Log for #paper-help on SpigotMC - 2020/08/12

Topic -- Topic: Paper help and support channel | Source: https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/ | Maven: https://papermc.io/repo/repository/maven-public/ | Download: https://papermc.io/downloads
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00:01:22 DiscordBot <I​ns​pi​> so hum i'm on 1.16.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT and getting this error:
00:01:31 DiscordBot <I​ns​pi​> Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.bukkit.inventory.meta.CompassMeta
00:02:02 DiscordBot <C​at​Sa​nd​wi​ch​> Hey folks, anyone know what would cause connectionhandler to cause lag?
00:02:30 DiscordBot <I​ns​pi​> i'm using this simple code java private void giveCompass(Player player) { ItemStack compass = new ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/7716af0a40b54f908e210f6b1516a216
00:17:56 DiscordBot <L​ui​z_​We​nn​er​> paper timings not working ?
00:17:57 DiscordBot <L​ui​z_​We​nn​er​> for me not open page
00:17:59 DiscordBot <L​ui​z_​We​nn​er​> https://timings.aikar.co/?id=f6a3c4e3bb2b4e3ba671e35309a76ae7
00:28:58 DiscordBot <G​az​pa​ N​ov​a> Can I get any help with these?
00:28:59 DiscordBot <G​az​pa​ N​ov​a> https://timings.aikar.co/?id=a4711d9407f044d4ade5e12108f609a9
00:29:10 DiscordBot <G​az​pa​ N​ov​a> I need help optimizing this
00:37:34 DiscordBot <К​уІ​е> It's not paper
01:00:48 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> https://timings.aikar.co/?id=bcd3bd068fef43f281a01dbe94769a4e
01:00:50 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> gelp me
01:08:33 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> Btw why there isn't version instead of {?0}
01:26:59 DiscordBot <j​mp​> becuase the server is really old
01:28:54 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> It isn't, it's 1.15.2-1.16.1
01:29:07 DiscordBot <j​mp​> idk then
01:29:22 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> For you there is normally ver?
01:29:56 DiscordBot <j​mp​> idk
01:30:05 DiscordBot <j​mp​> normally i connect to updated servers
01:30:10 DiscordBot <j​mp​> or they have viaversion
01:57:58 DiscordBot <f​la​gi​sa​ll​us​> @Renzotom I used to have this kind of issue when running an outdated version of BungeeCord and connecting with a newer client. Is that your case?
02:02:06 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> I have the newest waterfall
02:02:23 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> not the newest, without 1.16.2 support yet, srry, 1 ver behind ๐Ÿ˜…
02:02:37 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> but it shouldn't produce this issue with don't replacing placeholder?
02:04:57 DiscordBot <n​ic​kt​he​ru​sh​fa​n> Hi, I'm looking to add "Enable-PistonInconsistency-Fix = false" to my paper.yml file, where should it go within the file? Thanks!
02:06:23 DiscordBot <n​ic​kt​he​ru​sh​fa​n> Nevermind, found it as "piston duplication"
02:12:41 DiscordBot <M​or​on​> Is there a way to nerf raid farms?
02:13:10 DiscordBot <M​or​on​> Not 100% sure if thats causing lag but i get tps stutters when ppl known to use raid farms are on
02:17:23 DiscordBot <S​ub​16​> hey guys is there a new pager for 1.15.20
02:17:30 DiscordBot <S​ub​16​> 1.16.20
02:22:11 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> huh?
02:22:46 DiscordBot <S​ha​ne​Be​e ​๐ŸŒด​> > 1.16.20
02:22:47 DiscordBot <S​ha​ne​Be​e ​๐ŸŒด​> assuming you mean 1.16.2, check out the channel that explains it
02:22:48 DiscordBot <S​ha​ne​Be​e ​๐ŸŒด​> kinda hard to miss
02:22:49 DiscordBot <S​ha​ne​Be​e ​๐ŸŒด​> #โ—โ—readme-1-16-2โ—โ—
02:30:23 DiscordBot <J​oe​71​0> I'm having issues with my server
02:30:39 DiscordBot <J​oe​71​0> People are unable to join my server and I am not sure why
02:30:56 DiscordBot <J​oe​71​0> Everything was fine yesterday and I did not change any files
02:31:11 DiscordBot <J​oe​71​0> Not sure why I'm having this issue
02:31:31 DiscordBot <D​an​ny​61​67​> Guessing your players updated to 1.16.2
02:31:43 DiscordBot <J​oe​71​0> Not sure to be honest
02:31:46 DiscordBot <J​oe​71​0> I told them not to
02:32:04 DiscordBot <D​an​ny​61​67​> People are awesome
02:34:31 DiscordBot <J​oe​71​0> Yeah, but they are still unable to connect even when they go back to 1.16.1
02:35:46 DiscordBot <D​an​ny​61​67​> Then you will need to show logs and/or disconnect screen for anyone here to help.
02:36:26 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <C​hi​vi​to​s>
02:36:27 DiscordBot .paste
02:36:32 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Oh
02:36:33 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> wait no
02:36:35 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <C​hi​vi​to​s>
02:36:36 DiscordBot .optimize
02:36:38 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> that one
02:48:15 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> prob
02:48:22 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> prob
02:48:26 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> that looks simple
02:49:02 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> um ok
02:49:06 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Any plugin :vV?
02:49:25 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <E​te​rN​it​y>
02:49:26 DiscordBot .g show item name minecraft plugin
02:49:27 xD (DiscordBot) https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/showitem.10133/ -- ShowItem | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft: "With the ShowItem Bukkit plugin you will be able to take full ... This plugin also supports translatable item names so that players will see the ..."
02:49:42 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> Google is your best friend...
03:03:50 DiscordBot <J​ay​na​to​r4​95​> I could use some help... I removed all plugins to see if that helped, but it didn't. Each user connection is using something like 6-8mbps upload, and my rx is around 24k, I've tried every paper version from 130-135 and even tried just using spigot to the same result. I'm at a loss of what to do next, so here I am. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/742941383173865505/un
03:04:35 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> I got wet with aikars voice
03:04:39 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> I just heard it
03:05:37 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> > .g show item name minecraft plugin
03:05:38 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> @EterNity Thats not
03:05:41 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> What im looking for
03:09:12 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> wair
03:09:13 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> wait
03:09:15 DiscordBot <d​yl​an​> is 1.16.2 expected to have better performance?
03:09:18 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> how does he have a pickaxe as an icon on the item
03:09:20 DiscordBot <d​yl​an​> either client/server or both
03:10:45 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> > is 1.16.2 expected to have better performance?
03:10:46 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> @dylan Guess
03:12:07 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> New Mob - Added a Brutal Piglin, hostile to all players, they do not differ much from the usual one... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/36d6581cea9a4a4bad7d0129032b6830
03:12:10 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Thats pretty much it
03:13:32 DiscordBot <d​yl​an​> the page also lists '150+ bug fixes' but I guess they throw that around with every update
03:13:48 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> They really need to improve the next update
03:17:36 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Sorry Ethanol
03:18:51 DiscordBot <b​ob​ s​ag​et​> where do i find texture pack for my server?
03:27:40 DiscordBot <c​on​tr​ic​k> i did a few cursory searches, and didnt see anything on google or the forums for this, but forgive me if this is a common question, as ive just started
03:28:17 DiscordBot <c​on​tr​ic​k> I get this "[Wed, 12. Aug 2020 03:09:15 UTC ERROR] Unknown structure piece id: minecraft:jigsaw" quite often, presumably on chunk load
03:28:50 DiscordBot <A​oE​li​te​> for a large survival server is it better to have better single thread performance or multithreaded performance?
03:32:59 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> aim for good single thread but make sure you have many threads as well
03:33:12 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> ryzens are pretty good
03:34:10 DiscordBot <J​oe​71​0> Any updates for when 1.16.2 for paper is going to come out?
03:36:54 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> @Joe710 #โ—โ—readme-1-16-2โ—โ—
03:37:30 DiscordBot <J​oe​71​0> I read that already I was wondering if anyone else knows any more info.
03:39:31 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> no
03:41:05 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> watch the stream
03:41:12 DiscordBot <p​op​49​59​> when its done then its done
03:42:57 DiscordBot <o​k> does anyone know why right clicking with knowledge book makes it disappear? is this a bug or intended behavior? I wanna use knowledge book as an item
03:53:31 DiscordBot <c​on​tr​ic​k> > I get this "[Wed, 12. Aug 2020 03:09:15 UTC ERROR] Unknown structure piece id: minecraft:jigsaw" quite often, presumably on chunk load
03:53:54 DiscordBot <c​on​tr​ic​k> related maybe, i have a pillager outpost that seems to have forgotten it was a pillager outpost
04:12:51 DiscordBot <f​tc​_d​oz​er​> I'm not sure but your theory is probably correct. I remember jigsaw being some kind of structure (maybe it got removed in 1.16? I think it was like a testing thing)
04:24:02 DiscordBot <f​tc​_d​oz​er​> How do I setup TimoCloud? https://github.com/TimoCloud/TimoCloud/wiki/1.-Setup The setup says nothing about what the port of the server will be, and where to get the waterfall / paper plugin.
04:29:43 DiscordBot <h​yp​er​de​fi​ne​d> the download is on the releases page
04:30:42 DiscordBot <h​yp​er​de​fi​ne​d> it's on the readme, they have a Jenkins server
04:32:34 DiscordBot <f​tc​_d​oz​er​> ok thanks that at least answers the second hald
04:32:37 DiscordBot <f​tc​_d​oz​er​> *half
04:32:43 DiscordBot <f​tc​_d​oz​er​> I was coming from their spigot page
04:32:47 DiscordBot <f​tc​_d​oz​er​> but it wasnt a plugin
04:32:51 DiscordBot <f​tc​_d​oz​er​> wich is dumb but ok
04:41:49 DiscordBot <f​ra​nk​42​> What plugin do you recommend to limit mobs by chunks? is it advisable to use this type of plugin?
04:42:21 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> > What plugin do you recommend to limit mobs by chunks? is it advisable to use this type of plugin?
04:42:23 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> @frank42 yes
04:42:26 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> Mob Farm Mananger
04:42:38 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> Is very useful for farms o afkers-spawners
04:42:44 DiscordBot <f​tc​_d​oz​er​> Uh, I thought mob limitimg was built into paper?
04:43:01 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> Every X interval, u can remove excesives mobs from chunks
04:43:08 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> u can configure how much for each mob
04:56:27 DiscordBot <f​ra​nk​42​> How is Insights - Super configurable limits?
04:56:28 DiscordBot <f​ra​nk​42​> Has anyone used it?
04:59:36 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> useless
05:12:29 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Someone help
05:12:33 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Thats the plugin list
05:12:47 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> idk why but some npcs freeze
05:12:55 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> 20 TPS
05:44:37 DiscordBot <m​al​se​m> Any help? why im getting a huge cpu consumption from tracket stage 1, whats that
06:31:40 DiscordBot <b​ob​ s​ag​et​> can i add texture pack to my server for everyone and if so where would i find some?
06:38:33 DiscordBot <S​ha​do​wH​ac​ke​r> Woah.. well.. I don't know what you mean Fantom and @bob saget you mean server resource pack? You can set that in server.properties I believe. It asks though for it, not everyone would need to use it, unless you use some sort of plugin to "force" it (kick when they don't use it etc.)
06:54:03 DiscordBot <X​et​a> does anyone here know filezilla well?
06:58:12 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> > How can i make that for example survival to be 1.16.1 and kit pvp 1.8.9
06:58:13 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> @FantomFancy wdym
06:58:24 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> If it’s bungeecord, you can
06:58:30 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> If it’s on the same server, you cannot
06:58:39 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> > does anyone here know filezilla well?
06:58:40 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> @Xeta I do
07:00:30 DiscordBot <X​et​a> So I stopped my server, started downloading it with FileZilla then during the download the server restarted (idk how, I was offline) and then people joined and started playing, would the server download be messed up now? @Chivitos
07:01:05 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Most likely to, yes
07:01:25 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> It may turned on because some mc hosting servers have something called wings
07:01:36 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> That turn on servers when they turn off for any reason
07:01:46 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> So when it crashes they turn on again automatically
07:02:03 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> Id recommend downloading it all again so no file gets corrupted
07:02:17 DiscordBot <X​et​a> okay but it takes so long though
07:02:29 DiscordBot <X​et​a> mainly because of the dynmap tile files
07:04:16 DiscordBot <X​et​a> @Chivitos do you think i should zip my plugin folder then download it and unzip it on my desktop?
07:07:05 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> That’s on you
07:07:25 DiscordBot <C​hi​vi​to​s> I’d recommend still downloading the folder so you don’t take much time zipping/unzipping
07:09:44 DiscordBot <M​or​on​> is nether and end chunk generation known to cause lag?
07:10:07 DiscordBot <M​or​on​> the nether, with the new stuff
07:10:08 DiscordBot <M​or​on​> and the end, with the fast af elytra flight
07:27:43 --> joestr (joestr!~Thunderbird@SpigotMC-pp0l36.dyn.drei.com) joined the channel
07:30:30 DiscordBot <๐…๐ž๐๐ž๐ซ๐š๐ฅ ​๐​๐ฎ​๐ซ​๐ž​๐š​๐ฎ​ ๐จ๐Ÿ ​๐ˆ​๐ง​๐ฏ​๐ž​๐ฌ​๐ญ​๐ข​๐ ​๐š​๐ญ​๐ข​๐จ​๐ง​> Is there any settings on paper.yml to change for most possible vanilla experience?
07:36:08 DiscordBot <F​an​to​mF​an​cy​> > If it’s bungeecord, you can
07:36:10 DiscordBot <F​an​to​mF​an​cy​> @Chivitos oh shoot thats bad i have paper
07:46:25 DiscordBot <G​il​be​rt​Gr​is​so​m> when will 1.16.2 be?
07:49:07 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> > when will 1.16.2 be?
07:49:09 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> @GilbertGrissom https://discordapp.com/channels/289587909051416579/742779128868241550/742779318991585361
07:57:34 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <S​HI​NI​BA​MI​>
07:57:36 DiscordBot .eta
08:10:20 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> Hey! Is there any possible bug/vulnerability for people to join the server avoiding whitelist? Yesterday, a player from Spain joined our private server and it's kinda weird considering we have a whitelist and there's no one with this player's UUID / name.
08:19:09 DiscordBot <[​YT​]M​r.​Sn​ip​a> from where to log in to pterodactyl daemon
08:21:31 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> > Hey! Is there any possible bug/vulnerability for people to join the server avoiding whitelist? Yes... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/d363db769ca34be8845f912086e43abc
08:28:40 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> is your private server even advertised anywhere? i can't shake the feeling that it's someone from the staff messing with you. a whitelist should be bulletproof but feel free to correct me wrong, anyone who knows more
08:31:04 DiscordBot <S​HI​NI​BA​MI​> > @defracted my paranoid self tells me that there is always the possibility of a backdoor implemented in one of the plugins by the developer, but my rational self tells me that i don't know enough on this subject to stand by that possibility
08:31:05 DiscordBot <S​HI​NI​BA​MI​> @takatalvi especially if you got a premium plugin from blackspigot or anywhere for free
08:31:16 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> Is the whitelist turned on in the first place? ๐Ÿค” just adding people too it doesnt help if it isnt turned on
08:32:55 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> that's quite basic, but very important to verify
08:33:11 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> and yes, i was thinking about plugins from unreliable sources especially
08:40:26 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> > is your private server even advertised anywhere? i can't shake the feeling that it's someone from ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/937b5468f80940ef86f3dfa27f49f7b7
08:40:32 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> ngl but it's kinda creepy
08:41:00 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> > Is the whitelist turned on in the first place? ๐Ÿค” just adding people too it doesnt help if it isnt turned on
08:41:01 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> @Drago yes, of course! did it via server.properties tho
08:41:03 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> Have you confirmed that your whitelist is working tho?
08:41:25 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> you can also use the vanilla command /whitelist on to just make sure
08:41:35 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> before that lets first try it out
08:41:36 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> it will give you a message `already turned on"
08:41:41 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> Oh
08:42:17 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> monkaS
08:42:23 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> yes, that's what i meant, so that's fine
08:43:11 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> do you have any other plugins that work as whitelists? e.g. litebans or something that could have its own WL system
08:43:40 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> we have only litebans, essentialsxchat and well i forgot to mention it before coreprotect
08:44:05 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> essentialsx doesn't have a whitelist as far as i know, but who knows about litebans
08:44:13 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> hm
08:44:18 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> lemme check if it's opensourced
08:45:25 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> well it looks it's not but i doubt it's litebans plugin since a lot of servers using it ๐Ÿค”
08:46:09 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> found the default confidg
08:46:11 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> https://gitlab.com/ruany/LiteBans/blob/master/config.yml
08:46:36 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> there is a whitelist section under geoip, so i guess litebans has an implementation of geoip-based whitelist
08:46:50 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> It's disabled
08:47:09 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> and well we have it disabled too
08:47:29 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> well anyways, thanks to coreprotect everything this random user did was easily reverted. Asked here just to make sure there are no problems in the core or something like that xD
08:48:49 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> the US devs are probably asleep by now, unless they are pulling an all-nighter.. i don't know much about the core stuff, but i like to test stuff and investigate
08:50:00 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> ¯\_(ใƒ„)_/¯
08:56:26 DiscordBot <F​an​to​mF​an​cy​> > @takatalvi no it was never advertised except people can join by a domain name (mc.example.com) and the only staff member is actually me lol, i checked the logs since we moved to 1.16 (basically when paper was released) and there no signs of this random username at all
08:56:27 DiscordBot <F​an​to​mF​an​cy​> @defracted maybe u oped someone
08:57:20 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> not possible, there are only like 5-6 players on our server and none of them have those permissions
08:58:11 DiscordBot <F​an​to​mF​an​cy​> Maybe he was usong client that allows to join whiteliated server idk check his ip from ligs
08:58:14 DiscordBot <F​an​to​mF​an​cy​> Logs*
08:58:50 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> Already did that
08:59:30 DiscordBot <F​an​to​mF​an​cy​> Idk how did he/she do that
08:59:36 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> same lol
08:59:43 DiscordBot <F​an​to​mF​an​cy​> :)
09:00:57 DiscordBot <d​ef​ra​ct​ed​> good thing is we have coreprotect, this random player was kinda rude and broke some block on our hyperloop >:( but i guess thats quite offtopic
09:02:03 DiscordBot <F​an​to​mF​an​cy​> Coreprotect is best i wish i had that plugin back in days bcs someone cracked my minceraft and blew up my spawn
09:17:26 DiscordBot <t​om​js​ch​wa​nk​e> ohh I have to look at core protect
09:17:27 DiscordBot <t​om​js​ch​wa​nk​e> I run hourly, daily and weekly backups via rsnapshot but that doesnt have the inspector thing
10:20:35 DiscordBot <F​ro​st​wo​lf​> I like you
10:20:38 DiscordBot <F​ro​st​wo​lf​> 1.16.2
10:20:52 DiscordBot <F​ro​st​wo​lf​> #โ—โ—readme-1-16-2โ—โ— i am readed
10:20:54 DiscordBot <F​ro​st​wo​lf​> Ok
10:21:04 DiscordBot <F​ro​st​wo​lf​> Meattekn#9096 - unban please
10:21:29 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> if he's banned, he's most likely banned with good reason
10:22:42 DiscordBot <F​ro​st​wo​lf​> A good reason for the unclear answer about the transition of the paper to 1.16.X when I read the channel attention, and was simply banned.
10:23:37 DiscordBot <F​ro​st​wo​lf​> Please unban him
10:23:48 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Nty
10:34:49 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> Everything that needs to be communicated is written there.
11:07:49 DiscordBot <A​ri​st​og​en​is​T> Guys question: should I chose intel Xeon or i9 as a hosting machine?
11:09:59 DiscordBot <A​ri​st​og​en​is​T> Ping me if you have any suggestions
11:12:23 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> all i know is minecraft servers work best on CPUs with high clock per-core, so i'd go with the fewer-core, higher-clock one
11:15:07 DiscordBot <A​ri​st​og​en​is​T> Well with the second choice I can choose from 1 to 6 cores
11:15:36 DiscordBot <A​ri​st​og​en​is​T> But 2 would be fine since the server is under development atm
11:16:01 DiscordBot <A​ri​st​og​en​is​T> I am currently at the first choice
11:16:49 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> i'd go with the second one but can't guarantee it, i'm not managing the HW of my server. you better get a second opinion
11:17:26 DiscordBot <A​ri​st​og​en​is​T> Aha I am looking forward for more opinions
11:17:47 DiscordBot <A​ri​st​og​en​is​T> Thanks
11:19:27 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> @AristogenisT i9
11:19:40 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> though if it's a shared hosting it doesn't matter too much
11:20:04 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> > all i know is minecraft servers work best on CPUs with high clock per-core,
11:20:07 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <M​ic​ha​el​>
11:20:08 DiscordBot .g gigahertz myth
11:20:09 xD (DiscordBot) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megahertz_myth -- Megahertz myth - Wikipedia: "The megahertz myth, or in more recent cases the gigahertz myth, refers to the misconception of only using clock rate to compare the performance of..."
11:21:11 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> cool, so using kinda misinformed reasons i got to the right choice ๐Ÿ™‚
11:23:15 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> my host claims they use i9-9900k, but of course it's shared hosting
11:28:02 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​ly​en​> Is it possible to put images in minecraft chat?
11:37:21 DiscordBot <A​ri​st​og​en​is​T> I am talking about dedicated server ofc
11:38:05 DiscordBot <A​ri​st​og​en​is​T> And I will read the article once I finish eating, thanks
11:55:28 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> I did find a bug
11:55:41 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> Very rarely (but happens), when u do /spawn or some teleports commands
11:55:56 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> Sometimes u can die falling to the air
11:56:01 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> i mean, like to start falling down
11:56:03 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> literally
11:56:14 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> this may happen more often if u have some lag
11:56:23 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> but why are they even dying?
11:56:44 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> You mean falling to the void?
11:56:47 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> ye
11:57:10 DiscordBot <M​rZ​Do​k> The good o bug
11:59:36 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/anti-void-death.11005/
11:59:38 DiscordBot <M​it​su​i2​k> ?
12:00:42 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> 1.7-1.8 plugin
12:01:13 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> But you can try
12:24:10 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> Hi, I ran out of memory? [11:50:18] [Craft Async Scheduler Management Thread/WARN]: Exception in thr... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/bf60628537034cfb804f17152334af21
12:25:06 DiscordBot <M​rZ​Do​k> yes u did OutOfMemoryError
12:26:46 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Good job
12:29:08 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> though not necessarily out of memory
12:29:11 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> he could've ran out of process PIDs
12:29:17 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> > possibly out of memory or process/resource limits reached
13:04:43 DiscordBot <s​hi​ts​ho​w> what would you do in a situation like that mich
13:13:57 DiscordBot <S​im​on​.> Hello! Is it worth setting the -Xms value lower in the startup command, than the -XmxG value? If yes, how does this allocation works?
13:15:16 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> raising the PID numbers
13:20:18 DiscordBot <S​ca​rl​et​> GOGOGO 1.16.2
13:20:47 DiscordBot <S​ca​rl​et​> I want fight with brutal piglins
13:29:00 DiscordBot <D​ud​du​Yu​M> Hi guys I need to run paper-1618 (which is based on vanilla 1.12.2) so I downloaded it from https://papermc.io/legacy and try to run it using java -Xmx2G -Xms2G paper-1618.jar. Unfortunately it's gave me the error saying that the main class paper-1618.jar cannot be found (I don't report the error text -because it is not written in English) . Have anybody of you had this kind of error?
13:29:04 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p>
13:29:05 DiscordBot .flags
13:29:21 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> @Simon. read that page itll tell you all you need to know about startup flags
13:29:47 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> @DudduYuM older version is not supported here. You will need to figure out on your own.
13:32:14 DiscordBot <D​ud​du​Yu​M> @EterNity thank you ๐Ÿ‘
13:36:51 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> @DudduYuM you forgot -jar
13:38:19 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> aikar still awake? from last night?
13:38:20 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> lol
13:58:38 DiscordBot <I​mE​vo​> > @DudduYuM older version is not supported here. You will need to figure out on your own.
13:58:39 DiscordBot <I​mE​vo​> @EterNity
13:58:40 DiscordBot <I​mE​vo​> Good job you're not the only one allowed to help people then, as others are clearly more willing to https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/711012142790344845.png
13:59:22 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> please press the leave button
14:00:03 DiscordBot <M​rZ​Do​k> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/512250057160917004.gif
14:02:45 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> gotta be wholesome to be treated wholesome :)
14:02:50 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> it's wholesome for people who can read
14:02:54 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/533304560916234240.gif
14:03:14 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> tbh we got less of people asking for support for a decade old version so that's a plus
14:03:27 DiscordBot <I​mE​vo​> The channel is literally called 'Paper-help'
14:03:46 DiscordBot <I​mE​vo​> I don't see why shitting on people for asking for help is needed
14:03:47 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> and it clearly tell you outdated version isnt supported on both discord and website https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/721385991721451611.png
14:04:06 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y> how is it shitting people I just told you it is not supported https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/721385991721451611.png
14:04:44 DiscordBot <I​mE​vo​> me? I'm not asking for help
14:04:52 DiscordBot <I​mE​vo​> Was another guy asking about 1.12.2
14:06:05 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Someone informing someone that their version isn't supported here isn't "shitting on them"
14:06:18 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> it was a fine interaction, and the person handled it well
14:06:20 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> take your drama elsewhere
14:06:31 DiscordBot <D​ud​du​Yu​M> @Aikar you are right I missed it, thank man!
14:08:27 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> oh hes gonna keep going rn
14:08:31 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> ๐Ÿฟ
14:08:45 DiscordBot <I​mE​vo​> Ite, I don't want to create any drama and tbf I didn't need to even reply. Just felt considering people were already helping the kid it wasn't a nessesary comment ๐Ÿคท‍♂๏ธ
14:09:02 DiscordBot <I​mE​vo​> But I don't need help with anything so i'll leave https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/734687475498483784.gif
14:09:09 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Directly stated in the rules we do not support older versions, someone politely informing them of that is not an issue
14:09:33 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> if someone was jumping up and down screaming like a child it'd be a different discussion
14:09:37 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> also on the page he downloaded it from doe https://owo.whats-th.is/8UEL8Py.png
14:09:38 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> the fact that a user was rude to you for asking support with an outdated version doesn't mean they have something against you personally, it's just that there is a written rule about not supporting versions older than X
14:10:21 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> wasnt even rude either lol
14:11:02 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> and the actual user who was told wasnt even mad, only this guy isso if that says anything about how stupid this argument is https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/581629003442683905.png
14:11:05 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> im going back to #general
14:12:52 DiscordBot <t​ak​at​al​vi​> well it came across as rude to him, so it won't be easy disproving his perception, it's a matter of opinion. some people are less resilient to hard talk, so he left. end of story, i guess
14:14:23 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> drama alert
14:14:43 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/451077368551964672.gif
14:17:42 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> and people cmon that problem didnt relate to the fact they used 1.12, would of happened on 1.16 too. "dont support" doesnt mean "were not going to talk to you", it means were not going to fix problems in the code for those versions.
14:18:11 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> fix or diagnose
14:18:20 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> so we do fix problems
14:18:31 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> (i was late to the party, didnt see -jar, if i did obv i would fix that)
14:18:33 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> no, that was an abstract, version independent problem/question
14:19:00 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> if they never mentioned their build #, this incident would not have happened
14:19:10 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> probably true
14:19:13 DiscordBot <G​am​er​HD​> Would sysbench 1 thread score on ubuntu be a reasonable thing to compare between servers for running paper?
14:19:26 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> im saying least read the issue before jumping on https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/520760725640052736.png
14:19:28 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> most people use cpubenchmark single thread rating, havent used sysbench
14:23:32 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> Has anyone else recently run into an issue were a small number of their users report they are running speed 5 all the time?
14:24:18 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> I have tried 135 which didn't help, and now gone back to 131 which was what I was using since before this issue started.
14:26:01 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> Plugins?
14:26:07 DiscordBot <G​am​er​HD​> @Daenningas Got couple servers with few players on each, no speed issues. I did notice that speed does get extended once more sometimes when near the beacon but that's about it
14:28:31 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> I have been removing plugins updated or changed since the issue started. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/743113689326157954/unknown.png
14:28:59 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> I started specific going at things I thought could impact player movement.
14:29:09 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> ProtocolLib now gone.
14:30:00 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> Some home grown plugins, but they have been in place for a long time.
14:30:18 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> They have nothing to do with player movement.
14:30:25 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> Like walking in the world.
14:30:43 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> sounds like attribute issues
14:31:29 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> Is there something I can read on about that topic? Not something I am familiar with.
14:32:57 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> movement speed would potentially be stuff like attributes
14:36:49 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> Is this along the lines of a player is within a speed V beacon, their movement speed is X. When they are outside the beacon their movement speed is Y.
14:36:50 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> The attribute value for speed V in the playerdata is borked.
14:37:20 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> Either of you know how I would go about checking / correcting this?
14:42:40 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> Or is there any good data I can collect to report this as a bug?
14:43:35 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> beacons use effects, not attributes
14:43:52 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> That's not a paper issue if those have been changed
14:44:01 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> ez option is to test renaming their player data file
14:44:30 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> I haven't changed any attributes.
14:44:34 DiscordBot <r​oc​k ​lo​ck​e> can i get help with some rather stupid questions?
14:44:47 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> Never said that you specifically did
14:45:10 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> Ok, just saying everything above is just related to me thinking about how to fix this.
14:45:56 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> playerdata file contains everything for their progression and inventory though right?
14:46:41 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> yes
14:46:48 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> he's suggesting you rename it to check if thats the case
14:46:59 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> if so you can edit the attributes back in that file or via a plugin
14:53:27 DiscordBot <A​et​er​nu​m> Hey
14:55:23 DiscordBot <A​et​er​nu​m> So Im choosing the server version for a project im working on. With theoretical infinite server hardware resources and configuration to optimize as much as possible, whats the performance difference between 1.12.2 and 1.16+
14:57:31 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> It must be an attribute issue. generating a new playerdata file for the user has mitigated the issue.
15:03:29 DiscordBot <D​ae​nn​in​ga​s> How would I compare the attributes between dat files? Work out what it is?