Korobi IRC Swiss Army knife.

20:20:18 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> No OSC should also be included
20:20:36 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r ​| ​Ma​rt​in​> they are included yes
20:20:37 DiscordBot Reply to "electroniccat[no-ping]: That's why I got a mac."
20:20:39 DiscordBot <I​dr​iz​> Fucking lack of m1 support man.
20:20:45 DiscordBot <m​ja​00​> :Thonk: am I dumb and don't recognize myself https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/661746569975955457.png
20:20:47 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r ​| ​Ma​rt​in​> wait
20:20:48 DiscordBot <I​dr​iz​> Perfect machine if just stuff actually supported it
20:20:49 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r ​| ​Ma​rt​in​> something is broken
20:20:53 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r ​| ​Ma​rt​in​> I am not in that list
20:20:55 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r ​| ​Ma​rt​in​> lmao
20:20:56 DiscordBot <m​ja​00​> :OMEGALUL: https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/576886649573736484.png
20:21:07 DiscordBot <J​on​fi​re​xb​ox​> Well i was seeing if PaperMC would like to partner with my new Minecraft server im making?
20:21:14 DiscordBot <O​we​n> cute sponsors 😍
20:21:21 DiscordBot <a​ur​or​a ​(s​he​/h​er​)> No
20:21:22 DiscordBot Reply to "Jonfirexbox: Well i was seeing if PaperMC would like to partner with my new Minecraft server im making?"
20:21:23 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> Tell us more!
20:21:38 DiscordBot <m​ja​00​> Michael wanna partner with my server :pleading_apple: https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/754187198378803212.png
20:21:41 DiscordBot <O​we​n> Only if your server is named "No Kotlin"
20:21:42 DiscordBot <s​ul​u> you're free to use paper the software
20:21:47 DiscordBot <O​we​n> then I will sponsor your server
20:21:51 DiscordBot Reply to "mja00: Michael wanna partner with my server :pleading_apple:"
20:21:52 DiscordBot <M​ic​ha​el​> ratio + you fell off + the hood uses spigotmc
20:21:56 DiscordBot <m​ja​00​> damn
20:22:20 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r ​| ​Ma​rt​in​> lmao OC limits the thing to 10
20:23:06 DiscordBot <m​ja​00​> based
20:24:37 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r ​| ​Ma​rt​in​> lemme see if I can fix it
20:25:11 DiscordBot <m​ja​00​> Weird that it only limits it to 10
20:25:19 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​[n​o-​pi​ng​]> be nice post k8s to maybe convert that thing to just being some stupid little microservice which serves json or something rather than that darned gh action
20:25:23 DiscordBot <s​ul​u> they also capitalized the H in GitHub making the bit that filters out github sponsors not work
20:27:33 DiscordBot <F​el​eN​Ov​ [​CE​O ​Of​ V​al​ks​ot​er​ic​]> I have a shitpost about that but I would need to tuen on my pc for thst
20:28:00 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​[n​o-​pi​ng​]> your existence is a shitpost on humanity
20:28:31 DiscordBot <m​ja​00​> same
20:28:47 DiscordBot <F​el​eN​Ov​ [​CE​O ​Of​ V​al​ks​ot​er​ic​]> Someone has to archive 4chan
20:28:53 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r ​| ​Ma​rt​in​> jey tje action is nice
20:29:09 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​[n​o-​pi​ng​]> mini had a stroke
20:29:32 DiscordBot <F​el​eN​Ov​ [​CE​O ​Of​ V​al​ks​ot​er​ic​]> We can easily check that. Watch this:
20:30:02 DiscordBot <F​el​eN​Ov​ [​CE​O ​Of​ V​al​ks​ot​er​ic​]> ahem Spigot is superior to paper because all the cringe pvp networks use it
20:32:53 DiscordBot <e​pi​kl​av​a> Administrator or owner pls update 1.8.8 paper lets go challenge deal?
20:33:11 DiscordBot <s​im​pl​e ​(h​e/​hi​m)​> I think they're serious
20:33:12 DiscordBot <O​we​n> yes!
20:33:42 DiscordBot Reply to "epiklava: Administrator or owner pls update 1.8.8 paper lets go challenge deal?"
20:33:45 DiscordBot <O​we​n> Welcome to Paper discord
20:33:49 DiscordBot <O​we​n> You have chosen death!
20:33:57 DiscordBot <M​in​iD​ig​ge​r ​| ​Ma​rt​in​> is it unfair if I just ban them?
20:34:20 DiscordBot <O​we​n> I mean he's challenging you so
20:34:22 DiscordBot <O​we​n> 👁️
20:34:24 DiscordBot Reply to "Owen: You have chosen death!"
20:34:25 DiscordBot <e​pi​kl​av​a> D
20:34:28 DiscordBot <e​pi​kl​av​a> Okey


One of the services provided by the IRC bot is the logging of your channel, be it publicly or privately. These logs are then used to generate channel statistics. The logs themselves are neatly organized and can easily be browsed within our website.


Another service provided by the IRC bot is the ability to create factoid commands on the fly. Allowing for easy and flexible creation of responses based on frequently asked questions, and even listen for certain triggers to have it respond automatically.


Statistics are generated based off of the logs collected by the IRC bot. We are able to generate statistics to accurately capture who is the most active person by hours, along with other things like whom uses the most smileys, who has been granted the most karma, and which person can make sailors blush with their vulgar language.

About the project

The Korobi project aims to be the Swiss Army knife of IRC.

Korobi is carefully designed by people who enjoy using IRC on a day to day basis, and aim to make IRC even more enjoyable by providing a large set of tools for channels to work with.

If you'd like to request Korobi for your own channel, or have any questions at all, please visit #korobi on EsperNet and highlight one of the ops. See the full documentation to see if your channel qualifies.

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