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Topic -- Topic: Paper plugin/server development channel | Source: https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/ | Maven: https://papermc.io/repo/repository/maven-public/ | Download: https://papermc.io/downloads
Topic -- Topic set on May 16, 2019 05:28:23 am by Z750
17:52:48 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> a not implemented error but i dont understand why it hits it on 1.14.4 but not 1.14
17:53:01 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> what is the thing that is not implemented
17:53:32 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> well if it cant handle it its suppose to fallback to just creating a blank itemstack with air
17:55:44 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> main issue it seems it also doesn't want to generate the config file
17:55:47 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> things a whole mess lol
17:55:56 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> and this plugin should prob be rewritten
17:57:37 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> its a big as fuck plugin though
17:59:05 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> oh no
17:59:10 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> ive solved this issue before
17:59:37 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> https://i.imgur.com/qxEj1J7.png
18:00:38 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> how the heck does a space in the foldername cause these problems jeesus
18:06:47 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> > folder
18:07:24 DiscordBot <S​il​ve​rw​ol​fg​11​> spaces in folders cause a lot of issues as ive found out recently...
18:14:52 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> problem is this plugin is using java URI's which are just trash
18:15:10 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> it looks for plugins config cant find it and freaks out
18:17:45 DiscordBot <i​ma​BA​SK​ET​> because URIs dont know spaces
18:21:39 DiscordBot <N​NY​aK​Np​Gm​s0​eU​Vp​iS​dH​x> they do but they're represented with %20
19:51:39 DiscordBot <C​ha​se​wh​ip​> What are you supposed to use instead of URLs then ?
23:07:38 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> How do I use nms classes with maven?
23:08:21 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> You'd need to build paper locally so that it installs to your local maven repo
23:08:34 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> then, exact same, just without the -api
23:08:41 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> Ah alright.
23:08:43 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> Any other solution?
23:08:45 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> or would I Have to build it?
23:09:09 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Well, distribution of the server jars is a "no no", so, pretty much
23:11:01 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> @electroniccat Can you link me paper spigot 1.13.2 github repo?
23:11:11 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> Please don't ping me
23:11:13 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> Sorry
23:11:16 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​> #welcome
23:11:26 DiscordBot <N​ot​Le​ge​nd​> My bad.