What is Korobi?

Korobi was created as a replacement for qtpi (an older, PHP-based web logging system which had become difficult to maintain) in January of 2015. The name originates from a Naruto character. Work originally began on writing the web side of the project using Laravel and MySQL. In February, this was changed to use Symfony and the MongoDB database system. The original logging bot was written in Java using the PircBotX framework. The logging bot collected its first data on March 1st and was then rewritten in late March to use the KittehIRCClientLibrary which has been in use since. The aim of the project is to provide those who use IRC regularly with useful tools including logging, commands, channel moderation features, statistics and more.

The project is worked on by a handful of developers with varying degrees of experience working with Symfony, MongoDB, Twig, SASS and the other technologies in use (see below for a list). Development discussions are carried out in the #korobi channel on the EsperNet IRC network.

The team


I'm from Canada and I'm terrible when it comes to writing about, or describing, myself.


I'm from England and I break things, usually server-side (PHP). I use PHPStorm, vim and i3wm heavily on my local machine. I like drinking coffee, solving problems and talking on IRC.


I'm a belgian developer, I love reinventing the wheel again and again, eating carrots and helping people.


The Dutch would have conquered the world already[1][2] if he only spent half the time he spent procrastinating dedicated to programming and world domination.


British. Programmer. Also the one and only documentation master-mind.


The Java and web guy. Breaks everything. Don't give me access to your hard drives or they will get erased one way or another.


Java programmer specializing in debugging anything. I make sure all bugs are squashed in a satisfactory way.

The technologies

We rely on a variety of different languages and tools to power the site, IRC bot, database, statistics and documentation. We've tried to make an exhaustive list below but there may be some missing items.