Log for #paper-dev on SpigotMC - 2020/08/12

Topic -- Topic: Paper plugin/server development channel | Source: https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/ | Maven: https://papermc.io/repo/repository/maven-public/ | Download: https://papermc.io/downloads
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00:51:06 DiscordBot <S​we​dz​> i am trying so hard to understand what is going on here
00:51:16 DiscordBot <S​we​dz​> theres literally no information that i can find to explain this
00:51:46 DiscordBot <S​we​dz​> i use: groovy publishing { publications { mavenJava(MavenPublication) { from... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/1860d45edaf04f4dabf1a14d6725bf1c
00:52:34 DiscordBot <S​we​dz​> also it highlights MavenPublication with warnings saying 'mavenJava' cannot be applied to '(java.la... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/32129b8b06e345e6b7921ffb6b8ef139
00:54:39 DiscordBot <S​we​dz​> i am not interested in defining my dependencies and repos two times. how can i get my stuff i defined for the project to map onto this? all the examples i find are just showing how to write them raw
01:07:53 DiscordBot <S​we​dz​> also it generates a huge comment block in the file and i really dont want that there either
01:51:52 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> https://streamable.com/0wjymfWhat did I do wrong
01:52:16 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> Not really sure why the sword has an attack speed of 4 when the attribute is set to 1.6
01:56:42 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> the only difference i can tell is one is blue and the working one is green https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555462289851940864/742924489737895977/unknown.png
01:57:00 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> armor is blue, odd
01:57:43 DiscordBot <b​âr​ty​> the emerald sword doesnt have any attribute modifications
02:02:39 DiscordBot <C​lo​ro​fo​rm​o> https://paste.helpch.at/ahivuqamar.csWhat is wrong with my code?
02:02:40 DiscordBot <C​lo​ro​fo​rm​o> only the crafting of the enchantedObsidian works (the compobs recipe).
02:13:42 DiscordBot <S​we​dz​> how is anyone meant to read that
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02:47:27 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > @Crystall @Tüm @_tomcraft @TheShermanTanker ya'll all wanted a ping when the live streaming is about to start. that time is now 😉 join voice. stream starts soon https://www.twitch.tv/aikaradora
02:47:28 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @BillyGalbreath I didn't actually request for a ping when the livestream started but thanks for the notification anyway ;)
02:48:47 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> its still going if you wanna get in voice and tune in
02:48:57 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > billy it looks like its time for another Billy Plugin on that one PR lol
02:48:58 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @Aikar ;-; I just thought it would be nice to have that option by default
02:50:53 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Hey I just realised
02:51:09 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Is the package naming going to stay the same for 1.16.2
02:51:32 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Like all the method names and stuff
02:55:25 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> no
02:55:41 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> lots of mappings are changed and the package name changed too
04:04:30 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> So now it's v1_16_2?
04:04:33 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Shitttt
04:04:34 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Sigh
04:05:15 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Any protips on how to keep patches up to date
04:05:23 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> For my own fork that is
04:05:35 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Since literally everything changed :/
04:05:41 DiscordBot <D​uc​kC​al​le​r> @Aikar nigger communis
04:08:25 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Are you using byof?
04:08:29 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r>
04:08:31 DiscordBot .byof
04:11:00 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> nope I'm using the default Paper github repo
04:12:09 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> For the time being I saved all my patches elsewhere so I don't have to start from scratch when Paper 1.16.2 drops https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555462289851940864/742958578545197118/2020-08-12_1.png
04:12:26 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> but I can see this quickly becoming a nightmare with every name change
04:12:50 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Yeah. Byof is what you should want to be using. It makes updating paper versions very easy
04:13:33 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Note. It is only a template. So you have to modify things to fit your project
04:13:44 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Specifically. Giving the fork a name
04:14:15 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I can't understand how to use it though
04:14:16 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> :/
04:14:24 DiscordBot <P​au​l> how does that make it easier? wouldn't you be updating your own patches regardless?
04:14:25 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> The readme is rather confusing
04:14:44 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > how does that make it easier? wouldn't you be updating your own patches regardless?
04:14:45 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @Paul I think it helps you deal with the obfuscation and such
04:14:59 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> still am confused about how to use byof
04:15:09 DiscordBot <P​au​l> clone it
04:15:27 DiscordBot <P​au​l> modify the initial patch so you're not building with the empirecraft group/artifact id
04:16:42 DiscordBot <P​au​l> then i assume you run scripts/apply , and from there you can just mvn install or whatever
04:16:50 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> so delete the 2 patch files inside the "patches" folder?
04:16:51 DiscordBot <P​au​l> well u prolly wanna run the scripts before modifying the patch
04:16:52 DiscordBot <P​au​l> but ye
04:17:14 DiscordBot <P​au​l> not delete them, you can modify them
04:17:21 DiscordBot <P​au​l> check the contributing in paper's git to see hw
04:17:22 DiscordBot <P​au​l> how *
04:17:39 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Yeah but seems like it's easier to just remove them instead of modifying them though
04:17:54 DiscordBot <P​au​l> to each their own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
04:17:59 DiscordBot <P​au​l> i've never personally tried it so i cant tell you x
04:18:00 DiscordBot <P​au​l> xd
04:18:08 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> from what I see all they do is change the pom.xml from Paper to Empirecraft
04:18:29 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> I recommend looking at some examples of paper forks - if you are confused.
04:18:43 DiscordBot <P​au​l> Tuinity is another good example to look at
04:18:46 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @chickeneer Is what we discussed above correct or are we mistaken
04:18:59 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Aight I'll visit some Paper forks
04:19:22 DiscordBot <P​au​l> https://github.com/Spottedleaf/Tuinityanother good one, which i think is also based off byof
04:19:42 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> I am not giving a stamp of approval on the discussion
04:19:55 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> For that meme they instantly get my follow on their repo
04:20:00 DiscordBot <P​au​l> lmfao
04:21:36 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> You need to click "Use this template". Make your own repo which you can clone.
04:21:37 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> MODIFY the existing patches.
04:21:38 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> And add your own patches
04:22:05 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> the paper contributing page, does indeed provide excellent information on patch modification
04:22:15 DiscordBot <P​au​l> wtf that's a button
04:22:16 DiscordBot <P​au​l> that's pog
04:22:17 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md
04:24:37 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> so if i understand correctly
04:24:56 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> byof should help whenever MC updates and all the method and field names change?
04:25:26 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> like when I have my own patches and then Paper updates again I don't need to do anything?
04:26:54 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> if it is I'm starting to lean towards using the Tuinity fork
04:28:55 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> byof also helps when Paper adds a new patch. Or modifies a patch. It keeps your git history clean of Paper's commits
04:29:31 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> nice
04:29:46 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> can confirm. byof is amazing
04:29:48 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > byof should help whenever MC updates and all the method and field names change?
04:29:49 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @TheShermanTanker This is what I'm the most concerned about though
04:29:51 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​Ga​lb​re​at​h> highly recommend
04:29:55 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Example: https://github.com/starlis/empirecraft/commits/master
04:29:56 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Sure there are plenty of Update Paper commits. But we don't have all of Paper's history polluting our commits.
04:31:17 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > byof should help whenever MC updates and all the method and field names change?
04:31:18 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> ?
04:31:32 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> If it does both then I'm sold
04:32:30 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> You still have to resolve conflicts...
04:32:41 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> oh :/
04:33:03 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> If the patch doesn't apply when updating. You gotta resolve it. That is going to be universal
04:33:05 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> In any case I'm still going to use it if it helps keep the demon that is Paper updating away
04:33:39 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > If the patch doesn't apply when updating. You gotta resolve it. That is going to be universal
04:33:40 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @chickeneer Wait does that mean with every update Mojang releases
04:33:57 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> the Spigot/Paper team has to sift through hundreds to thousands of new obfuscated names
04:34:14 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Not every method/field name changes every update
04:35:10 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> But yes. The paper team has to do that on every update. So you would have to do that for your patches as well
04:35:40 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> god damn
04:35:46 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> how do they not get mental breakdowns
04:36:16 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I already feel lost updating a simple fork with minimal changes can't imagine how updating the entire server is like
04:37:21 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/535163960345755690.png
05:36:48 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> 👋 As I was researching the ideal AWS EC2 instance type for a server of up to 12 players, I stumbled... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/d9136d83f78d45fb96fbc6dc8956e76c
05:38:13 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> timings uses it
05:39:01 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> is timings a plugin that gets loaded at runtime?
05:39:49 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> The timings collection is built into the server.
05:39:50 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> What I just linked is the timings 'viewer'.
05:42:24 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> For example. Someone earlier today shared this timings. https://timings.aikar.co/?id=a4711d9407f044d4ade5e12108f609a9
05:42:31 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> It is Timings Version 2
05:43:05 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> This is amazing
05:43:15 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> a true minecraft profiler
05:44:09 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> what is timings again
05:44:11 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> A fairly lightweight one. Rather. There is low cost for this data to be collected while your server is running.
05:45:33 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> But it seems that the system property is mostly used as a marker, not to toggle any kind of functionality. Having a URL as a system property immediately raised my eyebrows in terms of: is it going to reach out to that URL? Is this some kind of telemetry thing?
05:47:31 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Yeah. Not a url 🙂
05:47:44 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Literally not a domain
05:47:49 DiscordBot <K​ir​a> Heyo
05:48:19 DiscordBot <K​ir​a> Paper 1.16.2 when? :3
05:48:33 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> the
05:49:06 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> whitespace is bad
05:49:29 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> > Literally not a domain
05:49:30 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> @chickeneer not sure what you mean. -Dusing.aikars.flags=https://mcflags.emc.gs <-- a valid domain that resolves to
05:49:58 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> I thought you were calling "using.aikars.flags" a url
05:50:07 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> ah, no. apologies for the confusion
05:50:13 DiscordBot <k​ic​ka​sh​32​> its just a comment
05:50:33 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> all it does is checking whether you are using the flags and if not, recommend them on the timings
05:51:12 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> since it really helps the performance and as the thread said, it has been tested and assured to scale pretty well for any kind of minecraft server
05:51:35 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> To answer your concern. You can leave off that property without any change in behavior
05:51:39 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> I could set the value of -Dusing.aikars.flags to green-bunnies and the code that you linked me would still be happy (not complain about "not using aikar's flags")
05:52:00 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Yup
05:52:22 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> 👍 thanks for taking the time to explain and confirm
05:52:23 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> so it only cares if the environment variable is set, that's interesting
05:52:39 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> yeah: flags.indexOf("using.aikars.flags") === -1
05:53:40 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> That line says. If it is missing using.aikar.flags and missing G1NewSizePercent= in the flags. Then that means they are not using it; and should use it. 🙂
05:53:57 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> yeah, just checked it
05:54:21 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> And there are earlier returns for ZGC as well
05:57:04 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> I'm been admining a server for my kids for years now, but just Vanilla minecraft. They're starting ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/7ed2b1b5753045f8bdea2a1744aa99f4
05:58:08 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> is there an EC2 instance type that you'd recommend for a dedicated Paper server to handle 12 or so players?
05:59:38 DiscordBot <c​hi​ck​en​ee​r> Someone else will have to comment on recommendations. I know that web servers are not good for MC game servers due to the CPU need of MC, as mentioned
06:00:33 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> Ok, I'll check back later to see if someone has recommendations. Thanks again for your time.
06:04:58 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> @jar349 Hey, hey! Generally, we don't recommend VPSes or instances with Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/924af5bf844546a881681b88e63862f4
06:10:07 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> Understood. I was looking at a c5d.large with a  sustained all core Turbo CPU clock speed of up to 3.6 GHz
06:10:57 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> Because it also comes with 50GB of NVMe instance storage
06:13:45 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> You're free to pick what you'd like, but I'd really advise you to just go for an established host with focus on Minecraft and therefore buying hardware it benefits from. If the c5d.large is cheaper, or you quite simply thing it's better for the job, by all means, go ahead
06:31:29 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> @Proximyst (she/her) I've been looking at this and it looks great! How much RAM should I get for 12-15 concurrent players on a Paper server with minimal mods?
06:32:45 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> I'd say get the 4GB plan you were looking at. Upgrading is always possible; not sure if the panel has some button for it, but the support sure will help if necessary
06:33:10 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> 👍 Thank you very much for your time and help! 😄
06:38:48 DiscordBot <A​oE​li​te​> After moving players between worlds sometimes they get in a weird state and cannot send chat messages
06:39:34 DiscordBot <A​oE​li​te​> I've looked at previous messages about this issue and tried forcibly respawning them and it still doesn't fix the issue
06:40:20 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> oh god not again
06:40:53 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> this happens as the player is left in a dead state, often due to some error (which is swallowed, no less!) in moveToWorld in some common class
06:40:55 DiscordBot <A​oE​li​te​> unfortunately this happened to TapL while on my server 😦
06:41:23 DiscordBot <A​oE​li​te​> is there a way to forcefully fix this after they join a world?
06:42:03 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> nope
06:42:19 DiscordBot <A​oE​li​te​> then what do I do
06:42:32 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> they needa relog
06:42:42 DiscordBot <A​oE​li​te​> sometimes relogging doesn't fix it
06:42:49 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> I'll see if we can't get that exception swallowing gone
06:42:52 DiscordBot <A​oE​li​te​> and requires a entire server restart
06:43:10 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> then you've got some serious erroneous data somewhere
06:44:24 DiscordBot <A​oE​li​te​> what does that mean exactly
06:45:08 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> ive not kept up but how far through the patches are we
06:45:24 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> 1% 10% 25% 50 75 just finishing up
07:16:23 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> ^
07:17:04 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > I'm been admining a server for my kids for years now, but just Vanilla minecraft. They're startin... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/832a18d7e65949b5917984d3a224199a
07:17:42 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> I don’t yet know the difference
07:18:04 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> plugins are server side, and can only change the behaviour of stuff already inside the base game
07:18:21 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> mods are things that can add completely new things to Minecraft
07:19:16 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> mods, then
07:19:28 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> That could be a problem
07:19:30 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> i mean if you want mods and plugins all you have for that is magma and its only in 1.12 rn
07:19:35 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> tho mabye 1.15 is out
07:19:37 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> maybe
07:19:38 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> idk
07:19:44 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> havent kept up lately
07:19:50 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Paper doesn't support mods you need Forge for that
07:19:56 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> magma
07:20:00 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> magma is forge+paper
07:20:03 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> Although this might have changed recently I dunno
07:20:11 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > magma is forge+paper
07:20:12 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @Redd56 you can do that?
07:20:16 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> yes
07:20:17 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> its anoying
07:20:20 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> but possible
07:20:23 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> tho some mods break
07:20:26 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I thought forge used different packaging and stuff
07:20:29 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> cough cubic chunks cough
07:20:36 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> i mean it impliments both apis at once
07:20:54 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> theres also fukkit
07:20:59 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> fabric spigot
07:21:09 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> maybe fabric paper but i dont know
07:21:13 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> all i know is that it exists
07:22:00 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> ill ask hex if its up for 1.15 yet
07:22:24 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> nope only 1.12
07:22:34 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> tho the paper patches are finaly getting implimented
07:22:37 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> I'm confused. Is the only purpose of Paper to be performant, then? I thought it was a replacement for craftbukkit and spigot and loaded mods
07:22:55 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> paper is spigot but more performance oriented
07:23:12 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> spigot is bukkit but slightly more performance oriented and now the replacement
07:23:34 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> bukkit is vanilla but with plugin support (server side mods that the client doesnt need anything to work)
07:23:51 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> So if what I want is to be able to run mods in a modern version of minecraft, I need Forge?
07:23:59 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> forge or fabric
07:24:12 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> either a forge server or a fukkit server or a fabric server
07:24:23 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> fukkit if you want plugins like world guard and essentials
07:24:27 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> and mods
07:24:35 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> or if you just want mods either forge or fabric
07:25:02 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> depends on the mods tho
07:25:11 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> is it forge only, use forge
07:25:18 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> is it fabric only use fabric
07:25:19 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> I didn't even know that plugins existed. What sort of things do plugins do if all they're doing is changing what's already in the game?
07:25:26 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> world edit
07:25:33 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> multiverse
07:25:38 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> all minigame servers
07:25:41 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> ranks
07:25:45 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> permission ssytems
07:25:49 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> mcmmo
07:26:10 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> wynncraft and hypixel are both just tons of plugins
07:26:19 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> I want to be able to select an area of the in-game world and see a log of changes, who made them, and when. Then, I want to be able to roll back those changes
07:26:20 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> and a ton of instances of servers
07:26:31 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> that would be specificly
07:26:33 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> let me remember
07:26:38 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> let me
07:26:53 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> core protect
07:27:00 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> It would also be nice if I could let the kids fly without giving them creative
07:27:01 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> its a plugin used by prettymuch every server
07:27:08 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> essentialsx
07:27:27 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> use a perm system like say luckperms to allow for indiviual permission setting
07:27:43 --> joestr (joestr!~Thunderbird@SpigotMC-pp0l36.dyn.drei.com) joined the channel
07:28:12 DiscordBot <H​er​tz​> @jar349 use coreprotect
07:28:22 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> so core protect and luckyperms are plugins and not mods?
07:28:27 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> yep
07:28:37 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> so I can use Paper! 🎉
07:28:40 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> yes
07:28:45 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> you can
07:29:01 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> the only thing plugins cant do
07:29:05 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> is ad new placeable blocks
07:29:12 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> mods/Forge would be for adding wholly new things like, um, all that stuff that's in Feed the Beast?
07:29:17 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> yes
07:29:32 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> i mean even new mobs can somewhat be achived in vanilla
07:29:36 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> What about some kind of economy tracking?
07:29:39 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> new armors, easy just custom modles
07:29:49 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> economy is built into essentialsx
07:29:50 DiscordBot <M​ac​hm​ei​np​ar​ai​ll​eg​al​> theres a lot more things that plugins cant do
07:30:20 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> and a plugin to track the custom items you implimneted with values, i mean hypixel does it
07:30:21 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> essentialsx seems worth investigating. It rolls up a number of plugins together, I take it?
07:30:29 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> its in the name
07:30:31 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> essentials
07:30:41 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> everything you would need for a alot of stuff
07:30:47 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> look into all it has
07:30:51 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> its even modular
07:31:07 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> kits custom item support
07:31:13 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> I will. I'm afraid that "essentials" will turn out to be an overwhelming number of things for someone new to anything but Vanilla
07:31:30 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> only allow them access to what you want
07:31:40 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> by default players have no access to any of the commands
07:31:49 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> thats why we use a permission system like say pex or luckperms
07:31:53 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> > I will. I'm afraid that "essentials" will turn out to be an overwhelming number of things for someone new to anything but Vanilla
07:31:54 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> it kinda is
07:32:15 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> just be careful with permissions and you should be fine
07:32:20 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> ye
07:32:25 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> also dont break tos
07:32:29 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> most of them are disabled by default so that's not a worry
07:32:31 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> dont go selling things like fly
07:32:46 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> actualy iirc all things in essentials is dissabled for non ops by default
07:32:58 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> Can I safely assume that "don't break tos" mostly means "don't try to make money from this"?
07:33:23 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> nah if you make like hats that are cosmetic feel free id say thats not against tos, its your own thing that doesnt give an advantage
07:33:34 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> but dont go selling things like fly, which give an unfair advantage
07:33:54 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> I'm just a dad-programmer looking to provide something slightly better than vanilla so his kids and their friends.
07:33:55 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> or custom swords that are op
07:33:57 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Are you talking about Minecraft TOS or Essentials TOS?
07:34:06 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> minecraft tos
07:34:10 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Ah
07:34:12 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> Ess doesn't have TOS so, I guess the former
07:34:24 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> yeah i was about to say ive never even seen the ess tos
07:34:36 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> is jake on the no talbe just ltt jake
07:34:46 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> i swear to god i didnt notce his voice being that of jakes
07:34:59 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> or is he just shilling the ltt mc server
07:35:05 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> Does essentialsx roll in core protect too?
07:35:11 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> no
07:35:13 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> that's not related to this channel Red
07:35:18 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> true
07:35:39 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Quick question: How would I go about detecting when a player chops down a tree? Is there any good way to know? I know that kind of information isn't really stored, but is there a good way of telling if certain blocks make up a tree? Just trying to count how many trees a player chops down.
07:36:02 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> i mean
07:36:03 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> yes
07:36:05 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> but its stupid
07:36:25 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> you have to keep track of which blocks are playerplaced and which are genereated by not playerplaced and where things are pushed by pistons
07:36:26 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> etc
07:36:30 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> mcmmo does it
07:36:41 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> but its had years to perfect it
07:37:11 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> It doesn't need to be perfect or fancy, and it's being added to an already existing server (so no way to know if particular wood is player placed or natural)
07:37:14 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> the best way I can think about is checking if the logs near a leaf decay event were broken by a player
07:37:28 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Oh that's good
07:37:39 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> but how do I keep it from triggering multiple times with multiple leaves?
07:37:45 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> uh
07:37:49 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> just ignore leaves>?
07:37:58 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> and only do the wood block?
07:38:09 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> i mean mcmmo only does per block
07:38:15 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> not entire structures
07:38:19 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> when a player breaks a log, add it to a set
07:38:38 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> but you also have to keep in mind whether the block was placed by a player snow
07:38:43 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> otherwise it could easily be famred
07:38:55 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> when a leaf decay event is triggered, if the leaves are from the same tree (will require some radius checking or something)
07:39:09 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> remove the location from the set
07:39:29 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> tru
07:39:40 DiscordBot <R​ed​d5​6> well ima go pass out
07:39:41 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> wait, I thought of it backwards
07:39:53 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Alright, I'll do that.
07:39:54 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> The whole idea is a plugin that counts how many trees someone's planted, but the score should go back down when they chop a tree, to prevent single-tree farming
07:41:32 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> it gets more complex the more I think about it
07:41:55 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> checking all blocks would be somewhat resource-intensive if done a lot of times
07:43:15 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> maybe add the boundaries of the tree (like, min and max) to a pair when the first leave decay event is done
07:43:41 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> and add this pair to another set containing checked trees
07:43:57 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> then you can just do a contains check for all the leaves in that cuboid
07:44:43 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> oooor I can just not implement that part at all and be done with it 🤣
07:45:42 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Oh, idea:When a log block is broken, add all connected log blocks into one list and call it a tree. When all items in that list are broken, the tree is broken
07:46:12 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Still difficult to detect whether that's player-done or natural though
07:46:35 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> that could be good as well, it may use some memory on large scale though
07:46:53 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> it'd be more easy if you had a lumberjack plugin lol
07:47:06 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Sadly not, this is going on a near-vanilla server
07:48:46 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> the BlockBreakEvent is triggered only by players, isn't it?
07:48:54 DiscordBot <S​no​w-​Py​on​ ❄​> shouldn't be hard to detect if so
07:49:33 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Yeah
07:55:08 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Random curious question that has no bearing on what I'm doing:
07:55:09 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Does the StructureGrowEvent get called when trees are made during world generation? Or is that just if a player plants a sapling, for example
07:57:01 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> I need to test it to find out, I guess
07:59:47 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> My way of testing it: java @EventHandler public void OnTreeGrow(StructureGrowEvent event) ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/4b1f6df3f1da40cdb1c79b49b9f81886
07:59:54 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Hopefully that'll do it
08:00:04 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> I'll just go to some ungenerated chunks
08:02:14 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Ok, it appears it's not called during world generation
08:03:14 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> But the code works
08:15:34 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> If you both use the teletype plugin for Atom, you could pair program together: https://teletype.atom.io/
08:16:14 DiscordBot <j​ar​34​9> soon, though, https://github.com/features/codespaces/ will be generally available
08:31:06 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> So I'm having this issue trying to summon a falling block of a type, how would I solve this? https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555462289851940864/743023747086286898/unknown.png
08:32:13 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> you need to pass the class reference of the material you want to use, not an object of it?
08:33:13 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> What do you mean?
08:34:53 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> .getData() returns an object of that type of block. But the argument of the method expects a Class reference. Can you try to put .class after .getData() ?
08:35:50 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> .class isn't valid there
08:37:03 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> I think it's the opposite of what you said, it expects the object when getData returns the Class
08:39:09 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/lang/Class.html It expects an object from this. Try .getClass() instead?
08:39:44 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Exact same as the first error with that
08:40:24 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> I believe I've figured it out, though
08:40:37 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> This worked
08:40:41 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> Ah, youre right, I read it the other way around. My bad
08:40:52 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> 👌
08:50:22 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> I've now used my plugin to make diamond trees
08:50:25 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> No resource pack :D
10:21:19 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> smells like armor stands
10:21:25 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> right?
10:28:00 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> I'm not impressed if it's armor stands
10:38:24 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Nope
10:38:32 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Falling Blocks with gravity disabled
10:40:10 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> In other news, I've been experimenting with faking non-Euclidian space. The problem is that teleporting isn't seamless. Even though I set the player to the same rotation/velocity, there's a little jump when the teleport happens. Any idea how to remove it? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/555462289851940864/743056227462021211/output.mp4
10:40:48 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> Diamond + leaves
10:40:59 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> Yes?
10:41:03 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> That's what that is?
10:41:25 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> I've just been messing around all night
10:42:28 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> You know falling blocks are entities? You also know the reason why armorstands are not recommended?
10:42:30 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> How do you combine them?
10:42:43 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> Oof
10:43:28 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> I'm fully aware of that? Again, this is just having fun, not doing things that will have the best performance.
10:43:29 DiscordBot <G​uy​In​Gr​ey​> @DarkEyeDragon The leaves are actually just leaf blocks, but with diamond blocks FallingBlocks in the same spot that are stuck
10:43:55 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> Ah
10:44:05 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> DED guess something like a normal diamond block and 4 leave fallings block if FB cannot be scaled.
10:44:37 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> Uhu
10:44:57 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> Ah ok. Would not work for me. Laptop -> quality !fancy
10:58:34 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> I wonder what's the most performant way of making custom blocks without resource packs
11:00:16 DiscordBot <J​am​es​> Give Mojang a butt load of money for a contract to make the block you want
11:03:08 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> I've seen people using spawners with armor stand inside of them with custom model data making it look like a block
11:03:39 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> But not sure how well that works
11:12:59 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> you could always do a client mod?
11:13:38 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> I mean, that is the most performant way of adding custom blocks without using a resource pack
11:13:56 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> :p
11:14:55 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> use a resource pack but just dont tell anyone https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/631219821744357416.png
11:16:08 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> Is there a way to force a resource pack on the server?
11:16:51 DiscordBot <C​on​no​rb​ro​w> Forceresourcepack on spigot
11:17:15 DiscordBot <C​on​no​rb​ro​w> https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/force-resourcepacks.10499/
11:17:38 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/3bc9f97a22c1438fb4cd680c0d4d5ac2
11:17:50 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> Oh
11:18:05 DiscordBot <C​on​no​rb​ro​w> I linked the version I'm talking about, it's got an s on the end
11:18:48 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> Interestesting
11:19:16 DiscordBot <C​on​no​rb​ro​w> Players still have to accept it but it's better than nothing
11:19:23 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> Yeah
11:19:32 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> You can kick the player if he doesn't accept?
11:19:36 DiscordBot <C​on​no​rb​ro​w> Yup
11:19:43 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> That's nice
11:20:29 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> I think you can use unused minecraft textures to create custom blocks and use this to force the texture pack
11:20:53 DiscordBot <C​on​no​rb​ro​w> That's what we're doing with it
11:21:14 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> Mushroom blocks?
11:21:40 DiscordBot <C​on​no​rb​ro​w> We have the end disabled so all the end blocks are up for grabs for our custom blocks
11:21:49 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> Oh
11:22:11 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> I heard mushroom blocks have like 160 unused textures or something
11:22:21 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> But they get updated with redstone
11:22:29 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> But Purpur has a fix for that
11:23:34 DiscordBot <C​on​no​rb​ro​w> Oh wow, that'd be pretty cool if it's true
11:24:10 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> mushroom blocks have unused block states iirc
11:24:14 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> Yes
11:24:19 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> but blockstates are not textures
11:24:23 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> I know
11:24:31 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> But you can still use them for custom blocks
11:25:16 DiscordBot <C​on​no​rb​ro​w> Yeah, it's possible to use them if they're unused by anything else
11:25:18 DiscordBot <O​vy​du​x> https://youtu.be/UpVXOCHMj7c
12:10:49 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> Greetings everyone! I am a bit behind on plugin development... The way one can access packets seems to have changed... How can I access them in Paper 1.16?
12:13:50 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> Include paper into your pom, before it build it to your maven local repo
12:18:06 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> I'm talking about client-server communication packets... 😅
12:20:29 DiscordBot <z​0w​0> custom payload/plugin message?
12:21:41 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> Well, I want to read all the packets coming in from the client!
12:22:06 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> java (CraftPlayer)p).getHandle().playerConnection ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/3b6f9d495a1246d0a43d1bcad745cfe9
12:23:34 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> Jup and add a handler for that.
12:23:54 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> Yeah would do, but CraftPlayer seems to be missing?
12:24:57 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Need to import the server implementation
12:24:59 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> java NetworkManager networkManager = ((CraftPlayer) player).getHandle().playerConnection.networkMana... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/9faf219e3abd47f28ed7b7304d977b68
12:26:27 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> What is the best way to do that?
12:27:09 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Clone repo do ./papar jar
12:27:17 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Wait no
12:27:24 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> Clone Paper repo and do ./paper jar it installs all into local maven repo.
12:27:40 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> ./paper p $$ mvn install
12:27:49 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> ty
12:27:56 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> Trying that now.
12:28:50 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> ./paper jar does maven install
12:28:55 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> atleast I remember it did for me
12:29:19 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Only thought it installed the api
12:29:36 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> I'm not 100% sure.
12:30:47 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r> Just use protocol lib...m
12:30:52 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> > mvn clean install && ./scripts/paperclip.sh "$basedir"
12:31:01 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Cute
12:36:24 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> omg that takes so long not even kidding
12:36:34 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Ye
12:36:39 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Windows
12:36:50 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> Well... no
12:37:09 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Lol, it takes way longer on windows
12:37:25 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> My god... Thats why I dont work on windows
12:38:28 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> ITS DONE
12:38:46 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> So what do I do with those files?
12:44:27 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> The JavaDocs for getChunkAtAsyncUrgently and getChunkAtAsync are the same. Can someone please explain the difference?
12:44:55 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> Urgently applies higher priority
12:46:52 DiscordBot <J​ul​iu​s> Thank you!
12:47:34 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Okay, thank you. Let's say I know I will need a specific chunk in 10 ticks, but not before and no later. I can start an urgent async load. Let's say that 10 ticks pass and the chunk is still not loaded. Should I block the main thread and wait for the future to complete (Future#get), or should I call a sync chunk load?
12:47:54 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​l> How do you define a BiConsumer witout executing it right away?
12:48:29 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> BiConsumer consumer = (a, b) -> System.out.println(a + " + " + b);
12:48:40 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​l> nope, gets executed
12:48:44 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> nope
12:49:20 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​l> This gets executed
12:49:42 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​l> without accepting it
12:49:47 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> run what I just sent you in an empty java project
12:50:05 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> does it print anything? what would a and b be?
12:51:13 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​l> Wait, you have been my debugging duck
12:51:22 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> ?
12:51:23 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> no
12:51:40 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​l> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_duck_debugging
12:51:58 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> TLDR for my last question:
12:51:59 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> How do I force finish an async chunk load? Do I call Future#get or do I start a sync chunk load?
12:52:31 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Why u need to force it?
12:52:52 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​l> Both would work
12:53:05 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Get prolly won’t since u halting main thread
12:53:10 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> An animation plays and then someone gets TPd
12:53:19 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Just teleportAsync
12:53:24 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​l> ^this
12:53:29 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​l> Use paperlib and tp async
12:53:38 DiscordBot <C​ry​st​al​l> https://github.com/PaperMC/PaperLib
12:54:00 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Why would I use PaperLib?
12:54:23 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> I need to teleport the player once an animation finishes. I don't think teleport async gives me enoguh guarantees.
12:54:38 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> Load the chunk, shove a ticket to keep it loaded, then telepprt and remove your ticket
12:54:39 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> but still, I didn't know about it, thank you
12:55:01 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> I only know that I need to load the chunk ~10 ticks in advance
12:55:24 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> I knew I would have to do that if the loading finishes before the animation, my question is what to do if the loading finishes AFTER the animation
12:55:46 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> aka if the async chunk loading doesn't finish in time
12:56:24 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Extend anim
12:56:48 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> That's certainly an option I'm keeping in mind, I'm asking about the other solution though.
12:57:00 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Sync teleport
12:57:02 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Hehe
12:57:30 DiscordBot <M​eF​is​to​94​> Can someone explain on the mushroom thing, I see there are 6 states? I guess I can set all of those 6 states either true or false and for vanilla only a few make sense?
12:57:44 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> I'm asking how to force finish an async chunk load, whether there's some mechanism in place to continue the async load on the main thread.
12:58:05 DiscordBot <J​an​ T​uc​k> Prolly not
13:00:05 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Very well, thank you. Typically how long does an urgent async chunk load take? I know it depends on server load, server CPU, threads, etc, but still. Is 1 second a good guess?
13:03:36 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> tbh, too long 🙂
13:03:48 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> but it depends on your specs probably
13:03:54 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> I was hoping you could show some nice stats from your plugin tbh
13:03:57 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> I was thinking about you
13:04:25 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> all i can say that its not reliable and that it highly depends on what the server is doing
13:04:53 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> if a lot of chunks are loaded it'll be slower regardless
13:05:02 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> I guess I will have to do a minimum and a maximum animation length
13:05:12 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> what are you doing exactly?
13:05:23 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> teleport animations?
13:05:36 DiscordBot <s​hi​ts​ho​w> how goes the 16.2 update build
13:05:39 DiscordBot <s​hi​ts​ho​w> is it done
13:05:50 DiscordBot Forwarded command from <T​ri​ga​ry​>
13:05:52 DiscordBot .eta
13:05:58 DiscordBot <s​hi​ts​ho​w> oh
13:06:19 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Cool games have animations before stuff happens Dark. I am making Minecraft a cool game.
13:06:36 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Like it takes X ticks in Halo to activate invulnerability
13:06:59 DiscordBot <s​hi​ts​ho​w> how are you making minecraft cool?
13:07:02 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> this is very good for networking: this gives the networking layer time to deliver the information to other clients
13:07:18 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i still dont get what ur trying to do tho
13:07:19 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> it's a similar case for me, except I'm giving the server time to load a chunk
13:07:29 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> cant just animate till the chunkload is completed?
13:07:40 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> That's highly unreliable according to you.
13:07:56 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> just loop the animation until its done
13:07:57 DiscordBot <A​oE​li​te​> Loading worlds is still takes significantly longer to load in 1.16 compared to 1.15, I can see loading times as low as 50ms on 1.15.2 but on 1.16 it's always 110ms+
13:08:08 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> then do somethign else when its actually finished
13:08:46 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Thank you, I have already thought of this.
13:08:53 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Thanks AoElite for some numbers
13:08:59 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> in dota theres a "channeling" state where when you're casting a channeled spell your character does the same repeated animation until you either stop it or it completes
13:09:06 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> doesnt seem like a bad aproach
13:10:21 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> this reminds me of the RLCraft mod that makes chunks slide into view when they're loaded
13:10:30 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> does anyone know what counts as a Village in MC
13:10:33 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> after 1.14.4
13:10:43 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> wikipedia?
13:10:47 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I know it's now workstations, beds and bells instead of doors
13:10:53 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > wikipedia?
13:10:54 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @Trigary As in the code
13:10:58 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> oh
13:11:12 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> I can't find a single thing in mc-dev
13:11:29 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> while beforehand there were very obvious Village classes
13:11:37 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> now it's really confusing
13:11:50 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> @DarkEyeDragon While you are here, mr async teleport expert, is loading a single chunk before teleportation enough?
13:12:04 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Because if I teleport you somewhere, you will need to load nearby chunks, no?
13:12:17 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> yes
13:12:19 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> it'll load them automatically for you, but yeah they need to be loaded in the end
13:12:38 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Does teleport async handle this? Should I look at its source?
13:12:44 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Player#teleportAsync
13:13:02 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Or is there some utility for loading the target chunk and nearby ones?
13:13:06 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> it does handle that, it just loads that chunk async and then the other chunks around it (async too i think?)
13:13:30 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> its just like a regular teleport really
13:13:42 DiscordBot <C​DF​N> loading chunks async on async teleport is whole magic there I think
13:13:45 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> getChunkProvider().markAreaHighPriority
13:13:47 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> okay
13:14:21 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> oh i didnt know there was a high priority for an area? https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/582078279301726258.png
13:14:46 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> or is that the code for the teleport?
13:15:07 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> yep
13:15:11 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> doesn't seem to be in the API though :/
13:15:39 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> nope
13:15:47 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> well if its already in those methods then its already good enough
13:16:50 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> The entire fact that they're there in the world will cause them to load fast
13:17:34 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> I can't use the teleportAsync method, because it tries to teleport the player instantly. I want a minimum delay.
13:18:15 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> Load the chunk async
13:18:26 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> Put a force load ticket there
13:18:32 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> Wait....
13:18:37 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> Teleport them
13:18:41 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> Remove the ticket
13:18:56 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Yep! I was just asking whether I need to load the nearby chunks as well. The answer is yes, I need to. I was searching for a way to do that through the API.
13:19:21 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> The chunks will load when they're there
13:19:39 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> you dont "need" to, but it would be nice if they're already loaded when they're there
13:19:56 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> but tbh, idk if thats worth the trouble
13:20:09 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i sure dont bother
13:20:13 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Player experience is worth than my life.
13:21:32 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> > does anyone know what counts as a Village in MC
13:21:33 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> @TheShermanTanker anyone
13:22:13 DiscordBot <T​ri​ga​ry​> Thank you very much for the help, both of you. One final question: what does the markAreaHighPriority do? Does it literally just mark the area as high priority, so if a chunk loading starts for some reason, the loading will be of high priority? So does the method not actually start any chunk loads in itself, do I understand it correctly?
13:24:05 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> well from the name it would suggest to just mark them and when possible loaded with high priority, but i dont think it actually requests to load them
13:24:09 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> but ion kno
13:29:20 DiscordBot <X​Mi​ch​ae​l_​LP​> Why do I get this error? When this event is triggered? The problem is you can't cancel the event. MC... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/493f74a200bd43f18b81ce1d2e1b5896
13:55:22 DiscordBot <M​eF​is​to​94​> How big is the impact of 1.16.2, i.e. when preparing a patch, should I wait for 1.16.2 or would it mostly be a rebase of patches?
13:56:27 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> was an almost clean rebase for rainforest onto the current progress
14:07:01 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> well we wouldnt be taking a PR on1 .16.1 so yeah you should wait
14:07:07 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> and a lot of obf mappings did change
14:08:12 DiscordBot <M​eF​is​to​94​> well, I just updated a PR yesterday 🤦‍♂️, but I guess changing a few obfs isn't the big deal, however I'll wait because the other change might be bigger
14:09:25 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> My little pr is in the pipeline for two weeks now. So another view days doesn't make a difference.
14:11:09 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> hehe many are
14:11:26 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> when i get to X persons PR will see if can handle any updating myself
14:34:27 DiscordBot <D​an​ny​61​67​> Thought I'd have a play, not sure what I'm doing TBH, but think I managed to build the PR from Proxi but got this when trying to load the .jar
14:34:28 DiscordBot <D​an​ny​61​67​> https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/24b7b39232af46dc95c8a25818e3e203
14:34:29 DiscordBot <D​an​ny​61​67​> Dunno if it's known to be broken or I just screwed it up, but thought I'd mention in case.
14:35:43 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> ah did i not push the fix for that
14:36:06 DiscordBot <P​ro​xi​my​st​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> i did no
14:37:34 DiscordBot <D​an​ny​61​67​> Ah glad that I mentioned it then and I'm not just being annoying haha.
14:45:26 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> we knew, discussing in private channels lol
14:45:36 DiscordBot <A​ik​ar​> build isnt ready yet, just sleep got in way
14:50:54 DiscordBot <D​an​ny​61​67​> But it builds and (now) runs! So I should push it to all my production servers right now, no ? 😛
14:50:58 DiscordBot <F​la​me​zy​> Yes
14:51:06 DiscordBot <F​la​me​zy​> Testing in production never goes wrong
14:51:16 DiscordBot <F​la​me​zy​> Is that server wide?