Korobi IRC Swiss Army knife.

04:25:45 DiscordBot <C​am​ar​ |​ p​in​g ​wh​en​ r​ep​ly​in​g> Themis had checks specifically for Geyser
04:53:53 DiscordBot Reply to "Camar | ping when replying: Themis has checks specifically for Geyser"
04:53:54 DiscordBot <ズ​ムリ​リ> It doesnt seem to work do I have to configure something?
04:56:56 DiscordBot <C​am​ar​ |​ p​in​g ​wh​en​ r​ep​ly​in​g> not sure i dont use it
05:11:10 DiscordBot Reply to "sulu: two reasons, 1. the official site's installer is worse, 2. licensing"
05:11:11 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> can agree with the other 2 points, never really had an issue with the installer though
05:18:34 DiscordBot <F​ir​eS​tr​ik​er​> hey, whats the best jobs and ecnonomy plugin
05:20:23 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> please use google. No one really answered you because the answer is subjective
05:28:37 DiscordBot <I​nt​az​ar​ S​ia​m> Hi. I’m facing a problem kn my 1.17.1 paper server. While I use a bottle to fill water it fills but when I open my inventory to see the filled bottle then all of them are gone. It's also seemed when I use brewing stand to make potions. What's the problem? Do you please give me a solution to this problem? Please help me.
05:30:39 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> Please first recreate without any plugin or datapack
05:34:54 DiscordBot <z​or​ed​ac​he​> Why does the download page have black text on a blackbackground? It makes it frustrating if you actually want to read what the changes are. https://i.imgur.com/3DIuR69.png
05:37:10 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> Use the dark mode at the main time.
05:37:35 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> Would be fixed :riepeek: https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/786841205921153034.png
05:38:35 DiscordBot Reply to "zoredache: Why does the download page have black text on a blackbackground? It makes it frustrating ..."
05:38:36 DiscordBot <l​yn​xp​la​y> A known issue that has already been addressed but awaits a redeployment of the webpage
05:39:00 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> I think it looks rather majestic
05:39:17 DiscordBot <l​yn​xp​la​y> Modern UI
05:39:46 DiscordBot <E​te​rN​it​y ​- ​CE​O ​of​ O​ra​cl​e ​PR​> Just fix the text to white on the black BG 😉
05:44:54 DiscordBot <g​ec​ko​10​00​0> Mystery commits
06:58:56 DiscordBot Reply to "EterNity - CEO of Oracle PR: Please first recreate without any plugin or datapack"
06:58:57 DiscordBot <I​nt​az​ar​ S​ia​m> Ok
07:09:00 DiscordBot <M​r ​iD​> I don't know whats causing this error :/ https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289587909051416579/902453747333091398/error.txt
07:09:01 DiscordBot Reply to "Mr iD: I don't know whats causing this error :/"
07:09:02 DiscordBot <P​en​ci​l> error.txt by <@715236202722230373>: https://paste.gg/efb323fce9b04e0699f1b0fa7da0d124
07:09:06 DiscordBot <M​r ​iD​> Oh
07:10:22 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​[n​o-​pi​ng​]> unsupported version, and you have something fucking up your logs
07:10:33 DiscordBot <M​r ​iD​> Hm
07:10:39 DiscordBot <M​r ​iD​> Time to delete plugins
07:10:41 DiscordBot <e​le​ct​ro​ni​cc​at​[n​o-​pi​ng​]> quests did something which caused the legacy data to be loaded
07:19:50 DiscordBot <M​r ​iD​> Hm
07:40:49 DiscordBot <0​_C​ha​me​le​on​_0​> Having the alternative Black / White backgrounds on the download page now makes it difficult the read at a glance. I dont think this is anything I have changed to do this. Can this please be looked at 🙂 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/902461752166473738/unknown.png
07:43:07 DiscordBot <l​yn​xp​la​y> Already known issue that has been addressed and is only waiting deployment
07:43:15 DiscordBot <0​_C​ha​me​le​on​_0​> Thankyou 🙂
07:43:17 DiscordBot <M​al​fr​ad​or​> you can use darkmode in the meanwhile, its fine with darkmode
07:44:11 DiscordBot <0​_C​ha​me​le​on​_0​> Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated, sorry I couldn't see where it was already raised 🙂 . I appreciate this 🙂
07:44:55 DiscordBot <l​yn​xp​la​y> If you are interested :)
07:45:23 DiscordBot <0​_C​ha​me​le​on​_0​> Thankyou 🙂
07:50:01 DiscordBot <S​oc​ce​rg​uy​> Is there a way to fix the Browser download page color theme ? This new black and white theme makes every other link with the black background almost unreadable https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/289587909051416579/902464068047216710/Capture.PNG
07:50:54 DiscordBot <l​yn​xp​la​y> I-. Read up literally two messages
07:54:24 DiscordBot <S​oc​ce​rg​uy​> Thanks
07:57:23 DiscordBot Reply to "lynxplay: I- Read up literally two messages"
07:57:24 DiscordBot <T​he​Sh​er​ma​nT​an​ke​r> don't worry I also do that sometimes lel
07:57:57 DiscordBot <O​ll​ie​> Hey i’m having this really weird issue where the downloads page is stripy… anyone know????😝
07:58:10 DiscordBot <M​al​fr​ad​or​> please
07:58:44 DiscordBot <M​al​fr​ad​or​> its just the punishment for using lightmode
08:09:16 DiscordBot Reply to "Soccerguy: Is there a way to fix the Browser download page color theme ? This new black and white th..."
08:09:18 DiscordBot <d​aw​g> some questionable theme colour there
08:16:51 DiscordBot <n​ao​mi​> read up
08:20:46 DiscordBot <g​ec​ko​10​00​0> Why is paper zebra?? Pls halp???


One of the services provided by the IRC bot is the logging of your channel, be it publicly or privately. These logs are then used to generate channel statistics. The logs themselves are neatly organized and can easily be browsed within our website.


Another service provided by the IRC bot is the ability to create factoid commands on the fly. Allowing for easy and flexible creation of responses based on frequently asked questions, and even listen for certain triggers to have it respond automatically.


Statistics are generated based off of the logs collected by the IRC bot. We are able to generate statistics to accurately capture who is the most active person by hours, along with other things like whom uses the most smileys, who has been granted the most karma, and which person can make sailors blush with their vulgar language.

About the project

The Korobi project aims to be the Swiss Army knife of IRC.

Korobi is carefully designed by people who enjoy using IRC on a day to day basis, and aim to make IRC even more enjoyable by providing a large set of tools for channels to work with.

If you'd like to request Korobi for your own channel, or have any questions at all, please visit #korobi on EsperNet and highlight one of the ops. See the full documentation to see if your channel qualifies.

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