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21:49:08 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> Freedom = being able to do what you want with your phone without your phone provider locking your stuff down
21:49:32 DiscordBot <J​an​> Sadly masterbating with your phone apparently requires two phones
21:49:58 DiscordBot <J​an​> Vivid picture
21:50:02 DiscordBot <V​ic​ar​io​us​> Thats why you keep your old one
21:50:05 DiscordBot <J​an​> I see
21:50:17 DiscordBot <J​an​> But my old one would scratch me since the screen is cracked
21:50:25 DiscordBot <J​an​> I’d like to sandwich it without being bloodied
21:50:54 DiscordBot <J​an​> Guess i have to buy an indian slave maid
21:51:58 DiscordBot <J​an​> Oh wait
21:52:09 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> bleh
21:52:14 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> this is annoying
21:52:16 DiscordBot <J​an​> Recently saw that american maids are selling well
21:52:36 DiscordBot <J​an​> Little too young imo, but you could def groom some of them
21:53:58 DiscordBot <J​an​> You buying a new phone kash?
21:54:09 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I want to, can't figure out what to get
21:54:16 DiscordBot <J​an​> You want android?
21:55:11 DiscordBot <J​an​> When is the next oneplus coming out?
21:56:08 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> OS isn't a huge deal as long as it's iOS or Android and not something completely different
21:56:46 DiscordBot <J​an​> Mhm, just have my share of weirdoes dissing apple cause ios is not android
21:57:10 DiscordBot <J​an​> Why not taking a random selector or a lucky wheel and listing all suitable phones
21:57:31 DiscordBot <J​an​> Then you can only blame fate for giving you a shitty phone if it picks something terrible
21:57:46 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> well now someone is saying that Huawei phones are moving to some separate OS or something
21:58:06 DiscordBot <J​an​> They stopping imitating others?
21:58:14 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> moving off android or something
21:58:27 DiscordBot <J​an​> To their own shit?
21:58:39 DiscordBot <J​an​> I remember Nokia dying because something similae
21:58:41 DiscordBot <J​an​> Similar
21:58:55 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://www.mi.com/global/mi-9-t-pro
21:59:02 DiscordBot <J​an​> Nokia wasn’t funded bt the chinese government though
21:59:07 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> this is the best price and spec phone I have found
21:59:14 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> but I'd need to special order somehow
22:00:13 DiscordBot <J​an​> Why can’t buy it normally?
22:00:37 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> it's not sold in any stores here, or online anywhere I can find that isn't unusual
22:00:48 DiscordBot <J​an​> Hmm
22:01:09 DiscordBot <J​an​> You are in the us?
22:02:18 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> Canada
22:12:42 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> you still havent decided kashike
22:12:46 kashike no
22:13:39 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> help me @barty
22:14:11 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> do a lot of people you know have iphones
22:14:33 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> a fair amount
22:14:41 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> do you use imessage a lot?
22:14:52 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I've never used iMessage
22:15:02 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> what phone do you have right now?
22:15:08 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> I have a Google Pixel 3 XL right now
22:15:45 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> yeah i heard the pixel 4 was a big disappointment
22:16:00 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> yup
22:17:08 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> well i'm biased to apple so i'd probably say get the last year's iphone model. definitely do not get the huawai or whatever one
22:17:46 DiscordBot <b​ar​ty​> i dont know anything about the android ecosystem tbh


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