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06:25:13 DiscordBot <T​ha​t_​Ca​me​l> thanks anyway
06:26:32 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> java for (ItemStack stack : event.getPlayer().getInventory().getContents()) { if (stack != null) ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/3a387ded5624449ca12cda6f50a506b2
06:26:44 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> but if I remove it, I get an error saying I can't drop a Null item
06:27:47 DiscordBot <T​ha​t_​Ca​me​l> are we still talking bout my issue?
06:27:53 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> no
06:28:02 DiscordBot <T​ha​t_​Ca​me​l> oh
06:28:05 DiscordBot <M​eF​is​to​94​> Is it null or air? You can print the Contents
06:28:35 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> its null
06:28:41 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> the error is thrown Validate.notNull(item, "Cannot drop a Null item.");
06:28:47 DiscordBot <M​eF​is​to​94​> Hmmm
06:28:48 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> in CraftWorld#dropItem
06:29:15 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> getContents() has null in all slots with nothing to preserve the order
06:30:24 DiscordBot <M​eF​is​to​94​> So the Question is why Inventory#getContents breaks the contract. But I guess the problem here is @NonNull scope. Is the array never null or it's values, probably hard to annotate
06:30:42 DiscordBot <M​eF​is​to​94​> That being said, bukkit is either null or Material.AIR
06:32:23 DiscordBot <M​eF​is​to​94​> I mean it's either a bug or a wrong annotation, but I guess it wants to say that contents is never null
06:32:35 DiscordBot <M​eF​is​to​94​> But Not the values in content
06:33:56 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> i cant get getTargetEntity method is that error? or bug? java Player p = cp.getPlayer(); Entity mob ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/e8b1c6dabeb846f0879190f40bb169c5
06:34:44 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> not sure what you mean can't get the method.
06:35:01 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> the method def exists on the LivingEntity interface
06:35:08 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> yeah i know
06:35:13 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> just show up red line..
06:35:22 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> The method getTargetEntity(int) is undefined for the type Player... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/614f567b8c6d4eb9b1a2beeb3e7a3306
06:35:37 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> i just dont know why..
06:35:47 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> do you have some other Player imported?
06:35:54 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> no
06:36:08 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> import org.bukkit.entity.Player;... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/c8ce3906ec4c4dddb3f0c34bccb6771e
06:37:25 DiscordBot <M​eF​is​to​94​> Machine: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEABKL-2949
06:38:04 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> i use maven project
06:38:05 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> version is.. paper-api-1.16.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
06:40:52 DiscordBot <M​ac​hi​ne​ M​ak​er​> ah niceDarkSoldier: ya idk. refresh maven imports maybe?
06:41:03 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> i ll try
06:42:18 DiscordBot <D​ar​kS​ol​di​er​> nothing happened
07:12:16 DiscordBot <r​Of​Li​Mc​Ry​In​G> Hey, right now I’m spawning an entity with ‘’’java java (spawn entity method).setMetadat... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/6c8e6dbcb0ac4e1ba78164715be210bc
07:13:07 DiscordBot <r​Of​Li​Mc​Ry​In​G> I have an object to get an instance of my MobObject class by returning if the entity has this metadata
07:13:12 DiscordBot <r​Of​Li​Mc​Ry​In​G> java public static MobObject getMobFromEntity(Entity e) { System.out.println("0"); ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/93f7eceac34441a0b6a3e569a4f63432
07:13:42 DiscordBot <r​Of​Li​Mc​Ry​In​G> Here’s the entity being spawned in console
07:13:45 DiscordBot <r​Of​Li​Mc​Ry​In​G> shell [12:07:24 INFO]: Entity has spawned at world, 140, 68, -87 [12:07:24 INFO]: 0 [12:07:24 INFO]:... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/f34a68c7c188489292a4f7621d3fbf7a
07:13:54 DiscordBot <r​Of​Li​Mc​Ry​In​G> (The first line is handled by my listener)
07:13:59 DiscordBot <r​Of​Li​Mc​Ry​In​G> It prints out the line that the entity is being spawned, then tries to get the mob from the event's spawned entity
07:14:14 DiscordBot <r​Of​Li​Mc​Ry​In​G> Does anyone know why the entity isn’t spawning with any metadata?
07:16:32 DiscordBot <_​to​mc​ra​ft​> The event is called before the metadata is added
07:17:06 DiscordBot <_​to​mc​ra​ft​> It's called before the spawnEntity function returns
07:17:08 DiscordBot <r​Of​Li​Mc​Ry​In​G> Yeah that’s so weird
07:17:19 DiscordBot <r​Of​Li​Mc​Ry​In​G> How is the mob spawn event being called before the mob spawns
07:18:02 DiscordBot <_​to​mc​ra​ft​> No, the event is triggered within spawnEntity logic
07:18:20 DiscordBot <_​to​mc​ra​ft​> So, it does not havr returned yet
07:20:20 DiscordBot <_​to​mc​ra​ft​> To do this the way you want to, you should "prepare" your Entity then spawn it
07:20:40 DiscordBot <_​to​mc​ra​ft​> But i don't think there is an api method to achieve this
07:22:01 DiscordBot <K​ne​ny​TV​> not really, there aren't "virtual"/non-existent entities in bukkit api
07:23:23 DiscordBot <_​to​mc​ra​ft​> I don't mean virtual, but i think a spawnEntity with a Consumer that applies special stuff to the entity before the server try to spawn it would be great


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