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17:58:17 whisper2sh+ hi
18:00:43 whisper2sh+ i'm having the dreaded issue of p2p memory card cleared problem on my server and after googling a lot i got to a point that there's no workaround and it's just a "sadly out of luck" issue... which is a game breaker for my server. does anybody know how far down the line do i have to downgrade forge/ae2 for this issue to go away? i remember playing o
18:00:43 whisper2sh+ n an old 1.12 that didn't have the problem
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20:01:59 whisper2sh+ well, i might have fixed it (forked AE2 and created a dirty fix), unfortunately i can't seem to be able to build it so that forge actually loads the mod :/
20:17:43 whisper2sh+ ok, i have fixed it :)
20:21:23 whisper2sh+ it's a dirty fix, but if anybody cared, i just added a Map<Integer, Long> safeguard to ToolMemoryCard and every time new data is added to the card, an entry is created or updated (player entity id) and current time and every time the card is cleared, it checks whether at least 100 milis passed since new data was writtten to the card (if not, it'll
20:21:23 whisper2sh+ just ignore the clear method)
20:21:47 whisper2sh+ (it's too dirty for a pull request)
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