Korobi IRC Swiss Army knife.

14:22:17 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/445660028616179732.gif
14:22:45 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> oh no...
14:22:46 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> Anyone wanna buy this new optimized fork?
14:23:08 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> i should probably check what it actually checks for lol
14:24:00 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://owo.whats-th.is/5rPH5oX.png
14:24:15 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> wtf guidelines violation
14:24:16 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> we dont say the R word here
14:24:20 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> plz mute
14:24:24 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> mods, ban pls
14:24:39 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> fine hold onm
14:24:46 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> there we go censored
14:25:04 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> thats like censoring a dick by drawing a dick ontop of it https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/581629003442683905.png
14:25:05 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> censorship fucks the entire meme
14:25:40 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/741715317109293096.png
14:25:59 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I wonder how enforceable that rule is
14:26:06 DiscordBot <J​us​tA​Ps​yc​ho​pa​th​_> The R word? You mean "really"?
14:26:08 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> several people have violated it but no action taken
14:26:12 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> wow https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555469074080202765/743113107999817939/unknown.png
14:26:17 DiscordBot <n​om​an​as​en​dh​el​p> No he meant random
14:26:18 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> the mods r
14:26:25 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> re
14:26:27 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> White theme?
14:26:28 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ally good
14:26:30 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> its github
14:26:33 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> Ah
14:26:35 DiscordBot <L​ax​Wa​sH​er​e> ha ur funi
14:26:45 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> inb4 github white theme???
14:26:46 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> github dark theme
14:26:47 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/622379156071514122.png
14:28:06 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> nah, github white theme is fine
14:29:43 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> https://i.imgur.com/rOQap4I.gif am i being dum or is intellij being dum?
14:30:30 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> ig i cant use one as default?
14:31:03 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> if i add nl it works but it'd be easier if i had a reference point
14:31:04 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> the default locale of acf is declared in its code?
14:31:56 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> oh i got it figured out i think
14:31:58 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> this wierd
14:32:14 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> nah
14:32:26 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> is this a plugin? https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555469074080202765/743114676228980736/unknown.png
14:32:50 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> it asked me to install one but i had no clue if it was related to this
14:32:58 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> Go to CommandManager and find the Set<Locale> called supportedLanguages, add it to there
14:40:40 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> google is honestly doing a great job translating these lul
14:40:50 DiscordBot <D​ra​go​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/586288876734382080.png
14:40:52 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> as in, they're actually correct
14:56:21 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> @Michael 🧀 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555469074080202765/743120693062795344/unknown.png
14:58:50 DiscordBot <y​sl​30​00​> DED could be the Swiss German dialect as well. They a cheesy, too.
14:59:36 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/582078279301726258.png
14:59:59 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> well the netherlanders are the cheeseheads tho
15:00:08 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> is that even what you call them?
15:00:10 DiscordBot <D​ar​kE​ye​Dr​ag​on​> the dutch? idk
15:00:43 DiscordBot <s​im​po​wo​> the dutch


One of the services provided by the IRC bot is the logging of your channel, be it publicly or privately. These logs are then used to generate channel statistics. The logs themselves are neatly organized and can easily be browsed within our website.


Another service provided by the IRC bot is the ability to create factoid commands on the fly. Allowing for easy and flexible creation of responses based on frequently asked questions, and even listen for certain triggers to have it respond automatically.


Statistics are generated based off of the logs collected by the IRC bot. We are able to generate statistics to accurately capture who is the most active person by hours, along with other things like whom uses the most smileys, who has been granted the most karma, and which person can make sailors blush with their vulgar language.

About the project

The Korobi project aims to be the Swiss Army knife of IRC.

Korobi is carefully designed by people who enjoy using IRC on a day to day basis, and aim to make IRC even more enjoyable by providing a large set of tools for channels to work with.

If you'd like to request Korobi for your own channel, or have any questions at all, please visit #korobi on EsperNet and highlight one of the ops. See the full documentation to see if your channel qualifies.

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