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Topic -- Topic: Applied Energistics 2 - Download: http://ae-mod.info/Downloads/ - Wiki: http://ae-mod.info/ - 1.10: ask shartte
Topic -- Topic set on October 14, 2016 07:48:02 pm by raydeejay
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17:58:17 whisper2sh+ hi
18:00:43 whisper2sh+ i'm having the dreaded issue of p2p memory card cleared problem on my server and after googling a lot i got to a point that there's no workaround and it's just a "sadly out of luck" issue... which is a game breaker for my server. does anybody know how far down the line do i have to downgrade forge/ae2 for this issue to go away? i remember playing o
18:00:43 whisper2sh+ n an old 1.12 that didn't have the problem
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