Korobi IRC Swiss Army knife.

09:28:15 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> and pizza
09:28:50 KennyTV wow accepting italian stereotypes
09:28:52 KennyTV racist
09:29:12 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> the thing is that the paste stereotype is actually true
09:35:19 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> Pasta is a Chinese invention
09:35:32 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> first you steal their noodles, then you steal their virus
09:35:43 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> how about you guys do something original for once
09:38:18 DiscordBot <z​im​pl​e> um sorry city did u mean dihydrogen monoxide? lol sweaty...water??? wtf...
09:38:45 DiscordBot <C​it​yw​ee​bs​tr​et​> i don't speak scientific wtf read a fucking bible
09:39:09 DiscordBot <z​im​pl​e> its hydroxic acid ok
10:02:25 DiscordBot <P​at​ri​ck​> people in #paper-help told me to ask my java-only question here, so thats why Im asking here. Basically, I am saving objects which implement Serializable to a File using a FileOutputStream and an ObjectOutputStream. Would the loading of these objects be faster, if I saved them as one Base64 string in the file?
10:03:04 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> no
10:03:32 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> you're eventually encoding them into base64
10:04:11 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> which is (a bit) more expensive than simply OOS->FOS
10:04:50 DiscordBot <P​at​ri​ck​> and the decoding would also be more expensive than FIS -> OIS?
10:05:28 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> yes
10:05:30 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> i mean
10:05:43 DiscordBot <m​ik​ro​sk​ee​m> what would be the benefit of base64 in the end?
10:07:09 DiscordBot <P​at​ri​ck​> I dont know, it was just a thought I had. thank you!
10:11:29 DiscordBot <d​um​bo​> Is it possible to enter a command args with a space?
10:11:40 DiscordBot <d​um​bo​> Like "Foo Bar"
10:12:15 DiscordBot <d​um​bo​> I tried <> "" `` '' [] {}
10:14:47 DiscordBot <M​rM​au​ri​ce​21​1> wat
10:15:02 DiscordBot <z​ri​ga​ry​> no
10:15:14 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> Bukkit just does a string split
10:15:15 DiscordBot <z​ri​ga​ry​> the best you can do is join all arguments at the end
10:15:19 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> the plugin needs to ^ itself
10:22:36 DiscordBot <d​um​bo​> Well thats pretty dumb that there is no escape character
10:22:43 DiscordBot <d​um​bo​> Could that be added to paper?
10:22:57 DiscordBot <z​te​fv​an​zc​hi​e> I highly doubt it
10:23:01 DiscordBot <d​um​bo​> Or is there a reason its not implemented?
10:24:00 DiscordBot <z​zz​Ca​t> it's up to plugins to deal with
10:24:05 KennyTV joining the args is the same as giving the entire string, just that most people don't ever need it and it'd be another arg to pass
10:24:26 KennyTV so you're not missing anything
10:36:26 TheViperSh+ Hell
10:36:28 TheViperSh+ o
10:42:05 DiscordBot <d​um​bo​> I mean the ingame command args
10:42:21 DiscordBot <d​um​bo​> Ah nvm I got it
10:59:18 DiscordBot <b​ra​dc​ar​na​ge​> lmao https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/555469074080202765/695225843311444028/x6T5C.png
11:02:21 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> back to the future
11:02:58 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> your server crashed 7 seconds in the future and notified you traveling time
11:05:27 DiscordBot <t​he​ma​ds​ev​en​te​en​> i have a question
11:05:49 DiscordBot <t​he​ma​ds​ev​en​te​en​> what jar should I add to the build path to use the paper api
11:06:03 KennyTV use maven for dependency management
11:23:50 DiscordBot <t​he​ma​ds​ev​en​te​en​> how do i use maven
11:35:46 DiscordBot <b​ra​dc​ar​na​ge​> https://duckduckgo.com/?q=add+maven+dependency+in+intellij&t=brave&ia=web
12:05:18 DiscordBot <T​he​Vi​pe​rS​ho​w> duck duck go https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/463842968097521675.png
12:08:41 DiscordBot <h​am​> how do i update a plugin on spigotmc.org? i want to put out my newer binary but the only way i can find is uploading a new resource and that doesn't take advantage of the 'version history' tab
12:20:46 KennyTV that will then also update your history


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The Korobi project aims to be the Swiss Army knife of IRC.

Korobi is carefully designed by people who enjoy using IRC on a day to day basis, and aim to make IRC even more enjoyable by providing a large set of tools for channels to work with.

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