Korobi IRC Swiss Army knife.

18:30:12 DiscordBot <I​ a​m ​a ​pr​og​ra​mm​in​g ​go​d> - don't ping
18:30:21 DiscordBot <I​ a​m ​a ​pr​og​ra​mm​in​g ​go​d> - 16G on a proxy is just stupid
18:30:56 DiscordBot <I​ a​m ​a ​pr​og​ra​mm​in​g ​go​d> - If your memory limit for that server is 16G, that will be the issue, Xmx needs to leave a gig or two between the server limit to ensure it has enough, Xmx only controls the heap
18:31:55 DiscordBot <"​Pe​ti​t_​Lu​> Sorry for the ping, 16gb was to test suddenly if I put 3gb enough?
18:33:34 DiscordBot <I​ a​m ​a ​pr​og​ra​mm​in​g ​go​d> yes
18:33:49 DiscordBot <I​ a​m ​a ​pr​og​ra​mm​in​g ​go​d> and, once again, make sure that the limit in the panel is at least a gig higher than your Xmx
18:34:31 DiscordBot <"​Pe​ti​t_​Lu​> How do I see it? Sorry I don't understand English x)
18:36:12 DiscordBot <B​ry​an​ M​. ​- ​Aρ​ιχ​Pℓ​αу​™> Petit_Lu use translator 😉
21:24:35 DiscordBot <"​Pe​ti​t_​Lu​> I don't work programming
21:35:59 DiscordBot <S​kr​ip​t ​De​ve​lo​pe​r> probably an issue with bungeeperms
21:36:02 DiscordBot <S​kr​ip​t ​De​ve​lo​pe​r> try luckperms
21:50:45 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> Hi guys, what's that please? https://pastebin.com/ccuNu6Sx
21:51:06 DiscordBot <I​ a​m ​a ​pr​og​ra​mm​in​g ​go​d> that plugin did a dum
21:51:43 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> Which one?
21:51:52 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> And btw... one of my player is still getting this https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/693135750505693184/716408093059055646/unknown.png?width=1442&height=257
21:51:54 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> any idea on it?
21:52:18 DiscordBot <I​ a​m ​a ​pr​og​ra​mm​in​g ​go​d> the name of it is literally on the top row?
21:52:20 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> with upstream and downside something, she normally walk around for ex. 5 seconds and then it will kick her
21:52:36 DiscordBot <I​ a​m ​a ​pr​og​ra​mm​in​g ​go​d> No idea what that even means
21:53:04 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> Do you mean Itemtags or Protocolize?
21:53:14 DiscordBot <I​ a​m ​a ​pr​og​ra​mm​in​g ​go​d> the latter
21:53:16 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> I don't have any plugins named by this
21:53:57 DiscordBot <I​ a​m ​a ​pr​og​ra​mm​in​g ​go​d> probs a library and not a plugin then, you'd need to work out which plugin is using that
21:56:07 DiscordBot <R​en​zo​to​m> Hm, will try to find which one, thanks.
22:03:31 DiscordBot <"​Pe​ti​t_​Lu​> Don't work @Skript Developer (sorry for a ping)
22:46:20 phoenix616 @H​yr​on​ym​os​ 🥝 yeah
00:00:12 DiscordBot <F​el​ix​x> random question but how are you guys handling updating bungee plugins? i royally despise bringing down the entire network just to update a handful of proxy plugs
00:00:20 DiscordBot <F​el​ix​x> is there a hot swap process
00:13:03 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> no, that's basically where people do things like run multiple instances and pull them out slowly
00:15:50 phoenix616 I do daily restarts just for updates ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
00:15:59 phoenix616 helps when you don't have an internal community that is online 24/7, lol
00:16:05 phoenix616 *international
00:53:45 DiscordBot <H​yr​on​ym​os​ 🥝> @phoenix616 still cant unterstand you screenshot
00:53:55 DiscordBot <H​yr​on​ym​os​ 🥝> we was talking about income not out going
00:53:59 DiscordBot <H​yr​on​ym​os​ 🥝> but i already found the issue
00:59:09 DiscordBot <R​on​en​Tu​Fa​n> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/615354391536468014.png
02:25:38 DiscordBot <m​ic​ba​w> waterfall included anti exploit?
02:30:25 DiscordBot <m​ic​ba​w> if i am using waterfall, should i put like exploitfixer plugin?
03:08:05 DiscordBot <S​kr​ip​t ​De​ve​lo​pe​r> all the "exploiter fixer" crap is often of low quality and has the potential to add new exploits
03:10:36 DiscordBot <S​kr​ip​t ​De​ve​lo​pe​r> I did 30 seconds of investigating and already found concurrency problems
03:14:04 DiscordBot <S​kr​ip​t ​De​ve​lo​pe​r> another I analyzed back in September 2019 had a memory leak
03:16:24 DiscordBot <G​lä​ré​> There's another one that blocks plugin messaging from working
03:16:27 DiscordBot <G​lä​ré​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/619028327918862337.png
03:18:35 DiscordBot <S​kr​ip​t ​De​ve​lo​pe​r> Waterfall has some sane protections built-in now
03:20:07 DiscordBot <G​lä​ré​> I like that it provides a reason on server switching
03:29:24 DiscordBot <m​ic​ba​w> so waterfall only is already safe?
03:29:40 DiscordBot <m​ic​ba​w> because exploit fixer seems like detect my backpack plugin or some lore item as an exploit


One of the services provided by the IRC bot is the logging of your channel, be it publicly or privately. These logs are then used to generate channel statistics. The logs themselves are neatly organized and can easily be browsed within our website.


Another service provided by the IRC bot is the ability to create factoid commands on the fly. Allowing for easy and flexible creation of responses based on frequently asked questions, and even listen for certain triggers to have it respond automatically.


Statistics are generated based off of the logs collected by the IRC bot. We are able to generate statistics to accurately capture who is the most active person by hours, along with other things like whom uses the most smileys, who has been granted the most karma, and which person can make sailors blush with their vulgar language.

About the project

The Korobi project aims to be the Swiss Army knife of IRC.

Korobi is carefully designed by people who enjoy using IRC on a day to day basis, and aim to make IRC even more enjoyable by providing a large set of tools for channels to work with.

If you'd like to request Korobi for your own channel, or have any questions at all, please visit #korobi on EsperNet and highlight one of the ops. See the full documentation to see if your channel qualifies.

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