms0eUVpiSdHx It works for me
05:28:10 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> U host it local?
05:28:19 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> No, panel
05:28:28 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Why use a plugin for forward ur port
05:28:33 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Im confused
05:28:42 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> I have plan so i bind it port on and forward it to small vps
05:28:56 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> I'm panel host so i had no free ports
05:29:01 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> MineSecure
05:29:05 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Paid i hope
05:29:18 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> Yes paid
05:29:25 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> md_5's plugin
05:29:26 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Good person
05:29:36 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> most shared hosting sites allow you to request ports to be opened
05:29:39 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Never try cracks
05:29:56 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> c r a c k
05:30:09 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> premium+crack
05:30:40 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> premium doen't need login or register, and have skin and tab skin icon.
05:31:02 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> but hey we are find the reason for ghost-player
05:31:18 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> probably the skin plugin but dunno
05:31:39 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> I see 2 skin plugins
05:31:40 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> yep but this issue happend before i install it --- long time
05:31:46 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> And 2 afk handlers
05:31:58 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> essentials anti build
05:32:01 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/520086730523541524.png
05:32:27 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> @Thrasilias both write by me
05:32:40 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> so you can ignore then
05:32:44 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Stupid question
05:32:56 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Why dont u use 1 for everything
05:33:05 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Like. Make ur own API
05:33:10 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Like i ise
05:33:13 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Use*
05:33:17 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> because i just want do that*
05:33:27 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> SpAcE
05:33:52 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> And its easier for updating
05:33:56 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> I didn't like all in one plugin
05:34:02 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> If u have it in 1 place
05:34:04 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> e.g CMI
05:34:26 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> I got everything
05:34:43 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Join handlers. Kick handlers. Idle handlers
05:34:58 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Simple inside a Module package in 1 code
05:35:02 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> cmi gives me cancer
05:35:07 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> no it will unstable
05:35:10 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i don't know why but i just feel allergic to it
05:35:26 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Nothing is unstable
05:35:34 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> If u know what ur doing
05:35:41 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> cmi always have a lot small issue after i install it on my server
05:35:52 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> so goaway
05:36:02 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> it might conflict
05:36:03 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> with
05:36:05 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> one of your other
05:36:07 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> 200 plugins
05:36:25 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> 88*
05:36:28 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> most plugins only support ess so ess is yes
05:36:56 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> InventoryRollback
05:37:00 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Let me guess
05:37:05 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Made by you
05:37:14 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> no
05:37:22 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> inventory rollback plugins are useful from time to time
05:37:26 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> public plugin, nice plugin
05:37:29 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> though not often
05:37:31 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> save me many times
05:37:33 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> but sometimes
05:37:36 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> yes
05:37:43 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> I never could find one
05:37:44 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Wtf
05:37:49 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> me neither
05:37:53 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> there was one at one point
05:37:57 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> but it broke with some update
05:38:01 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Staff+
05:38:02 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> and then i just gave up
05:38:03 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Has it
05:38:07 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> But died
05:38:13 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> IR still works for me
05:38:27 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> so maybe you just need reset config...?
05:38:38 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> 1.14.4?!
05:38:40 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> probably not the same plugin
05:38:50 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> @Thrasilias yes 1.14.4
05:38:57 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/394091544065474560.gif
05:39:04 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> it's one of those plugins that share their name with like 50 other plugins probably
05:39:25 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/inventory-rollback.48074/
05:39:30 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> marked as tested on 1.14
05:40:02 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> @NNYaKNpGms0eUVpiSdHx yes, is this
05:40:14 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> g r a b
05:40:38 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> a fine addition to my collection
05:40:42 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> of too many plugins
05:41:04 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i will probably forget to add it like the 20 others
05:42:21 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> I wonder why no one uses the sk89q cmd framework
05:42:45 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> because everyone loves if/else/switch/case spaghetti
05:42:53 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> spark's cmd framework?
05:43:17 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> once you get to the 20th nested switch you know you are in the matrix
05:44:23 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> @NNYaKNpGms0eUVpiSdHx imagine ur server stops and spams "sorry. But you are using to many plugins to handle"
05:44:26 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> I make a cmd framework for myself, it really easy to use for me
05:44:30 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> 88 plugins https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/547201152010158133.png
05:44:39 DiscordBot <G​ho​st​_c​hu​> Just not good for many args...
05:44:50 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> tbh plugins don't really cause performance issues in my experience
05:44:53 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Bad cmd fw then
05:44:58 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> the issues they cause are that if something goes wrong
05:45:10 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> you now need to sift through almost 100 plugin to find what is causing things to go wrong
05:45:17 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> binary search ez
05:45:36 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> yeah let me just restart my server 100log2 times and wait a couple days in between
05:45:45 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> no problem folks we'll be back next month
05:45:47 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> yeah 88 plugins isnt a big deal if most of them are just small one off things
05:45:59 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> just haven't seen that many plugins on a server before
05:46:25 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> 88 44 22 11 6 3... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/93031353d1ee483c993580df6dbf8142
05:46:35 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> I'd say more like 10 restarts
05:46:57 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> which is close to 100log2
05:47:04 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> Im using 13
05:47:20 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> issues arise when the problems aren't easily reproduced
05:47:38 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> it's alright if it's some arcane crash in the first 5 minutes or when loading a certain chunk or something similar
05:47:46 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> but when it's something that happens maybe once a week
05:48:07 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> 10 weeks of binary search is going to kill a playerbase
05:48:33 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> you could also make use of.. backups and test locally
05:48:38 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> lol
05:48:39 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> instead of restarting prod 20 times
05:48:54 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> usually competent server owners will be able to solve issues like that without ruining their server
05:49:12 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> if the issue is something that can be resolved on a local test server
05:49:13 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> sure
05:49:28 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i'm not saying it's impossible
05:49:44 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i'm just saying adding plugins increases the work required to find the culprit of an issue
05:49:58 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> i think we can agree on that, no?
05:50:15 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> not really, you can rule typically rule out a plugin causing it if the plugin has nothing to do with it
05:50:26 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> depends on the issue
06:15:16 DiscordBot <m​as​on​> ya i just do the same thing as vicarious
06:15:57 DiscordBot <m​as​on​> on a test server obvs but yeet
06:48:23 frostalf generally you could @barty but with how some plugins are coded never know sometimes lol
06:48:53 DiscordBot <G​OH​AN​> do you need the spigot jar if you have paper installed or no
06:49:02 frostalf no
06:49:47 DiscordBot <G​OH​AN​> and i dont see anything inside paper.yml regarding the restart file
06:50:09 frostalf it would be in spigot.yml not everything will be in paper.yml
06:53:18 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> there isn't
06:53:30 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> it's in the spigot.yml i believe
06:53:38 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> and you shouldn't use that anyway IMO
06:53:41 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> restart files are no longer really supported tho... use an external script
07:05:22 frostalf I just use a service script
07:05:37 frostalf this way when dedi reboots, the servers come back up without me having to do anything
07:16:01 DiscordBot <T​ec​hT​ai​lo​r> hello, anybody know how to fix the issue of minecarts disappearing after a few minutes (using Paper 1.14.4 build 225)
07:17:35 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> plugins?
07:22:40 DiscordBot <T​ec​hT​ai​lo​r> they disappear after like 5 minutes
07:22:44 DiscordBot <T​ec​hT​ai​lo​r> tried like 4 times now
07:22:55 DiscordBot <T​ec​hT​ai​lo​r> is there any config in paper that effects this?
07:35:38 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> that would most likely be clearlag's fault
07:35:42 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> its a rotten plugin
07:37:26 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> clearlag is definitely doing it
07:39:49 DiscordBot <T​ec​hT​ai​lo​r> any alternatives to it? or just avoid it all together?
07:42:39 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> items auto despawn after 5 minutes
07:42:42 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> and clump together
07:45:26 DiscordBot <T​ec​hT​ai​lo​r> so items despawn also despawns carts on rails?
07:48:24 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> carts on rails do not, clearlag kills them because they are entities
07:49:57 DiscordBot <T​ec​hT​ai​lo​r> coz this line in config #What type of entities SHOULD NOT be removed while doing /lagg area? has minecart in it
07:50:07 DiscordBot <T​ec​hT​ai​lo​r> btw i am using minecarts with hoppers
07:54:12 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> minecarts with items have different names
07:54:39 DiscordBot <T​ec​hT​ai​lo​r> okay so disabling them in auto-removal: & command-remove: resolves it
07:56:19 DiscordBot <f​la​ni​go​mi​k ​(1​.1​4.​4#​22​5)​> chest_minecart furnace_minecart hopper_minecart tnt_minecart and the command block one make sure the... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/373bc47b1c984b88a088fe9050b798f5
07:59:28 DiscordBot <T​ec​hT​ai​lo​r> thanks for that 🙂
09:19:19 <-- frostalf (frostalf!~frostalf@SpigotMC-mb7huq.o76r.8s04.5300.2607.IP) has quit (Quit: ZNC - https://znc.in)
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10:03:13 DiscordBot <F​re​dr​ik​> A question, how does chunk loading work in Minecraft regarding IO? My scenario is that I have a map that is around 40GB in size, when would you see the effect of a slow drive and how much is kept in cache/memory?
10:09:18 DiscordBot <F​re​dr​ik​> I know that the initial load of a HDD is slower, but once it's kept in memory/cache, is it as noticeable then? How many chunks are kept in cache and would for example using more allocated RAM help, or am I misunderstanding this?
10:24:00 DiscordBot <C​as​si​> Need a Sys admin or someone ASAP to look a crucial server issue. Will pay generously.
10:24:46 <-- frostalf (frostalf!~frostalf@SpigotMC-mb7huq.o76r.8s04.5300.2607.IP) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
11:00:20 DiscordBot <F​lo​ |​ G​es​ta​nk​br​at​wu​rs​t> Can someone tell me how to get NMS as maven dependency? https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/597779755646844939.png
11:14:36 DiscordBot <B​lu​tk​ro​ne​> it wont be noticable while it is kept in memory, however unless you plan on limiting players to a very small part of your large map the constant movement of players will load and unload chunks which will generate your lag.
11:15:11 DiscordBot <B​lu​tk​ro​ne​> Something like a 300x300 map used by minigames can be supported by an HDD, but an open world will result in awful performance.
11:28:09 DiscordBot <L​oo​pi​te​> guy
11:28:20 DiscordBot <L​oo​pi​te​> what the difference of PaperMC and SpigotMC
11:28:56 --> frostalf_ (frostalf_!~frostalf@SpigotMC-mb7huq.o76r.8s04.5300.2607.IP) joined the channel
11:30:50 DiscordBot <D​ow​d> Paper is a fork of Spigot with optimizations
11:33:04 -- frostalf_ is now known as Frostalf
11:36:25 DiscordBot <L​oo​pi​te​> ok
11:36:33 DiscordBot <L​oo​pi​te​> @Dowd
11:36:40 DiscordBot <L​oo​pi​te​> Winguardium leviosa ??
11:36:45 DiscordBot <L​oo​pi​te​> 😂
11:36:50 DiscordBot <D​ow​d> ron stahhp
11:36:53 DiscordBot <L​oo​pi​te​> 🙂
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11:59:36 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Hi, why do I have always Minecraft::Save Players lagging so much on timings? Also my server has real... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/21dfeab6386843cfa428256031183ff8 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/645593876761149460/unknown.png
12:01:48 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> Because saving player data is done symc unfortunately
12:04:18 DiscordBot <P​jo​> But I've set auto-save to 2000, and it's still the same exact lag
12:04:37 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> Autosave only affects chunk saving
12:05:02 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> Player data is saved and loaded sync each time player joins.
12:05:54 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Could it be because players are banging to get to my server? I have about 20 players trying to join on hub
12:06:17 DiscordBot <P​jo​> And server is full, so they are just presing connect over and over
12:07:09 DiscordBot <P​jo​> 13:06:17 INFO]: com.mojang.authlib.GameProfile@152ca49c[id=xxxxx,name=xxxxx,properties={textures=[co... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/ac26dc14a0f34860be598f6cc5691886
12:07:28 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Many of this requests every second
12:08:43 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Is there anything I can do about that?
12:11:20 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> Deny their login at AsyncPlayerPreLogin event if server is full.
12:11:46 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Can I do it with paper config, or do I have to get a dev for that?
12:12:38 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> Get a dev
12:12:51 DiscordBot <P​jo​> :/
12:12:53 DiscordBot <P​jo​> okay
12:13:24 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> Still, this will only prevent unnesessary data loads, saving will still be done sync on player disconnect, so you will have to do something about it.
12:13:49 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> You can disable player data saving tho, and save only what you need in your own plugin tho.
12:13:57 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> But again, you need a dev for that.
12:18:24 DiscordBot <P​jo​> It's survival server
12:18:33 DiscordBot <P​jo​> So everything in player should be saved
12:23:41 DiscordBot <F​xF​lo​w> hello
12:23:48 DiscordBot <F​xF​lo​w> ı get error
12:25:57 DiscordBot <F​xF​lo​w> thank you for your help
12:26:10 DiscordBot <F​xF​lo​w> ..
12:26:13 DiscordBot <F​xF​lo​w> ı wait.
12:29:21 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Hmm... ut is there anything more than that I can do in optimization of my server? I have really good dedicated, followed every optimization guide, and there still is big lags, with tps dropping after every hour of server uptime.\
12:32:07 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> > 1.8
12:32:13 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> > PluginDescriptionFile
12:32:16 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> > name not defined
12:32:21 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I wonder what that means...
12:36:45 DiscordBot <F​xF​lo​w> @electroniccat
12:38:07 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> - Don't ping me
12:38:16 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> - check your plugin.yml
12:41:21 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I'd heaaaavilly suggest going to read the bukkit plugin tutorial
12:57:08 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Is there anything I can do with progressive TPS drop with the same server conditions? For couple of hours with 60 players I have stable 20TPS, then it starts dropping https://timings.aikar.co/?id=c17aca1e039b463e9f6dade36b59ec6b
12:57:09 DiscordBot <P​jo​> And then it goes completly bad :(
12:57:11 DiscordBot <P​jo​> And still TPS's are going progresively down.
13:04:54 frostalf does the TPS ever improve?
13:19:25 DiscordBot <P​jo​> In night, when players are leaving. But if there is full server, they only drop, and drop, and drop. Like a downhill
13:26:52 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> G1 Old Generation: [ 409 1576716 ]
13:27:10 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Some potential that your issues are memory related
13:27:21 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> -XX:G1NewSizePercent=50 -XX:G1MaxNewSizePercent=80 try 40/60
13:27:30 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> failing that, you'll have to start looking into heap dumps
13:27:53 DiscordBot <P​jo​> I tried 40/60 before, and everything was the same
13:28:03 DiscordBot <P​jo​> So you mean I could have memory leak?
13:28:39 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> if memory starts crapping itself after so long, it's generally leak, or boils down to other potential issues relating to configuration which those flags would help
13:31:17 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Here is progressive tps downhill on this flags
13:31:49 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> timings is useless at this point
13:32:09 DiscordBot <P​jo​> So what I can do to find my issue?
13:32:23 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> > [1:27 PM] electroniccat: failing that, you'll have to start looking into heap dumps
13:32:49 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Well, I nevver done it before :/
13:33:03 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Is there any guides about that?
13:33:09 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Realating minecraft
13:33:37 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> There are probably guides for it, yes
13:33:57 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Them being specific enough to the environment you're running, not likely
13:34:20 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> analying a heap dump is the same across every java app, only thing you need to do is start gaining an understanding of what is normal and what isn't
13:36:36 DiscordBot <L​os​tA​ll​> Hello
13:36:53 DiscordBot <L​os​tA​ll​> i found error which crash my server with 55 players, 3 times in day
13:37:11 DiscordBot <L​os​tA​ll​> Please help me
13:37:27 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Well, okay. I'll have to learn somethhing new
13:37:34 DiscordBot <P​jo​> Thanks
13:37:47 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> one of your players sent a bad packet, apparently
13:38:30 DiscordBot <L​os​tA​ll​> @electroniccat how can i block it ?
13:38:36 DiscordBot <L​os​tA​ll​> is it attack ?
13:38:37 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Please don't ping me
13:38:44 DiscordBot <L​os​tA​ll​> sorry
13:40:33 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Some level of it would need to be patched in the server, or anticheat plugins might help with it
13:41:12 DiscordBot <L​os​tA​ll​> do you know any good anty cheat plugin to buy ?
14:24:51 DiscordBot <l​uk​ee​ex​d> AAC
14:27:53 DiscordBot <F​xF​lo​w> ..
14:28:15 DiscordBot <F​xF​lo​w> ı cant making .x
15:05:22 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> Get a packet limiter
16:02:11 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> why did scheduled blocks all of a sudden just start murdering my tps lol https://timings.aikar.co/?id=a22f417faf4b4f88a02af5954b9986bc#timings
16:02:24 DiscordBot <L​ar​s> Hey guys, Does anyone have a good method / way to check if a player is in a certain region
16:03:33 DiscordBot <L​ar​s> I tried Worldguard/edit to see if i can do something with regions but i couldn't find anything in the API docs, Then someone said AreaShop has a feature in the API to do it but haven't gotten any luck there either
16:04:17 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> you can use cmd blocks to check if a player's in an area, but this isn't really paper help. might wanna go to #general for that
16:06:50 DiscordBot <L​ar​s> Ah alright, Could you tell me the command though?
16:07:16 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> in #general i can
16:14:14 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> jason; Looks like command blocks or something
16:14:30 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> If you wanna see if somebody is in a WG region, you wanna use their API
16:14:42 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> They have a site with docs on how to use the API too
16:14:49 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> weird cuz i don't even know any cmd blocks that are doing crap that should kill the tps
16:15:05 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> mmore the number of them
16:15:12 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> and in part, skript is eating 15ms per tick there
16:15:52 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> hmm
16:16:20 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> so would it be better to reduce the amount of always active & repeating ones or what
16:16:52 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> You're also tripping old-gen, which ends up putting a * on the accuracy of your timings report
16:17:18 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> wdym lol
16:17:31 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Basically, "you have memory issues"
16:17:36 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> yeah
16:17:47 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> my host atm kinda sucks
16:18:02 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> old-gen collections are slow and basically kill the accuracy of timings even further than standard collections
16:18:20 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> ah
16:18:36 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> so is there really a way to fix it besides get a better host or what
16:19:46 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Well, you gotta figure out why your server is going into such a state, could be a non-issue, could be a sign of a memory leak or something which is going to keep biting you in the ass
16:20:28 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> wondering why is generally looking into heap dumps, having access to a proper profiler where you can see memory usage charts properly also helps
16:20:49 DiscordBot <J​as​on​> alright
16:26:10 DiscordBot <M​ar​co​PG​> hello
16:26:12 DiscordBot <M​ar​co​PG​> Any good server host that you guys recommend?
16:26:56 DiscordBot <M​ar​co​PG​> I´m having some performance problems and i want to change
16:30:37 DiscordBot <m​as​on​> ovh 🙂
16:30:52 DiscordBot <m​as​on​> hetzner for eu
17:11:39 DiscordBot <L​up​so​ri​s> Hello! Which Java version is recommended to install for PaperMC 1.14.4? I'm on Ubuntu 19.10.
17:18:57 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> @Lupsoris Java 8
17:19:03 DiscordBot <T​hr​as​il​ia​s> but i think 11 also works
17:19:17 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> most plugins these days require java 8
17:19:21 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> 7 is kind of rip
17:19:41 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> not sure how running higher versions affects things
17:20:20 DiscordBot <s​te​fv​an​sc​hi​e> I've been using higher Java versions on local test servers ever since Java 9 came around; haven't had any issues with them.
17:20:33 DiscordBot <L​up​so​ri​s> I use Java 11 actualy
17:29:13 DiscordBot <H​_> me too
17:29:28 DiscordBot <H​_> but i want use ver.13
17:32:24 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> 🇾
17:55:55 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> latest version of java should work fine, "official" advice is to stick to LTSes, but for mc servers, it's really not an issue assuming your stuff still works
18:54:19 DiscordBot <B​an​it​> https://timings.aikar.co/?id=bc469ec20aad47d596febdc40d15f3f9 whats killing my tps? 😦
19:02:01 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> I have an Issue
19:02:09 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> paper is saying i don't have enough heap space wtf https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/645700217966166026/unknown.png
19:02:27 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> the startup is literally: java -jar server.jar nogui
19:05:24 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> the server now works fine with Spigot 1.14.4 .....
19:05:41 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> You might want to fix this
19:07:05 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> The startup is literally i don't know how java works
19:07:31 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> nice tip right there
19:08:00 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> i clearly know what I'm doing and having jvm flags or not doesen't change the fact that it's not booting
19:08:11 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> - nogui is irrelevant to craftbukkit and all forks
19:08:16 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> - heap space is nothing we can control
19:08:26 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> That's set by the JVM or, ideally, your startup flags
19:08:36 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> how come it works with latest spigot, but not with latest paper
19:08:44 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> same script
19:08:50 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I don't know, but once again, heap space is literally nothing to do with us
19:08:57 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> Ok...
19:08:58 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> Because paper takes more heap space at startup
19:09:07 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> And since you allocated nothing, this happens.
19:09:40 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> let me try do -Xmx12G
19:11:17 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> @Banit entities and chunks mostly
19:12:55 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> and messed up java startup flags^
19:13:15 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> Im using Aikar's flags
19:13:30 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> @TheViperShow do me a favor and run "free -m"
19:13:34 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> You are running 32bit java
19:13:44 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> how would i check that
19:13:59 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> run "java -version"
19:14:02 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> java -version or java --version, based on version.
19:14:09 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/645703236589977610/unknown.png
19:14:15 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> And goddamn, you are supposed to know that.
19:14:22 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> would look something like that https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/645703293045309440/unknown.png
19:14:26 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> i know i know
19:14:31 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> i asked to be sure
19:15:10 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> I did localhost servers so many times i don't know what's going on today
19:15:36 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> type java -d64
19:15:59 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> fuck it's not 64b https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/645703697225089035/unknown.png
19:16:04 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> mhm
19:16:05 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> what the hell did I install
19:16:10 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> 32 bit java
19:16:12 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> Orcale java
19:16:25 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> ok thank you i'll find a way to uninstall that useless thing
19:16:39 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> First find a windows uninstall button
19:16:40 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> go look for the latest 64 bit openjdk of whatever java version you want
19:16:50 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> yeah i need to uninstall the 32 before
19:16:54 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> yes
19:17:07 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> the java installers uninstall previous installations automatically unless i remember entirely wrong
19:17:32 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> or at least give the option to do so
19:17:49 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> don't worry there is an official java uninstaller tool
19:20:26 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> flags: -Xmx20480M -Xms5G -Xmx20G https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/547201152010158133.png
19:20:39 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> that's wrong?
19:20:53 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> im commenting on @Banit flags
19:20:54 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> you can't have -Xmx two times
19:20:57 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> oh ok
19:21:06 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> surprised java lets you do that
19:22:06 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> do i need to reboot pc .-.
19:24:08 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> maybe
19:24:35 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> GOD FUCKING JAVA WEBSITE ITS TRASH
19:24:49 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> dont use oracle java then
19:26:17 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I dun even use windows and know that oracle offers the 32 bit version by default https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/463842968097521675.png
19:26:31 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> But no, you shouldn't need to restart, just restart the command prompt
19:26:34 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> yeah i can't frickin find the 64-bit version
19:26:58 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> They have a button on the download page somewhere to grab versions for an alternative OS
19:27:47 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> oh finally i did it
19:28:01 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> their website is bad tho
19:35:24 frostalf @N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x Java installer on windows does not uninstall previous installations or even provide that option unless you are installing the exact same version that is currently installed
19:35:29 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> I mean, their site ain't great, but I've seen worse; I generally don't bother with the JRE anyways
19:36:48 frostalf with java 9 and onwards I don't think they provide the JRE separate from the JDK anymore do they?
19:39:07 DiscordBot <S​he​vc​hi​k> Oracle doesn't provide it's java for free anymore. You need to download openjdk or any other java instead.
19:39:59 frostalf It does too
19:40:32 frostalf personal use and development usage of the Oracle JDK's are free, other uses are not
19:40:47 frostalf shows right there on the page
19:41:13 DiscordBot <V​ku​> something something gotta make a free account now
19:41:39 frostalf yes you do need to make an account which is free
19:59:06 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> Last time I tried I couldn’t make one for free
19:59:12 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> And I didn’t want to make an oracle account either
19:59:25 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> And there’s absolutely no reason to use oracle java either
20:01:58 frostalf can't really say there is no reason to use it as there is some reasons to use it. But in most cases openjdk is fine
21:03:41 DiscordBot <P​jo​> What is simple way to find memory leak?
21:08:18 frostalf you could enable logging of the GC to see if you can spot a potential memory leak, but usually using a profiler is the best way
21:08:43 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> nothing simple about finding them tbh
21:20:27 frostalf well some are simple but what barty said, most really are not lol. Just depends on the kind of memory leak you have.
21:25:07 DiscordBot <P​la​nc​ke​> you could also dump the process at boot, and dump it a bit later, tools like yourkit can compare the difference between both heap dumps
21:25:31 DiscordBot <P​la​nc​ke​> or just dump it now, if you know "normal" values
21:34:48 frostalf just keep in mind heap dumps are as large as the amount of ram you allowed the JVM to consume
21:35:45 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> brb transferring 24gb over ftp on a shitty connection
21:35:51 frostalf lol
21:36:17 frostalf if you have a decent software for ftp, you can always resume the connection instead of restarting from the beginning ;)
21:36:24 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> oops, modem restarted halfway
21:36:31 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> crappy ftp client doesn't allow to resume?
21:36:31 frostalf filezilla is good with that if using windows
21:36:33 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> this is fine
21:37:20 frostalf filezilla will ask upon transfer again what you want to do, and it has an option to select resume and will start from where it left off :)
21:38:06 frostalf filezilla can even do sftp as well if you don't like ftp or if you are not restricted only to ftp
21:38:52 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> yeah i use mostly filezilla
21:38:54 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> it's alright
21:39:21 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> although I am like 20 major versions out of date probably
21:40:57 frostalf to use sftp, that is use ssh, in the host area you just put sftp://(host)
21:41:01 frostalf and it will use sftp ;)
21:41:53 frostalf just pointing that out since in the options it doesn't have that option by default lol