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Topic -- Topic: Paper help and support channel | Source: https://github.com/PaperMC/Paper/ | Maven: https://papermc.io/repo/repository/maven-public/ | Download: https://papermc.io/downloads
Topic -- Topic set on November 7, 2020 11:20:44 pm by kashike
05:20:23 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> please use google. No one really answered you because the answer is subjective
05:28:37 DiscordBot <I​nt​az​ar​ S​ia​m> Hi. I’m facing a problem kn my 1.17.1 paper server. While I use a bottle to fill water it fills but when I open my inventory to see the filled bottle then all of them are gone. It's also seemed when I use brewing stand to make potions. What's the problem? Do you please give me a solution to this problem? Please help me.
05:30:39 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> Please first recreate without any plugin or datapack
05:34:54 DiscordBot <z​or​ed​ac​he​> Why does the download page have black text on a blackbackground? It makes it frustrating if you actually want to read what the changes are. https://i.imgur.com/3DIuR69.png
05:37:10 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> Use the dark mode at the main time.
05:37:35 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> Would be fixed :riepeek: https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/786841205921153034.png
05:38:35 DiscordBot Reply to "zoredache: Why does the download page have black text on a blackbackground? It makes it frustrating ..."
05:38:36 DiscordBot <l​yn​xp​la​y> A known issue that has already been addressed but awaits a redeployment of the webpage
05:39:00 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> I think it looks rather majestic
05:39:17 DiscordBot <l​yn​xp​la​y> Modern UI
05:39:46 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> Just fix the text to white on the black BG 😉
05:44:54 DiscordBot <g​ec​ko​10​00​0> Mystery commits
06:58:56 DiscordBot Reply to "EterNity - CEO of Oracle PR: Please first recreate without any plugin or datapack"
06:58:57 DiscordBot <I​nt​az​ar​ S​ia​m> Ok
07:09:00 DiscordBot <M​r ​iD​> I don't know whats causing this error :/ https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289587909051416579/902453747333091398/error.txt
07:09:01 DiscordBot Reply to "Mr iD: I don't know whats causing this error :/"
07:09:02 DiscordBot <P​en​ci​l> error.txt by <@715236202722230373>: https://paste.gg/efb323fce9b04e0699f1b0fa7da0d124
07:09:06 DiscordBot <M​r ​iD​> Oh
07:10:22 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​[n​o-​pi​ng​]> unsupported version, and you have something fucking up your logs
07:10:33 DiscordBot <M​r ​iD​> Hm
07:10:39 DiscordBot <M​r ​iD​> Time to delete plugins
07:10:41 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​[n​o-​pi​ng​]> quests did something which caused the legacy data to be loaded
07:19:50 DiscordBot <M​r ​iD​> Hm
07:40:49 DiscordBot <0​_C​ha​me​le​on​_0​> Having the alternative Black / White backgrounds on the download page now makes it difficult the read at a glance. I dont think this is anything I have changed to do this. Can this please be looked at 🙂 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/902461752166473738/unknown.png
07:43:07 DiscordBot <l​yn​xp​la​y> Already known issue that has been addressed and is only waiting deployment
07:43:15 DiscordBot <0​_C​ha​me​le​on​_0​> Thankyou 🙂
07:43:17 DiscordBot <M​al​fr​ad​or​> you can use darkmode in the meanwhile, its fine with darkmode
07:44:11 DiscordBot <0​_C​ha​me​le​on​_0​> Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated, sorry I couldn't see where it was already raised 🙂 . I appreciate this 🙂
07:44:55 DiscordBot <l​yn​xp​la​y> If you are interested :)