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Topic -- Topic set on March 2, 2021 02:11:45 pm by aurora
09:00:28 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> https://youtu.be/5eo8nz_niiM
09:00:29 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> Super interesting look inside a Hetzner DC in Falkenstein
09:00:41 DiscordBot Reply to "Nimble: "
09:00:42 DiscordBot <L​og​ic​s ​(h​e/​hi​m)​> so you're 11?
09:00:50 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> I'm super interested in how much they use old hardware for vision solutions and stuff
09:01:01 DiscordBot <N​im​bl​e> I don't know numbers too well
09:01:14 DiscordBot <N​im​bl​e> I was born before I turned 1
09:01:17 DiscordBot <N​im​bl​e> I think
09:01:24 DiscordBot <L​og​ic​s ​(h​e/​hi​m)​> i mean... that does make sense
09:01:29 DiscordBot <N​im​bl​e> Thank you
09:01:37 DiscordBot <N​im​bl​e> A lot of thought goes into everything I say
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09:04:13 DiscordBot <M​ar​ie​ll​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> I sure hope you're older than 11 lol
09:04:19 DiscordBot <M​ar​ie​ll​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> @aurora (she/her) :ameowcomfywave: :peepoLove: https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/768479935069028372.gif https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/825602636237111307.png
09:07:10 DiscordBot Reply to "aurora (she/her): I'm super interested in how much they use old hardware for custom solutions and stuff"
09:07:11 DiscordBot <k​ru​si​c2​2> Old hardware is kind of the best for some of the things they do.
09:07:12 DiscordBot <k​ru​si​c2​2> Like everyone uses Haswell or earlier for disk checking for example.
09:07:43 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> @Mariell (she/her) :SenkoLove: :furret: https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/588036727373824002.gif https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/665888166179504138.gif
09:07:48 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> Yeah
09:07:56 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> But still interesting how much they still use
09:15:54 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e!​ (​he​/h​im​)> uwuwa community manager
09:17:09 DiscordBot <r​ym​ie​l> commuwunity manager
09:17:17 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e!​ (​he​/h​im​)> even better
09:19:14 DiscordBot <M​ar​ie​ll​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> @rymiel fellow crystal ball :ablobsalute: https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/564027839435898887.gif
09:19:28 DiscordBot <r​ym​ie​l> omg!
09:19:32 DiscordBot <r​ym​ie​l> yes!
09:19:48 DiscordBot <M​ar​ie​ll​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> I haven't touched Crystal in probably years at this point, though :(
09:20:16 DiscordBot <r​ym​ie​l> i think it's matured a lot! past version 1.0.0 and all that
09:20:21 DiscordBot <r​ym​ie​l> i love using it all the time
09:20:39 DiscordBot <M​ar​ie​ll​ (​sh​e/​he​r)​> :p my last shard is apparently written for 0.27.0